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Amazon to replace Android Fire OS for Linux-based Vega OS

It seems that Amazon has plans on ditching the Android on the Fire OS for a Linux-based one. This is being developed under the name “Vega”.

Amazon Fire Tv

According to Lowpass’s journalist Janko Roettgers, Amazon has been working on an alternative OS for years. It has been reported to have been tested on Fire TV adapters. This change may be made next year.

“Amazon’s new operating system is also based on a flavor of Linux, and is using a more web-forward application model. App developers are being told to use React Native as an application framework, which allows them to build native apps with Javascript-powered interfaces,” Roettgers reports.

Vega, the codename of Amazon’s work-in-progress OS, is a web-forward OS for smart home devices. This means Amazon’s Fire TV sticks and tablets, Echo Show and other devices that use the Fire OS may be changed soon.

Roettgers also stated that Amazon is heading to split with Android for all their new devices as Vega is designed to run on different systems.

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