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Apple App Store now permits game emulators globally

Apple has loosened its grip on retro console emulators within the App Store. This move comes in response to a recent US antitrust lawsuit. The updated App Store guidelines 14 now permit these long-banned emulators, allowing those already availeble to Android to make their way onto iPhones.

App Store X Game Emulator Fi

The games themselves must comply with “all applicable laws,” implying that apps offering pirated titles would be essentially banned from the marketplace.

Apple’s update extends beyond emulators. The company has also revised its policies regarding “super apps” like WeChat. These apps can now incorporate mini-apps, though these will be limited to HTML5 format instead of being native apps.

Most importantly, these new rule changes apply worldwide, not just in the US.

In adherence to an EU anti-steering mandate, Apple has adjusted its stance on music streaming services like Spotify. These apps can now include their own in-app purchase links, directing users to external payment options and displaying pricing information directly.

This shift follows a USD 2 billion fine levied by the European Commission in March, citing Apple’s anti-competitive conduct towards rival music streaming services. The fine mandated the removal of “anti-steering provisions” from the App Store rules.

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