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Apple Powerbeats Pro NBA75 Ivory earbuds now official

Apple has unveiled the limited-edition Powerbeats Pro NBA75 Ivory earbuds to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the NBA

Powerbeats Pro Nba75 Ivory

The NBA75 Ivory color is an addition to the Ivory, Black, and Navy Powerbeats Pro, and features prominent red and blue emphasis representing the NBA colors. The design was made in collaboration with Better, “a gift shop to a fictional museum,” as seen on one of the earbuds of the PowerBeats Pro.

While on the other ear, we see the NBA logo that everyone is already accustomed to.

Better Gift Shop Beats By Dr. Dre

Additionally, Apple and Beats have also released a special Better Gift Shop playlist that can be seen on Apple Music.

No specific release date has been given but the Powerbeats Pro NBA75 Ivory model retails for USD 249,95, while the standard version is at USD 179.95

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