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At a Glance of Pixel reportedly to soon feature monitoring of timers of Nest Hubs

It has been reported that users of Google Pixels and Nest devices may soon receive a useful update which is to monitor the timers of your Nest Devices.

Nest Device Google Pixel

Based on the APK insight of 9to5Google , there was a code found in the latest beta version of Google App 13.26, this feature will give users ‘Cross Device Timer’ and ‘Timer info from your home devices’ which can be seen inside a Google Pixels ‘At a Glance’.

At a Glance is a feature that enables users to display information right away like weather, events, timers, and reminders. A system icon was seen which seems to be linked with this new feature.

Pixel At A Glance Timer Icon

Image | 9to5Google

9to5Google tried the Cross Device Timer but sadly it’s still not working in ‘At a Glance’ or settings.

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