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BIR requires bloggers, filmmakers, content creators earning from digital ads to register

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has recently released the Revenue Memorandum 60-2020,  requiring those conducting businesses through the use of any electronic platforms, media, and other digital means to register to the BIR. Yesterday, BIR Deputy Commissioner for Operations Arnel Guballa had identified which digital merchants are required to register. Among those in the list, are bloggers, filmmakers, content creators, and other independent creative professionals earning from digital ads.

  • e-Commerce platform providers
  • Internet retailers of consumer goods
  • Digital service, membership, and subscription
  • Digital transaction through the use of  electronic platforms and media
  • Online blogging, film maters, earning from advertising gained from their online channels
  • Ride-hailing services for food, transportation, delivery, or merchandise

The taxation for bloggers, content creators, and other professionals earning through digital ads is similar for online merchants as well, and those earning below PHP 250,000 a year should not pay taxes but are still required to file their annual Income Tax Returns. If you want to learn more about the taxation and its requirements, check out our What You Need To Know article.


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4 Responses

  1. Avatar for Genelyn Ammugauan Genelyn Ammugauan says:

    I loose my TIN number, how can i retrieve? Thanks!

  2. Avatar for kalokohan yan kalokohan yan says:

    sino bang tang@ gustong mag pa register dyan para lang ebulsa sa mga buwaya.

    hay nako BIR, nakaisip nanaman ng bagong modus.

  3. Avatar for Tanginamo Tanginamo says:

    Mga gago nagbabayad na mga vloger sa YouTube wag nyo na pakialaman pa mga mukhang pera mga hayup kayo

    • Avatar for kupalAko kupalAko says:

      YTUBER ako pero wla akong binabayaran sa YOUTUBE. ung pagbabayad ng TAX or pag file is upon discretion of individual kung sumusunod ba sila sa batas sa pag file ng ITR. kung ayaw nyo di wag, affected kayo masyado bakit nagbabayad ba kayo ng TAX ng MATINO!!!

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