ComClark tops Netflix ISP Speed Index in PH

ComClark tops Netflix ISP Speed Index in PH

Streaming videos online require fast internet connection to avoid buffering which makes the experience frustrating. Netflix has listed the country’s major internet service providers (ISPs) based on their performance when using the streaming service.

Netflix ISP Speed Index is a measure of prime time Netflix performance on particular ISPs around the globe. Based on users streaming on their site, they were able to gather data to average based on their ISP. Among the six listed, ComClark tops the list at 2.55Mbps. Not far behind is PLDT with 2.34Mbps then Globe with 2.21Mbps. SKYCable places fourth followed by Smart and Bayan.


Although, the average speeds were gathered from all type of connection offered by the ISP. ComClark is listed to be on DSL connection only while PLDT has a fiber connection on top of DSL. With Globe, though, it’s mixed with their wireless offering.

Also based on the data from Netflix, we can see above that average speeds of different ISPs have been slowly increasing since April 2016. You may check out more data through the source link below.


This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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13 Responses

  1. Hi Daniel, please correct the type of connection for ComClark. It is fiber optic cable already not DSL

    • K L says:

      haha pinaka mababa nyo plan 20 mbps tapos 2mbps lang average. weak talaga mga ISP dito… nagpapa correct pa.. lahat walang kwenta

    • Lian Yiu says:

      More of mixed siya between Fiber and DSL.

      Ang Comclark kasi ay primarily a DSL ISP sa pampanga with Fiber offerings as itself and via its alter-ego Converge ICT. One more thing is that Converge ICT’s IP address is detected as Comclark.

  2. ulvadu says:

    This chart is accurate. I have used all the ISPs in the chart. Currently the only ones I am not currently on is Bayan and PLDT. I left Bayan on 2012. Very weak. If you value your sanity this is the last ISP I would go with

  3. Lian Yiu says:

    Wow, so a Pampanga DSL ISP tops the list. Too bad nadra-drag down ng DSL subscribers ng Comclark yung average ng Fiber (and legacy cable) subscribers Converge ICT by sharing the same external IP address pool.

  4. DSL utilizes Copper and this old technology is shared into 32 subscribers.
    Switch to Converge Pure Fiber Technology and enjoy the speed of light internet access …
    – End to End Fiber connectivity
    – No Data Capping
    – Truly Unlimited
    – Symmetrical Broadband
    – High Upload bandwidth 80% of the time
    – Present in 4 landing stations for full redundancy network support
    – For NCR clients – coming soon cable tv integration with your current IBIZ/Dedicated Internet line

  5. 3rdworldISPs says:

    well too late, i just got my pldt fiber 50mbps this march. Been inquiring at pldt , globe converge since last year and pldt is the first one to accommodate me. So far so good.

  6. Justin says:

    Isang ASN lang kasi ang gamit ni ConvergeICT at Comclark, they use AS17639. I’m currently using Globe Broadband (DSL) and am peaking at 8.7 Mbps (Megabits per seconds) and also I have test it on my Globe LTE Internet (Prepaid) on my phone with GoSurf50 registered then tethered to my computer and still my NetSpeedMonitor is peaking at 34 Mbps (Megabits per seconds).

    And by the way na-obserbahan ko may local caching ang Globe (siguro ang PLDT rin) para sa Netflix. Kasi everytime I stream from netflix ito ang lumalabas (* and from AS4775 (Globe Telecom) ang IP.

    And also I have taken a speedtest using and the result is peaking at 8.0 Mbps.

    And I’m still baffled kung how did they determine the netspeed of their streams to users, siguro dahil shared ang public IP address kaya’t divided din yung report na speed (e.g. Si subscriber#1 at subscriber#8 ay both nag-sishare ng same public IP then pareho silang nag-stream sa Netflix). Siguro they determine by usng a Javascript.

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