DirectStorage 1.1 now available for faster PC load times

Microsoft has released DirectStorage V1.1 to PC developers. This is an important update to Windows as it contains what the company calls GPU decompression.

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GPU decompression can cut load times of applications such as games by more than half if programs are installed in SSDs or NVMe’s. GPU decompression works by using the graphics card to decompress assets rather than the CPU.

“Typically, decompression work is done on the CPU because compression formats have historically been optimized for CPUs only,” according to Cassie Hoef, senior program manager at Microsoft.

Developers can now update their games to make use of DirectStorage 1.1 and could be a step forward when it comes to load times in games. NVIDIA has released a new update (version 526.47) which takes advantage of DirectStorage 1.1, while AMD is working on updating their drivers as well as Intel Arc.

The first game to take advantage of the technology officially is Forspoken by Square-Enix. Hopefully game developers will update their games to take advantage of DirecStorage 1.1.

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