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E-commerce firm CashCashPinoy shuts down

UPDATE (July 17,2017, 2:35PM): CashCashPinoy has sent us a clarification regarding rumors of its temporary shutdown.

“CashCashPinoy has not filed for bankruptcy as mentioned in the article citing a post on Site Jabber.

After a thorough review, the shareholders have decided to take CashCashPinoy temporarily offline to update its technology, reinforce its market positioning, and undergo a brand transformation exercise after having been in business since 2010.

We are working closely with our active merchant partners to ensure that valid customer vouchers continue to be honored.

While the website may be offline, customers and partners may continue to reach us thru [email protected] and [email protected] respectively.”

Original article below.

The online shopping company, founded in 2010, has been subject to several complaints of selling fake and low quality products as well as non-delivery. For example, in November of 2014, a user’s complaint of fake goods prompted retailers based in the US to demand action against CashCashPinoy, with Paypal and BDO even pulling the plug for transactions on the site.

Their website has since been shut down but has been left with a cryptic message that reads: “We’re taking some time out from the spotlight to work on the new and revitalized CashCashPinoy. Stay tuned for our comeback and watch this space for the big reveal. See you soon.”

The future of CashCashPinoy is unclear. They had filed for bankruptcy a few months ago, according to a post on business site Site Jabber

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