GCash Padala money transfer service announced

GCash Padala money transfer service announced

GCash Padala money transfer service has been announced, allowing users to send money to friends and family who doesn’t have a GCash account.

According to GCash, every time a user sends money to a non-GCash user, an additional fee (depending on the amount) will be deducted from their wallet. The minimum amount a user can send is PHP 500, and the maximum amount is PHP 5,000. If the receiver claims the money by signing up to GCash, the fee will be refunded.

For sending the minimum amount of PHP 500, the fee will be fixed at PHP 5. If the amount is between PHP 500.01 – PHP 5,000 the calculated fee is 1.5% of the amount. Here is how to send money.

1. Log in to your GCash app and tap Send Money on your dashboard.

2. Tap on GCash Padala.


3. Fill up the recipient’s detail and tap Next (Ensure the recipient’s details are complete, accurate, and correct)

4. Review the details before confirming. (Make sure that the receiver’s mobile number and personal details are correct and double-check the amount and the fee amount to be deducted. A fee will apply for the GCash Padala service.

If you are on the receiving end of GCash Padala, there are two ways you can claim your money:

Download and sign up to GCash – Cash will automatically added to your GCash wallet once registered.

• Claim your money at an outlet – Reciever must find a supported outlet or store from the GCash Padala Store List. Make sure to bring a valid government ID and your phone with the GCash SMS received.

Once at the counter, the cashier will verify if you are the correct recipient. You will then show the following information: name, amount to be claimed, reference number (found on the SMS), and the valid government ID. The reciever will also need to fill out a form for verification purposes.

GCash is available to download on Android and iOS. For more information, click here.

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