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GG Company launches pop-up gaming truck in the Philippines

GG Company has unveiled its GG Truck, Southeast Asia’s first pop-up mobile gaming truck.

According to GG Company, the GG Truck is on a mission to gamify more than 42,000 barangays in the Philippines by helping brands connect with Gen Z and Millennials through interactive and inclusive experiences.

“We realized that many brands and organizations struggle to connect with the elusive Gen Z and Millennial market,” said Ron Castro, President of GG COMPANY. “For these audiences, gaming has emerged as the new pop culture, and is increasingly becoming the primary means for connection and socialization, especially during this pandemic. GG Truck allows brands to offer Gen Z and Millennials relevant and engaging experiences.”

In a recent study by Newzoo, 3 out of 4 Filipinos who are online play mobile games. In addition, according to Hootsuite, 9 out of 10 smartphone owners play on their gadgets as well. With that in mind, GG Truck offers the opportunity to conduct online tournaments for esports titles, as well as redefining the hyper-casual gaming experience by allowing gamers to compete against each other, according to GG Company.

The GG Truck sports a 10 x 6ft LED screen, a pop-up stage, and a sound system to give users an immersive gaming experience. It also comes with free WiFi with a range of up to 500 meters, so gamers can connect and interact in a tournament platform as their matches broadcast online.

“Safety is our utmost priority for any event. We work closely with the local government units (LGU) to ensure all safety standards are being met so that everyone can enjoy gaming without worry. This is a time where people crave for interaction and need something positive in their lives, but we want to be there for them at the right time and in the right way,” said Castro.

Moreover, Health and safety protocols set by the Inter Agency Task Force (IATF) and the Department of Health are strictly followed where the GG Trucks are deployed according to the company.

Apart from gaming, GG Truck can also be used by brands, game publishers, and business institutions for various types of COVID-safe activities such as product launches and sampling, employee engagement activities, and public service initiatives.

To know more about GG Trucks, click here.

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