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Globe beats PLDT as Netflix ranks top ISPs for January 2021

For January 2021, Netflix has again ranked top Philippine ISPs in terms of streaming performance. Last month, both Globe-at-Home and Converge were tied at #1 with a net rating of 3.2 points.

Back in December 2020, Globe was tied with PLDT at 2nd place with a 3.2 rating, while Converge took the top spot with a rating of 3.4.

By January 2021, PLDT dropped to 3rd place with a lower score of 3.0, while Globe-at-Home maintained its rating at 3.2. Converge also dropped to 3.2, which tied it with Globe at the top spot.

In 4th place is Royal Cable, a small provincial cable internet provider in the Laguna area that now provides fiber internet.

Netflix Speed Index is a monthly report that measures the prime time Netflix performance of particular ISPs (internet service providers) around the globe.

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  1. Avatar for mansour mansour says:

    that doesnt really mean ANYTHING. does not point to anything concrete. okay if I had only 10 people using my network and all at 100mbps and lets assume there are at any moment 4 people using the network with auto network load balancing or manual caps of 25 mbps you’d see my network get 25mbps at the minimum most likely or get 50mbps or more. the relality right now is that a big chunk of wired connections are run through pldt and a lot of them still run on those old dsl plans which would bring down the average by a bit, while globe has been stadily expanding as well as improving wireless services in some areas which could contribute to this small change. average is still pretty low though

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