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Globe Roam Surf4All available in over 100 countries

Globe Roam Surf4All is available in over 100 countries and allows shared connectivity among multiple users.

Globe Roam Surf4all

Globe Roam Surf4All can now be used in over 100 countries which allows shared connections for multiple users.

As opposed to utilizing a pocket WiFi, you can explore on your own and avoid the inconvenience of remaining near people to obtain shared connectivity. As you use more data or expand your group, you may additionally benefit from up to 5G speeds that are constant and unthrottling.

It can be quite affordable when shared with friends or family; daily rates for up to 15 days can be as low as PHP73.00 per person.

Tracking your data consumption and controlling your group are simple tasks when you use the GlobeOne app. Your travel group can have up to four members, so you can easily monitor everyone’s data usage in real-time. As long as they are all roamers, members can be Globe Platinum, Postpaid, Prepaid, or TM subscribers.

You may choose from three tailor-made packages, each designed to suit various travel durations and data needs:

  • Roam Surf4All 2599 with 5GB for 5 days (Php 104 per person per day)
  • Roam Surf4All 5499 with 10GB for 15 days (Php 73 per person per day)
  • Roam Surf4All 7499 with 15GB for 30 days (Coming soon at Php 50 per person per day)

Getting started with Roam Surf4All is simple. To register:

  • Access GlobeOne
  • Click Buy Promos
  • Click More Promos Abroad
  • Look for the Roam Surf4All promo you prefer

Once you’ve successfully registered for the promo, you may add up to four Globe/TM members and manage your data.

To easily add members to your group data:

  • Click “Add Member” in the group data dashboard
  • Click the Phonebook icon to choose from the contact list or manually type in the number of the member
  • Once added, both owner and member will be notified

Members can simply activate their Mobile Data and Data Roaming to begin browsing as soon as they arrive overseas. Note that Roam Surf4All’s promo period begins when you register.

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