Google to limit tracking across apps with Privacy Sandbox

Google has announced Privacy Sandbox, one of the company’s initiatives that aim to create technologies that both protect people’s privacy online by reducing cross-site and cross-app tracking.

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Privacy Sandbox will create solutions that will limit the sharing of user data with third parties and operate without cross-app identifiers, including advertising ID, which help identify the user’s device and help companies track information about consumers. It is also exploring technologies that reduce the potential for covert data collection, including safer ways for apps to integrate with advertising SDKs.

The goal is to develop effective and privacy-enhancing advertising solutions, where users know their information is protected, and developers and businesses have the tools to succeed on their advertising campaigns on mobile. In the meantime, Google plans to support existing ads platform features for at least two years.

Basically, what Google wants to achieve is to strengthen users’ privacy by limiting app tracking, similar to what Apple is doing (a move that companies like Facebook are criticizing), while at the same time providing app developers the tools need to support and grow their business.

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