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Google’s Meet and Duo to merge in 1 app

Google has two video calling apps, Meet and Duo, both serving different purposes. Meet was intended for school and business work in the likes of Zoom, whereas Duo had been designed for casual video calls like on Facebook Messenger or Apple’s Facetime. But now, they’re planning to merge Duo into Meet, giving us a singular app for all our video calls.

Google Meet Duo 2

Google announced in a blog post that it will be adding Meet features to its Duo app with plans of renaming it later in the year as Google Meet only. Furthermore, users won’t be needing to download a new app as all conversation history, contacts and messages will continue to be saved.

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This would entail that users still get features of Duo such as video calling family and friends, using filters and effects, sending messages, and asking Google Assistant to call using existing devices.

Google Meet Duo

But this also means that you’ll now be able to access more advanced features from Meet. Such as the ability to schedule meetings, have customized virtual backgrounds, use in-meeting chat, live share content, integrate with other of Google’s tools, and now increase the participant limit from 32 to 100 now.

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What do you think of Google having a single app for all your video calling needs? Does it work for you? Let us know what you think down in the comments!

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