Graava action cam shoots and edits your videos

Graava action cam shoots and edits your videos

The hardest part in using most action cams like the GoPro is you have to go thru hours and hours of video footage, selecting the best parts and editing them. Graava is offering to do all these for you so that once you transfer your recorded videos, they have been curated and edited then ready for uploading on YouTube and other social media accounts.

Using 5 different sensors — a camera, microphone, accelerometer, GPS, and heart rate monitor, Graava can detect changes and highlights then automatically capture them for you. Once you’re done recording, Graava will intelligently select the highlights and edits them for you.


Check out this demo video to explain it in detail:

The Graava action cam costs $399 on regular price but early buyers can get it for only $249 here.

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