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Grab introduces Tipping feature

Grab has just announced that it now has a Tipping feature in its app.

The feature first rolled out in Grab Singapore and Malaysia. With its latest app update, local users now have the option to tip their drivers after giving them a 5-star rating. The option is only available, however, if a user picked the cashless payment method.

To use the feature, update to the latest version of the Grab app.


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4 Responses

  1. Beihive says:

    Fares are overinflated and you think we still want to tip the drivers?! BTW a good number of Grab Cars are now beginning to smell like cabs. And like cabs, many drivers now have to be prodded to either turn on the aircon or turn the dial up from one for the cool air to reach the backseat. And you want us to give tips?! HAHA.

  2. drix says:

    wow nice..for a grab user/commuter like me i hope this will lessen rude and disrespectful drivers especially here in ph.

  3. Grabmarketingsucks says:

    Wow! Anlaki ng kinukuha nyong commish sa drivers tapos gusto nyong ipasa sa passengers ang extra income nila? Overpricing na kayo kaya ibigay nyo yung para sa mga driver. Masyado kayong gahaman.

    • Jeric Delos Reyes says:

      Korek ka dyan… Milyon a day nkukuha nila sa driver tapos wala.incentives.

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