Huawei announces 5.5 Surprise Sale

Huawei has announced its 5.5 Surprise Sale, offering up to 50% off on its select smartphones, wearables, and more on Shopee and Lazada.

Huawei will also give free vouchers worth Php 100 off with no minimum purchase requirement, PHP 500 off for a minimum of PHP 3,000 purchase, and PHP 1000 off for a minimum PHP 5,000 purchase.

Check out the participating devices below.

Huawei Band 4E ActivePHP 1,399PHP 999PHP 999PHP 699
Huawei Band 6PHP 2,599PHP 2,599PHP 2,590PHP 2,590Thermos
Huawei ScalePHP 1,499PHP 1,499PHP 1,399PHP 1,399PHP 1,099
Huawei Freebuds 3PHP 8,990PHP 5,990PHP 5,690PHP 5,690
Huawei Freebuds 4iPHP 3,599PHP 3,599PHP 3.590PHP 3.590PHP 2,879.20Thermos
Huawei Freebuds ProPHP 7,999PHP 6,799PHP 6.699PHP 6,699
Huawei GT2 ProPHP 11,999PHP 10,799PHP 10,699PHP 10,699
Huawei DisplayPHP 7,999PHP 7,849
Opple LampPHP 1,999PHP 1,699
Huawei Mate 40 ProPHP 55,999PHP 49,999PHP 49,899PHP 49,899
Huawei Mate 30PHP 30,990PHP 24,999PHP 23,999PHP 23,999
Huawei Mate 30 ProPHP 42,990PHP 33,999PHP 32,999PHP 32,999
Huawei MatepadPHP 18,999PHP 16,999PHP 16,899PHP 16,899
Huawei Matepad ProPHP 32,999PHP 29,999PHP 29,899PHP 29,899
Huawei Nova 7iPHP 11,999PHP 11,999PHP 11,899PHP 11,999Entertainment Gift Packager 1
Huawei Nova 5TPHP 15,990PHP 12,999PHP 11,999PHP 11,999
Huawei T10 WiFiPHP 6,999PHP 6,599PHP 6,549PHP 6,549
Huawei T10sPHP 12,999PHP 11,999PHP 11,899PHP 11,899
Huawei T10s 2GB + 32GBPHP 11,999PHP 10,999PHP 10,999
Huawei Watch FitPHP 4,999PHP 4,249PHP 4,199PHP 4,199
Huawei WS5200PHP 1,599PHP 1,499
Huawei Y5 LitePHP 3,390PHP 3,299PHP 3,049PHP 3,049
Huawei Y7APHP 7,599PHP 7,599PHP 7,499PHP 7,499Night Light
Huawei Y7PPHP 8,999PHP 6,999PHP 6,949PHP 6,949
Huawei Y9 PrimePHP 10,990PHP 8,399PHP 8,299PHP 8,299

Huawei’s 5.5 Super Sale via Lazada lasts until May 9, 2021. Meanwhile, the brand’s Super Sale on Shopee will be exclusive on May 5, 2021, only.


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