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New law extends Passport, Driver’s License validity

Good news: Drivers licenses and passports now have a longer validity as President Rodrigo Duterte signs Republic Acts 10928 and 10930 this August.

Under RA 10928, the validity of passports for citizens aged 18 and above are now extended from the current five years to ten. Underaged passport holders, on the other hand, are still getting the five-year validity. The new law also gives power to the Department of Foreign Affairs to exercise its power to limit the validity to less than ten years “whenever in the national economic interest or political stability of the country such restriction is necessary.”

Implementing rules and regulations on the new law shall be issued by the DFA, as well as the commitment of the government agency to deliver a seamless, convenient, and pro-people system of application and processing.


Meanwhile, RA 10930 amends Section 23 of the existing Land and Transportation Code (RA 4136), allowing all drivers to extend the validity of their licenses from three to five years. This does not, however, apply to student licenses. The new law also provides rewards for good drivers, as those who will renew without any outstanding violation will be granted a 10-year validity, subject to restrictions and other policies by the LTO.

Longer validity would also mean stricter guidelines, as the law now provides sanctions for erring government officials and drivers who try to squeal their way into the system. A fine of Php20,000 will be imposed on an applicant deemed to have cheated, connived with a government employee, or falsified documents. Erring employees, on the other end, will be removed from office.

The LTO is also tasked to issue guidelines on the new law to ensure that only qualified drivers will be granted the extended validity.

Source: Official Gazette

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