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New Powerbanks: APC, Pyxis and Emie

In the past couple of weeks, we got several new powerbanks to check out. Some are fairly new while others have been around for years.

First up is this one from Emie. It’s 8,000mAh Memo External Power Bank which comes with a lot of eye-catching designs you can choose from.

The flat design makes it easier to pair with almost any smartphone when carrying around in your hand or pocket (it even looks like a smartphone case in itself).

The powerbank has only one USB port though so you can charge one device at a time (Output: DC 5V, 2.1A Max).

With an 8,000mAh capacity, it can probably do 3 to 4 times of charge in one go. We think it’s one of the nicest-looking powerbank around that you can get as a gift.

There’s a little footnote here that says Green LED means continue charging and Red LED means stop charging since it’s full. Totally the opposite with what we usually know with green as being fully charged.

You can check out @thelotph on IG or visit their FB Fan Page here for availability and price .

This second one is from APC by Schneider Electric. It has a flat rectangular design but significantly bigger in size. It weighs a little over half a pound (268 grams) which seems a bit odd since the rated capacity is just 10,000mAh.

However, this one is a fast charger with an output of 2.4A (at 5V) on one of the two USB ports.

At 10,000mAh, the APC powerbank can do up to 4 re-charges of a typical smartphone and once or twice for a tablet. This one is sold for about Php2,400 in stores.

This last one is very new in the market. Named Pyxis, this powerbank also came from the folks over at Cherry Mobile. What is most interesting is that the design and form factor are exactly the same as that of the popular Xiaomi Mi Powerbank.

They even have the same color variants, right down to the polished finish, prints and capacity. We’ve actually seen a lot of Xiaomi look-alikes being sold online (mostly OLX) so perhaps this one is also similar to those.

At Php890, the price is slightly higher than the Mi Powerbanks at Php695. We think Cherry Mobile is banking on the scarcity of the Mi Powerbanks and even at a higher price, it’s still a good buy.

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  1. Avatar for Peejay Peejay says:

    Surprised that it took APC a while to come out with a power bank. Knowing that their core product is UPS.

  2. Avatar for kiel kiel says:

    Can you make a coprehensive review of romoss battery bank

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