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PH government to purchase facial recognition software

Looks like the Philippine government is ready to upgrade our security and defense technology as they prepare to purchase facial recognition software and even drones. The news came from Defense Secretary Delfine Lorenzana himself, in an interview with ABS-CBN in Singapore.

Lorenzana said on Tuesday, that they are planning on acquiring some technical capabilities such as facial recognition software to easily track down criminals.

“In line with that, we are acquiring some technical capabilities. We are looking at facial recognition software so that we can easily track down the bad guys,” Lorenzana said when asked what upgrades the military would have, during an interview with ABS-CBN News Channel.


Apart from that, the defense secretary also said that they are planning to buy drones to assist in intelligence operations.

“Now, we have acquired some (drones) from the United States, the Scaneagle and the small drones that have powerful signal capabilities. Now, if our orders for bigger drones come, then it will improve our intelligence capabilities,” he added.

Although, the defense chief also acknowledges the need for a ground crew that will handle and interpret the data collected by the systems. Stating that “improvements for intelligence capabilities are as good as the people who manage them (and) interpret data”.


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