Philippine average internet speed for Q3 2016 at 4.2Mbps -- report

Philippine average internet speed for Q3 2016 at 4.2Mbps — report

The latest Akamai report for the state of internet connectivity for Q3 2016 shows the stagnant state of the Philippine internet speed.


According to the report, the Philippines has an average Internet connection speed of 4.2Mbps for Q3 2016 which is a slight decrease from the 4.3Mbps average of the previous quarter. This puts the country at 14th place among APAC countries just above India, with a global rank of 103.



While the average peak connection speed is at 32.8Mbps. Last quarter, it’s a very close 32.9Mbps.


These dormant numbers of average speeds in the country could mean that most of the fixed broadband subscription in the country are still yet to be upgraded. The coverage of fiber optic cables in the country, even in key cities, is still limited.

You may read more about the report through the source link below.


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2 Responses

  1. remove PLDT and GLOBE from the equation and CONVERGE will surely emerge with a higher average probably even beating Singapore.

    • K L says:

      oi abe pare pareho lang kayo hindi naman nation wide ang coverage niyo ng Fiber kaya wag kang mag mayabang jan. nag apply ako wala eh ang lapit lang ng office ng converge samin..

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