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Philippines rank number 1 in watching online content

The Philippines ranks number one once again, this time in watching online content. According to the Digital 2024 Global Overview Report 63 , the Philippines has the highest number of users that watch video and content online across the globe.

According to the report, around 97.2 percent of Filipinos aged around 16 to 64 years old watch all kinds of videos and online content each week. The report is based on a survey conducted by GWI in collaboration with We Are Social and Meltwater. As a result, there’s a very comprehensive data analysis of countries and their usage of the internet around the world.

Based on the data, the Philippines topped the chart with 97.2 percent followed by Mexico at 97.0 percent and South Africa at 97.0%, respectively. The other countries with a very high percentage of online video watchers include Indonesia, Ghana, Brazil, Colombia, Morocco, Turkey, and the UAE. In addition, YouTube, TikTok, and Netflix are some of the most-used video-centric entertainment globally. In terms of daily time spent using the internet, however, the Philippines only ranked third.

It’s no surprise though that the Philippines ranked the top given the availability and ease of internet access and social media. Mobile networks in the Philippines offer a lot of affordable data plans, making it easily accessible to everyone across the country. The question now is whether a different country will beat us next year.

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