Philippines will soon open up its telecom business

Philippines will soon open up its telecom business

President Duterte’s promise of opening up the telecom sector of the country to foreign players for improved quality of service may soon be a reality according to his words.


There’s still no timeframe as to when will the current government release the final guidelines and conditions for incoming players, the president said that they are already looking into it.


“In the area of telecommunications, we are now finalizing our plans to open up the information and communications technology industry to new players in order to promote competitiveness and improve quality of service,” – Pres. Duterte.

Although he added that he doesn’t want to fight with the current stakeholders of the two telecom giants in the country and as long as they will provide services at a lower cost to the public, he will overlook his statement.

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3 Responses

  1. Mil says:

    This is good but their are other problems he should prioritize first. For instance, the President should look into why it takes 20+ various permits before telcos are able to construct a site tower. The implementation of national broadband where our existing and or possibly incoming new telcos could benefit from should be fast tracked.

  2. Huhu says:

    I think you meant the telecom industry will be opened up. Your title implies that the country is engaged in operating a telecom business.

  3. awwww says:

    inviting other players is better rather than hoping to improve the current services we have since duterte is only temporary as president, chances are the quality of services will also be temporary. as to compare to new players, they will keep on improving their services forever.

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