Philstar Global acquires InterAksyon.com

Philstar recently announced that InterAksyon.com is now operating under digital media company Philstar Global Corp.

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InterAksyon.com was originally a news branch of TV5 Network Inc. In January 2018, TV5 announced it is closing down the news site by the end of March. In April 2018, Philstar.com reported that InterAksyon.com is now operating under Philstar Global Corp. Taking over as Editor-in-Chief is Camille Diola, who is concurrently the Head of Online Editorial for Philstar.com.

“Philstar Global hopes to expand and build on the legacy of the original news portal of TV5 Network Inc. by adopting a similar formula that worked so well for Philstar.com,” said Kevin Belmonte, Philstar Global’s President and CEO.

source: Philstar.com

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2 Responses

  1. Avatar for tae tae says:

    Ano bang nangyari sa TV5? had a lot of going, tapos biglang yung mga talent nasa channel 2 na like empoy etc.

    • Avatar for SunCell Subscriber SunCell Subscriber says:

      It’s easy. For years, TV5 was being funded through PLDT’s Trust Fund. TV5 itself is a commercial failure, and PLDT is currently in a very intense competition with their main rival, Globe, and the looming arrival of the Chinese telco (na for some reason e nawala din haha). So they have to cut losses here and there.

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