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PLDT and Smart granted seal of registration by NPC

PLDT and Smart Communications, Inc. have been granted the Seal of Registration from the National Privacy Commission (NPC).

In a statement via PLDT’s official website, the telecom companies noted that they have completed the requirements from the NPC.

The companies attribute this action towards their aligned goals of implementing the best global practices for protecting customers’ data privacy.

PLDT and Smart are exhibiting this through proactive SIM registration efforts, cybersecurity talks for customer education, and mandatory data privacy refresher courses for internal manpower.

As of last year, the two companies reiterated their support for the NPC’s initiatives in Filipinos’ data protection.

The PLDT Group has been active in engaging different organizations to fend off online sexual abuse and exploitation of children (OSAEC) and child sexual abuse and exploitation material-related issues (CSAEM).

By the end of 2023, the PLDT Group has blocked 1.5 billion user attempts in CSAEM. The company has also heavily invested in its Child Protection Program, which focuses on blocking CSAEM.

PLDT was also successful in blocking more than 16 billion attacks and cybersecurity network breach attempts. To add, the company has prevented more than 65 million SMS phishing messages.

Smart has also blacklisted more than 315,000 mobile numbers nationwide.

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