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PLDT contractors allegedly disconnect existing subscribers to connect new ones

An online post pertaining to PLDT contractors removing the internet connection of existing subscribers to accommodate new ones has gone viral.

Based on the Facebook post of Mr. Paredes, some PLDT technicians are allegedly being paid to provide new subscribers an internet connection even if the Network Acces Point Box in a post is already full. The technicians deliberately pick a line to remove which belongs to an existing subscriber. This causes loss of internet connection to the subscriber affected, flashing red light to the LOS indicator in their modems.

According to Paredes, he lost his internet connection four weeks ago and had been constant in following up on his repair service ticket in PLDT. Three PLDT repair teams had visited his place, telling him that his line has been removed from the NAP. A PLDT Fibr Home Team was able to fix his connection to the post.

The same incident happened to his neighbors, telling him that their respective port was replaced by Paredes’ line.

His post also showed some screenshots from other subscribers who also experienced the same “modus” and aired their sentiments over social media.


From his last conversation with PLDT, the telco told him that it will investigate his case and will adjust his bill.

According to a source from PLDT, the incident is due to the laziness of some contractors to lay cables from a longer hub, and instead, pick the closest one even if it is full.

Currently, the post has gained more than 2,500 shares and more than 1,400 reactions on Facebook.

PLDT has provided a statement saying that it will investigate reports of erring contractors. Read the statement below.

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19 Responses

  1. Avatar for Arvin of Las Pinas Arvin of Las Pinas says:

    New pldt subscriber ako, nagpainstall ng october 29, 2021, naactivate that day by 3 pm. The next day at 11 am nag red na yung modem, LOS na, only to know na yun palang installer ikinabit lang yung sa akin sa old and existing na line sa nap box. So, me pumunta na tao nila at ikinabit uli yung sa sa existing at tinanggal yung sa akin. So nagreport ako sa pldt at nabigyan ng ticket. November 5, me dumating na tao uli nila at inilipat sa iba nap box yung linya ko. Natapos sila 11 am at sabi sa akin 2 to 3 hours daw maaactivate na. By 3 PM di pa rin naactivate at pagtingin ko sa modem eh nagbiblink na nman ng pula. Ang MASAKIT neto, me pinadala na agad si PLDT na bill due on Nov. 24, eh hindi ko pa nagagamit in 24 hours yung internet nila. Balak ko na isoli sa kanila yung mga unit nila tutal hindi pa nmn sila nagbibigay ng service.

  2. Avatar for Garry villorente Garry villorente says:

    Anu na pldt ilang days na akung nag aantay ng technician nyo ng expired nalang ticket no.qh wala padin technician na pumunta dto samin nakakaasar na kau anak qh hnd na nkakapag online class

  3. Avatar for Wendelle Wendelle says:

    I just want to report what are the things happened to me when I reported my current ticket number 34931332.

    Nakakayamot na ang PLDT , Halos 2weeks ako walang Connection due to LOS Red light sa modem, nireport ko agad para maayos tapos may technician pumunta di raw nia sakop un,then nagantay nanaman ako ng 1week after may technician ulet pumunta sabi di raw nila scope kase nasa NAP Box ang problema, nagadvice ang technician na magreport na sa site mismo ng lugar namen para mapabilis ang pagaayos kase iba team daw ang gagawa non. So nagpunta ako ng PLDT San Pablo Laguna and reported same issue sabi ko naka2 punta na ang Technician at same ang sinasabi na hindi nila sakop ung sira ng Connection ko. Tapos Kanina August 31 may pumunta ulet technician same rin ng Sinabi di rin nipa sakop at hindi nila kaya ayusin. TANONG KO LANG PAULET ULET nako nagrereport sa PLDT . dapat una palang alam na nila any prob ng tamang technician ang ipadala nila sayang ang oras kase until now di parin maayos ang connection, mahirap pa naman nakaschedule ako ng Work from Home at magstart na online class ng mga pamankin ko. Saka naman napakabulok ng serbisyo ng PLDT!!! Medyo nakakabwisit lang talaga. Ung tama naman bayad at walang late payment ,pero sila di nila maayos trabaho nila.

    Till now wala parin kameng Internet Connection. :'(

  4. Avatar for Joel Joel says:

    Long story short, I was the only one who had fibr connection on our st. For more than 5 years I never experienced a down time of more than 2 hrs. Later part of last year, a PLDT contractor asked me if I have a fibr connection. He was a bit perplexed asking. I responded, yes I have. Early Jan 2020, I experienced my first LOS that lasted 2 days. When the lockdown began, it became more frequent, the longest of which was 2 weeks. I complained and complained nothing happened. When the connection was finally restored the PLDT guy admitted to me that my connection was transferred to a makeshift terminal without even a cover.

  5. Avatar for benny qubing benny qubing says:

    same issues here in our area…one month and a half already we dont have connections..red light in our modem still flashing..ive got two tickets from pldt concerning this issue but still nothing happen..

  6. Avatar for Ed Lipana Ed Lipana says:

    Same situation with me. I’ve always had stable internet connection but ever since they had an issue with Labor last year it’s been terrible. From 2.5mbps to 0.03mbps, no dial tone etc. I’ve been constantly reporting and guess what, the call center Opens then CLOSES the ticket the same day WITHOUT resolution. I only found out this was the case when I called billing to get a rebate as I have had intermittent dialtone/internet since SEPT 2019. BILLING told me I was eligible for 1 day if rebate because the ticket was opened then closed on the same day. Involved the NTC but absolutely got no support. PD30 should close PLDT next along with NTC. It’s now AUG 2020 and I still have intermittent dialtone/internet connection. They’ve also kept billing me despite my request for rebates along with their confirmation that I do not have dialtone/internet. I’m at the point now where I’ve asked for disconnection as the service is not being provided yet I am still being billed. They have not provided a response to both my request for disconnection. So PLDT is continuously billing me despite not having a dialtone/internet. Is that FAIR?? I’m sure I’m not the only one with this situation. We should all band together for a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT..

  7. Avatar for Swina Swina says:

    I applied in pldt bacolod after fil up the form put application in a drop box, I requested a reference for the application, but the guy replied I will wait 5- 10 to 14 days, but over a months now. No phone call from pldt. I called up 171 but cannot go through because I can’t type the reference number.
    Any remedy for this?

  8. Avatar for grrr grrr grrr grrr says:

    ganyan din samin Ma’am ang bilis maningil ang baaaaagggaaall ng serbisyo o wala pa… wala kang maasahan… ???

  9. Avatar for Gene Gene says:

    It happened to us before the lockdown. We are living in the same building. Been a subscriber for almost 5yrs of regular home fiber bundle. We’ve decide to avail a separate business line before the lockdown. When the new line was installed, our old line suddenly got disconnected..something fishy is going on. We have reported it more than 7times..got angry to a customer service rep.last time. That’s the last time I appealed to them..my BP shoot high, sagot sakin kasi hindi daw nila hawak yung problema at may problem daw sa main line from the box..di daw alam kung kelan ma-guarantee. And due to confidentialty, she can’t give her full name.Fastforward…
    During the lock down, our business line suddenly got disconnected too. Then, I have decided to try the home connection randomly..and guess what?…nag connect bigla..there’s something fishy going. A wake up call to trust but verify..we trust you Pldt but we would like to verify the truth?

  10. Avatar for Juliet O. Molina Juliet O. Molina says:

    Same experience since lockdown…and also I can’t connect to their hotline for them to check…so my last resort is to suspend autodebit of the bill so they will call me but till now unfortunately no call yet…please check PLDT…I even messaged their FB acct but no clear answer still…please help so that I will not spend more for nothing…

  11. Avatar for Roger Owen Roger Owen says:

    Why am I not surprised? Welcome to the Philippines

  12. Avatar for Rona Sayosa Rona Sayosa says:

    Until now, we have no internet connection and the problem with our landline has not been troubleshooted according to the csr it will be fixed after 72 hours but now its 120 hours but NO ONE TROUBLESHOOTED OUR PROBLEM. MY ONLINE CLASS AND MY SOURCE OF INCOME IS AT STAKE. I BOUGHT GLOBE PREPAID COZ UNTIL NOW NO SHADOW OF PLDT IS SHOWING CONCERN FOR THIS MATTER BUT STILL WE ARE PAYING ON TIME. NO CONSCIENCE JUST ACCEPTED OUR PAYMENT WITHOUT SERVICES.

  13. Avatar for Pedro L. Fudalan Pedro L. Fudalan says:

    Might be true, just now i am experiencing unstable pldt internet signal for almost a week and am still experiencing now. Hoping that PLDT can do something about it, no need for clients to go their office because its very burdensome nowadays.

  14. Avatar for Jeremy Jeremy says:

    This is also happening in Globe. I am a victim of this. I reported to NTC regional office but I think they’re under their pockets.

  15. Avatar for janjararan janjararan says:

    true. this happened to us. took 7 days to reconnect to other box

  16. Avatar for Les Les says:

    Same thing happened to us just recently. I followed the repairman to the NAP and saw our disconnected line dangling, with a new connection put in place where our line should be plugged. The repairman said that this was not the first time he had encountered this. Too bad I didn’t catch the perpetrator despite the NAP being near our house, since I never thought that one of their personnel would do such a thing. Now we know better and have agreed that the moment we get a LOS someone will go out to check if someone is tinkering with the NAP.

  17. Avatar for ALDOUS ALDOUS says:


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