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Sony BURANO 8K cinema camera launched in the Philippines

Sony Electronics Philippines today announced the arrival of the Sony BURANO, a new addition to its CineAlta family of digital cinema cameras. BURANO takes VENICE’s superior image quality and usability but re-imagines it for solo filmmakers and small crew — offering exceptional 8K image quality, advanced features, and a compact design.

Sony Burano Fi 1

At the core of the BURANO lies a large 36 x 24mm full-frame sensor, delivering stunning visuals with high resolution, wide dynamic range (16 stops), and exceptional low-light performance. It captures stunning 8K resolution footage at up to 8632 x 4856 and can output exceptional looking 4K content through oversampling.

BURANO offers various image scan modes, including full-frame (8.6K), Super35 (5.8K), and high-speed options like 6K 60p (FF crop), 5.8K 60p (S35), and 4K 120p (S35 crop), catering to diverse filmmaking needs. Additionally, it supports a wide range of color profiles and features like Dual Base ISO (800/3200 S-Log3) for enhanced versatility in diverse lighting conditions.

It supports internal recording of 16-bit X-OCN LT, offering a high-quality RAW format for maximum flexibility in post-production. Additionally, it offers XAVC H and XAVC-I recording options for efficient workflows.

Furthermore, BURANO features Fast Hybrid AF with touch functionality and AI Subject Recognition AF, ensuring accurate subject tracking. It also boasts the world’s first in-body image stabilization (IBIS) for cinema cameras, compatible with both PL and E-mount lenses, allowing for smooth, handheld shooting.

There’s a 3.5-inch LCD monitor with touch AF for intuitive control and a flexible mounting system for various shooting styles. It also supports the GP-VR100 telescoping arm with grip control, enabling comfortable one-man operation.

Sony BURANO key features:
Full-frame 8.6K sensor for exceptional image quality
16 stops of dynamic range with Dual Base ISO
Internal 16-bit X-OCN LT and XAVC H recording
Fast Hybrid AF and AI Subject Recognition AF
In-body image stabilization (IBIS)
Flexible lens mount system (PL and E-mount)
Electronic Variable ND Filter
Dual CFexpress Type B slots
Ergonomic design for comfortable operation

Price and availability

As of writing, Sony Electronics PH has yet to reveal the pricing and availability of BURANO 23 cinema camera. Stay tuned for updates!

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