Speedtest Global Index for December 2017

Ookla has released their Speedtest Global Index for December 2017, comparing the internet speed data from around the world, including the Philippines.

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According to the index, the Philippines now has an average speed of 13.45 Mbps download (vs 12.35 Mbps download, November 2017) and 6.23 Mbps upload (vs 5.88 Mbps upload, November 2017) for Mobile. For Fixed Broadband, we have an average of 15.19 Mbps download (vs 14.42 Mbps download, November 2017) and 12.99 Mbps upload (12.14 Mbps upload).

Given the new data, the Philippines now has an improved Global Rank of 90 for Mobile and a Global Rank of 88 for Fixed Broadband.

Global Average speed for Mobile is 21.25 Mbps download and 8.88 Mbps upload, while global average for Fixed Broadband is 40.71 Mbps download and 20.33 Mbps download.

source: Speedtest

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar for trapik trapik says:

    I’m sure proud na proud ang Globe, PLDT at Smart sa achievement nila ng yan.


    #Substandard #WaClass

  2. Avatar for tipz tipz says:

    hmm… 15mbps sa fixed broadbad… it’s not that bad, compared before.

    Sana meron din price per speed (per data cap) comparison. Ilan lang naman ang naka2 avail ng ganyang speed/plan. Baka nga mga business plans lang.

  3. Avatar for K L K L says:

    layo ng agwat sa fixed broadband average ng mundo kesa sa atin.

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