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TCL CoolPro unveiled, priced in the Philippines

The TCL CoolPro with FreshIN 2.0 technology has been unveiled and priced in the Philippines.

This is the latest inverter air conditioner from TCL, which has a two-way fresh air feature. The TCL CoolPro balances air intake to give the air conditioner balanced temperature levels.

With four levels of QuadruPuri filters, the CoolPro also consistently supplies fresh air. These consist of a preliminary filter, silver ion antibacterial filter, a HEPA high-efficiency filter, and high-density filter.

Apart from temperature, the CoolPro display also shows users real-time air quality. With its FreshIN function, users are also offered Breathing Mode, Fresh Air Mode, Exhaust Mode, and Purification Mode for optimal air purification.

Other features are inclusive of a four step auto cleaning function for cleaner air, an Indoor Temperature Control Expert, and a Smart Control Feature.

The Smart Control Feature allows users to use the CoolPro through TCL’s dedicated app or voice commands via Google Assistant and Alexa.

The official prices of the TCL CoolPro Inverter Air Conditioner are PHP 50,995 for its 1.0HP variant and PHP 54,995 for its 1.5HP variant.

But as part of TCL’s 24th anniversary promo running from April 1st to May 31st, these will be priced at PHP 25,995 and PHP 27,995 for the 1.0 and 1.5 variants respectively.


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