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Vivaldi 2.5 browser with Razer Chroma Integration launched

Vivaldi, in partnership with Razer, has launched the Vivaldi 2.5 that brings the first Razer Chroma integration in a web browser.

Vivaldi is a web browser that lets users take control of it mostly and customize it the way they want it to be. The new update comes with more customization options where users can adjust the size of Speed Dials and selecting tabs more easily.

“Gamers can now experience their Chroma devices natively integrated with the websites they visit, syncing in real-time for a truly personalized browsing experience.”, Kushal Tandon, Razer Senior Product Manager

To unlock the Razer Chrome feature, do the following steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Press Themes on the left side of the settings.
  • Check the box of “Enable Razer Chroma Integration” under the Razer Chroma Theme Integration.
  • Choose the devices that you want to sync the browser with.

After enabling this, expect that the lights will adapt to the color of the site that you are browsing using Vivaldi.Other features and patch notes of the Vivaldi 2.5 can be found on their official website here.

Source: Vivaldi Blog 

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