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YouTube for Android to flag hateful comments

YouTube has recently announced the availability of its latest feature on Android devices that detects hateful comments on videos uploaded on the platform.

As stated in its Support page, YouTube will now detect and remove hateful comments by taking into account the topic of the video and the context of a comment on Android devices. The reminder may pop up before users post a comment that may be offensive to others, giving the commenter the option to reflect before posting. The reminder gives the commenter two options: either to post the comment as is, or edit it before posting it.

Do note that comments may also be removed even if it doesn’t trigger the reminder due to Community Guidelines violations. It can also be removed by the channel owner or the commenter.

YouTube said that its systems are continuously learning, so the new feature may not detect all potentially offensive comments. It learns mostly from content that has been repeatedly reported by users. Those who got flagged even if their comments are not hateful may select ‘Let us know’ in the notification pop-up to leave feedback.

Source: YouTube Support page

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