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YouTube removes spam subscribers, closed accounts on user channels

YouTube started to clean spam subscribers and closed accounts on each user channel in their platform.

As a part of their process to ensure that the YouTube channels have a legitimate number of subscribers, the video-sharing company removed the following accounts:


  • Closed Accounts – accounts that were either closed by the user or terminated by YouTube due to policy violation/s.
  • Spam Subscribers – subscribers that are gained through artificial means i.e purchasing subs through third-party services.

The services that attempt to boost subscriber numbers through automated means or via a marketplace like purchasing subs and engaging in “Sub4Sub” (third-party websites which allow users to subscribe to different channels in exchange for their own subscription) violate YouTube’s Terms of Service.

Removal of the artificial subscribers and closed accounts, however, will not affect the user’s video views and/or watch time.

Source: YouTube

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  1. wat says:

    Is Justin Y. one of them?

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    Hi Vaughn chua,
    Thanks for this information. Its helpful for digital marketers. Keep writing

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