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YouTube unveils new watch page experience for news stories

YouTube has introduced an immersive watch page experience for news stories 33 on their platform to provide people high-quality information they can trust. 

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Viewers will be able to dig deeper and explore a variety of sources and viewpoints by accessing a news watch page that compiles content from trustworthy sources ranging from podcasts, live streaming, video on demand, and Shorts. Users may access relevant long-form content, live coverage, and Shorts to rapidly catch up on all in one watch page.

To access a watch page of a specific news topic, viewers can click on a video with the newspaper icon on the homepage or in search results. About 40 nations will gradually see the rollout of this feature for mobile users while PC and living room integration will follow. When they wish to go deeper into a news topic, viewers will have easier access to a variety of reliable and varied voices thanks to this improved news experience.

For more information about this update, visit this blogpost 71

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