YouTube Web finally gets Material Design, Dark Mode

YouTube Web finally gets Material Design, Dark Mode

If you’re a fan of Material Design, then here’s a treat: Google has now opened its doors to a Material Design version of its YouTube web pages without requiring any workaround.


First tested a year ago, the YouTube redesign aligns the service to other Google portals who have already made the transition to Material Design — it emphasizes more content and a wider use of the remaining white space, as well as making the design consistent throughout the whole website and throughout its other media such as apps on iOS and Android.

YouTube also claims that the new design is backed by a new framework called Polymer which touts faster and better page loads, as well as faster implementation of new features as soon as they are made available. The new design on the video streaming site also has a new Dark mode which offers less eye strain especially at nighttime, so you can finally throw those YouTube-dimming Chome extensions and celebrate.

You can opt into the new Material Design pages by checking, or wait until the rollout reaches you in the coming weeks. Should you wish to opt out real quick, you can return to the current design by selecting “Restore classic YouTube” from your channel’s Account Menu.

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