ZTE gets 472 complaints with DTI over Sale Fiasco

ZTE gets 472 complaints with DTI over Sale Fiasco

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) received a total of 472 complaints against ZTE (and/or its local distributor MSI-ECS) involving the ZTE handset sale that happened last October.

This is a according to a source close to someone inside the department. This is perhaps one of the most number of complaints ever recorded, almost in the same level as our local telcos get every quarter.

The fiasco stemmed from the failure of the sale of handsets where thousands lined up and only about 300 were actually available (half of which were either hoarded by resellers or employees).


ZTE (MSI-ECS) eventually apologized about the event and their shortcomings but that did not stop frustrated customers from filing a complaint to the DTI.

With the number of complaints filed, we think the company might be blacklisted from doing promos any time soon.

You can read more about the ZTE event below:

* ZTE Grand X2 L phablet to go on sale for just Php2k
* Chaos ensues at ZTE Sale, flooded with complaints
* ZTE releases official statement regarding sale mishap

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19 Responses

  1. eman says:

    kasama din ang yugatech sa pagpopromote nung sale na yan ah.

    • Yes, we also lined up for the sale and was not able to get one.

    • Weh Di Nga? says:

      @Abe Wehh.. Pics or it didn’t happen. Kasali kayo sa nagpromote ng ZTE promo2x na yan..

    • archie says:

      Stop blaming the blog sites. Whether paid or not, they’re just informing the people about the sales, Kasalanan ng ZTE ang hindi paglalagay ng fine prints sa details, dumbfucks.

    • benchmark says:

      Well even if yugatech is part of promoting or advertising the said even, I think naman they cannot be blame kasi as advertiser, you just desiminate the info they got from the client…yet no knowledge about what it can happen in the event.

      and if yugatech is not advertiser, they just share local tech info, events, etc. that will happen.

    • Zhyphr024 says:

      Do not blamed Yugatech, they were just informing people visiting this site regarding the sale. Pinoy talaga eh, sisi ng sisi eh. Obvious naman na kasalan ng ZTE to eh.

      Ifile mo yan, pagtatawanan ka lng. Isip isip then kasi may utak ka naman.

      Another ZTE Scandal..

    • diego delos santos says:

      hello, its not the fault of yugatech. its zte’s problem plain and simple. Thru yugatech many consumers are being aware of their rights. Un sa smart promo ng iphone 3 dami din na bad trip dun. isa na kmi sa mga pumila na wala nangyari. most of the stocks nakuha o na reserve na ng mga smart employees and resellers. dapat siguro meron na complaint department ang yugatech tapos babato nila sa concerned govt agency. mas takot pa sila sa yugatech. pag isang tao lang di nila pinapansin.

    • Daves says:

      Weh Di Nga? – you and eman were among the ones who made the claim first. Pics or didn’t happen, either. Unless you don’t want people to take either of you trolls seriously.

    • eric jay says:

      oh sige, sisihin nyo lahat nang blog na nagpromote nung zte sale. ive seen around four blogs promoting that.

  2. dakilangduca says:

    Very good. Buti marunong tayo mag file ng complaint. Some brands/companies are really not equipped with the right preparations. Ganyan na ganyan din ang sale ng SKK at Smart. Nauuna lagi ang mga mall employees. Hopefully aksyonan talaga to ng DTI, hindi yung nagbibilang lang sila ng complaints.

  3. archie says:

    Gusto ko ding makita ang number of complaints sa Smart Bro. Karera sila ng ZTE sa padamihan ng mga nagalit na consumers.

  4. Hen-Sheen says:

    Game Over Dood! But this might happen to PLDT Home FIBR if they use way too much collateral (like Broken Promises & Reassurances)…….

  5. Yuj says:

    300?!? Only 300 units for the sale. Tapos na hoard pa yung iba?!? Grabe yan ZTE a. Yun ba ibig nyo sabihin ng “Ample Supply”?

    Keep the complaints coming. Para pati ibang manufacturers matuto din.

    Dapat to maibahagi din sa ibang tech sites to para laro ma expose yang unprofessionalism ng ZTE.

  6. Name: emoji says:

    File nga ng complaint. Ang tanong: may mangyayari ba???

    • Danny V says:


    • boybato says:

      yeap, meron din naman. just an example-we bought a Skyworth TV just a few months ago at SM Appliance Center. When we were about to install the tv at home, we found out that the screen was damaged. SM refused to acknowledge their mistake and they told us that they cannot do anything about it. So we lodged a complaint with the DTI and within a couple of days after filing the complaint, the DTI arbitrator issued “subpoena” to the concerned employees of SM appliance center and to the representatives of Skyworth. Within a few hours, na-settle naman na yung case. (Lesson learned here: “wag bumili ng Skyworth na TV.”

      The thing is, people should learn how to assert their rights under the law. Kasi kung reklamo ka lang ng reklamo pero wala ka namang ginagawa, walang mangyayari sa iyo. So I salute those individuals who filed their complaint against the ZTE.

  7. a says:

    When android was quite new- LG made a similar chaotic sale but that was for P10k I remember. And I did line in Megamall for it

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