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11.6″ Gateway EC1801i MiniNote

Gateway dropped the AMD Athlon CPU for an Intel SU3500 on their 11.6 inch mini-notebook. The Gateway EC1801i SU3500 MiniNote has almost the same look as the Gateway LT3102i Ultra Slim Laptop.

This is more like a version of the 11-inch Acer Timeline. See specs and price below:

gateway ec1801i

11.6″ CrystalBrite HD 1366 x 768
Intel Core 2 Solo SU3500 1.4GHz
2GB DDR2 RAM (max 4GB)
Intel GMA X4500 Video Graphics
64MB dedicated video RAM (up to 1,759MB shared system memory)
Bluetooth 2.0
WiFi 802.11 b/g
Windows Vista Home Premium

Weights about 1.43kg so it’s still light. Expect to shell out Php35,995 for this ultraportable notebook (in black and red colors).

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15 Responses

  1. Avatar for neomaniac neomaniac says:

    why not try the NEO MINI-NOTEBOOK. RUNS ON XP (LICENSED) and very fast.

  2. Avatar for nanayMo nanayMo says:

    Make mine black. But at 1.4Ghz and on Vista? Nice advice there, Jhay.

  3. Avatar for Jayson Jayson says:

    I think this is expense. MSI CR400 is much cheaper and has better specs.

  4. Avatar for Pinoy Apostolic Pinoy Apostolic says:

    Is this better than the previous model which has an AMD processor and an ATI Graphic chipset?

  5. Avatar for Jhay Jhay says:

    If it weren’t for the Gateway logo on it, I’d easily mistake this one for an Acer notebook.

    I’d also ditch Vista for Windows 7 if were to buy this one.

  6. Avatar for BrianB BrianB says:

    Wow, amazing deal!

  7. Avatar for John Ray Cabrera John Ray Cabrera says:

    first of all, what does one has to have to qualify as a netbook:

    1) smaller form factor? 8-10inches screen?
    2) Atom processor? Ion processor?
    3) no optical drive?

    if these are the criteria to qualify one to be a netbook, then this unit is just an ultraportable and not a netbook.

    and are they serious in using the nomenclature MiniNote as their sub-branding name?

  8. Avatar for http://makabayan.org.ph http://makabayan.org.ph says:

    Still no 11′ with CD-rom?

    NO to VAT! i mean VISTA. Vista will hog you down.

  9. Avatar for Raven Raven says:

    1.4ghz f0r vista? Sl0oowww!

  10. Avatar for Gwapito Gwapito says:

    Netbooks don’t have to be small.

  11. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    @Paul – they’re just filling in the gap in the line-up.

  12. Avatar for Paul Paul says:

    Whats with the move to 11″+ screens? When I buy a netbook its for small size. 11″ is too big.

  13. Avatar for wingatu wingatu says:

    Yuga, where can I buy this one? Is it available here in the philippines

  14. Avatar for jill jill says:

    Should we like Vista? C’mon techies, enlighten me on this one.

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