Acer Iconia Tab B1 vs. Asus MeMO Pad ME172v

Acer Iconia Tab B1 vs. Asus MeMO Pad ME172v

Acer and Asus are competing in the entry-level Android tablet. Acer has the 7-inch Iconia Tab B1 while Asus has its own 7-inch MeMO Pad ME172V. Both brands took a slightly different approach so we thought we’d pit them in a side by side comparison.

Acer used a MediaTek processor which a lot of people are already somewhat familiar with since a number of smartphones also uses them. Asus, on the other hand, went with VIA skipping the Atom chip they used in the FonePad and Tegra 3 which they used in the Nexus 7.


Acer scored points in the CPU and storage while Asus scored with RAM and battery capacity. CPU gives you faster performance and storage allows for more media files. RAM allows for smoother multi-tasking (and possibility of update) and battery just gives you more juice.

Looks like a tie, right? If the price is almost the same, who’s the better tablet?

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28 Responses

  1. garz says:

    What one lacks the other one has. It’s a tie, indeed.

  2. dare says:

    I’ve seen the Asus Memo Pad and Acer B1. Asus Memo Pad looks better and better screen resolution than Acer B1.

  3. mr.techie says:

    it’s really a tough choice to make.. having great battery makes a lot of sense since you are dealing with portable device. i am leaning towards asus right here, given their reputation. the only thing i’m worried is the cpu.. we dont have idea about via on tablets.. plus how much does it eats battery… is it power hungry? though, greater ram would at least help the cpu .. :)

  4. Freeje says:

    Skip the two and get the Hyundai T7 it costs less ($145) and so much more powerful with a quad core. Not to mention GPS. Hands down winner!

  5. hanjo says:

    The asus won me with the ram and battery.

  6. John says:

    Let’s look at it this way: you won’t enjoy the 1.2ghz dual-core processor of Acer with that kind of battery.

    I think I’ll choose Asus, but won’t expect the qualities of Nexus 7 on it.

    If you want a really good tablet for lots of apps, then choose Nexus 7, but if you want a tablet for reading, basic surfing, and watching some shows, then I think MeMO pad is your choice.

  7. Kunsel says:

    Tama ba to? Kakapunta ko lang sa ASUS sa SM North Cyberzone, yung Memo Pad na 6,995 PHP walang Bluetooth.

  8. Ser Lou says:

    wala po bluetooth asus memopad. nakatry na ko pareho at mas pinili ko ang asus since sa battery at 1gb ram po. pati yun grip nya ok kesa sa acer. kung titingnan parang equal kay acer na dual core. downside is yun ram at battery life. kay asus kaya nya din mga hd games kahit papaano. at battery nya is ok sa surfing at reading e-books

  9. Iyan Sommerset says:

    How does the battery life compare in real-world/actual testing? The different CPUs might make a difference in how they consume power.

  10. Lorenzo says:

    I purchased a MemoPad and it has an LCD Panel issue. The screen is a little dim and gradient (gray to black color) on the side of the screen where the Asus Logo is situated. The defect is very noticeable when the tablet is in landscape mode and when running apps with white background like Chrome. I forwarded the problem to AsusWorld Megamall and confirmed it is a defect. As of now, my tablet is sent to RMA. I have seen 4 units having the same defect so this is not an isolated case, it also isn’t isolated to the color of the back of the device. Fellow MemoPad members, please check your MemoPad LCD panels thoroughly, stare at it with a white background. The problem was already forwarded to Asus Philippines’ Facebook page. Still no specific reply was sent to me.

  11. ironfist67 says:

    i purchased an Asus Memo pad two weeks ago and so far am satisfied with the performance. Fortunately, my unit does not have the black gradient as described by Lorenzo but what I noticed is that Apps cannot be downloaded or transferred to the SD card. Error would read “Cannot install to USB or SD card”.

    • Lorenzo says:

      I contacted Asus support about the Apps2SD function of the MemoPad and they said that they would try to incorporate that function to the future updates.

  12. remix says:

    kakabili ko lng kahapon, nagupdate yung memopad sa new version, tpos nung susubukan ko na maglaro bkt kya yung subway surf na game mejo ma lag, pero yung temple run 2 wla nmn problema, question lng po may problem yata yng jellybean sa ibang games? kasi yung icecream ko na cp wla naman problem dun sa subway surf na laro? hope may sumagot, thank u..

    • ironfist67 says:

      Yup, may games na affected ata. OK with Temple Run 2 and Dead Trigger pero nag force close pag Fruit Ninja.

      Remix, what do you mean “nagupdate yung memopad sa new version” – nag JB 4.2 na?

    • remix says:

      ironfist67 pagkabili ko pgkauwi ko pagka connect ko sa wi fi nag update sya pero jelly bean 4.1 parin naman. tyaka di rin mainstolan ng viber at instagram. sino pa po may memopad dito?

  13. remix says:

    tyaka isa pang question totoo ba yng nkalagay sa manual na pag frist time i charge dpat 8hours? di ba masisira yung memopad ko nun? sna may magreply thanks.

    • okiks dante says:

      ung memo pad q tinutulugan q sa gabi habang nka charged..ilang oras moh naga2mit ung memopad moh pag continous ang gamit moh?

  14. Trixia says:

    well kahit onti lng ung bettery life ng acer depende naman un sa pgamit ng mayari

  15. roldan says:

    omg! i cant choose! balak ko sana bumili ng acer tab..kaso prang nagdadalawang isip ako kung speed ang pipiliin ko or battery @[email protected] sa tingin nio?

  16. Danny says:

    Nice site. :) mukang makakadecide na din ako hehe

  17. Len says:

    Yung Acer tablet din sana ang gusto ko pro parang mas gusto ko na tong sa Asus… Mas trip ko kasi ung mas matagal na battery life.

  18. Lica says:

    I brought Acer tab last month, mabilis sya at di ma-lag. Then 2 hours charging lang tapos nagagamit ko ng more than 5 hours. :) Yung kapatid ko naman Asus medyo choosy sa apps and walang bluetooth. tapos di rin pwede ilipat ung mga apps sa external unlike acer na pwede.

  19. paul says:

    acer b1, ram na 512 astig na un, jackpot na lng ung 1gb… dual core is the best. battery last up to 5hrs. and kung d ka kampante sa battery buy a portable external battery. edi okie na… unlike asus, ung 1gb na ram, mhirap maconsume. single core, choosy tlga sa games.

  20. paul says:

    acer b1, ram na 512 astig na un, jackpot na lng ung 1gb… dual core is the best. battery last up to 5hrs. and kung d ka kampante sa battery buy a portable external battery. edi okie na… unlike asus, ung 1gb na ram, mhirap maconsume. single core, choosy tlga sa games.

  21. rj says:

    i got my acer last month im satisfied with the performance with the 6k priced tab .. if u guys looking for a better tab then buy the ipad instead….

  22. moncha says:

    dont worry about RAM and internal memory, as long as we could get our tablet(s) rooted, we could do partition and swapping memories from SD card.. cheers :D

  23. Art says:

    I Bought memopad for only P3995 at Octagon, SM Naga. Im satisfied with this tablet. Cheap but better quality.

  24. maria says:

    hia ,,,does asus support viber , skype and line
    thnx :)

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