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What’s your first laptop?

Just bought a new laptop this week while roaming around VirraMall and also saw a number of really old ones being put on display. It reminded me of my very first laptop and it looked similar to the ones I saw.

I can’t remember the exact model of that laptop but I remember it was a 12-incher Acer notebook powered by a Cyrix 486DX4 processor with 230MB of HDD space and 8MB of EDO RAM (I later upgraded it to 16MB for Php4k+).

It was running on Windows 95 which I installed using 6 or 7 1.44″ floppy disks. I still remember trying to add Window Plus+ but it would hang because of lack of memory (was able to fix using RAM compression software).

Still trying to figure out what model it was (a family friend won it from a Pepsi contest back in 96 or 97 and we offered to swap it for a new TV).

Anyway, can you remember your very first laptop? What was it?

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83 Responses

  1. yizhan says:

    i still remember the first laptop that i bought from my first salary in PLDT beside the siemens runing on windows 3.1 that they issued to me… it was from elite group and was powered by 999mhz transmeta crusoe processor. I bought it for 35K way back 2004

  2. Boo says:

    Mine was an acer 508dx, circa 2001.

  3. Jonathan Lee says:

    I still remember my first laptop. It was a toshiba satelite. Forgot the exact model. But it has a swapable cdrom or floppy drive. Pentium 1 and it comes with windows 95. I still remember I had it’s windows reinstalled by someone else because I dont know how to do it during that time. And that guy installed windows 98. I payed him 2,000 to do that. hehe

  4. j says:

    Mine was a toshiba satellite with windows 98 se. lol

  5. Paolo says:

    Mine was an Acer Aspire 5630 bought in 2007 which is still alive and kickin!!

  6. Paolo says:

    But my first pc box was a 486-SX running on DOS/Win 3.11 with 4MB of RAM woot!

  7. crosstrainer says:

    mine was an AST laptop… can’t remember the specs, but i do recall it had a whopping 25Mhz processor.

    saw a photo of it online: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3385/3249023904_b8020146e6.jpg

  8. squishy says:

    My first laptop was a Compaq CQ410au. Had the memory upgraded to 3gigs, and operated Windows Vista. After a while, swapped it with a friend for a 13″ MacBook white, with 2gigs of RAM.

  9. jonathan says:

    Toshiba Tecra

  10. Kamesenin Butan says:

    I’ve been working in the computer since 2000, but I couldn’t afford laptop yet until 2005, my first laptop Sony VAIO Pentium Centrino with 4gigs memory.

  11. clifford says:

    my first laptop is my MSI EX401 which I bought last year……..the reason that I only have one laptop is that I used to be a DESKTOP PC person, but then things change, hence this laptop…..I still own a desktop PC though….

  12. Numlock says:

    Hi, my very first laptop is what I’m using right now. I bought it 3 1/2 years ago and it’s still useful even in gaming. It is an ECS laptop that has Pentium M 1.6ghz, 1gb ram and 128mb dedicated video card.

    The only thing that shows it’s age is the backspace button seems harder to use ;)

  13. roiji says:

    my very own laptop was the asus EEEPC 701..
    it’s still alive today after playing grand chase and DOTA everyday.. lol

    asus is really ‘rock solid and heart touching’ hahaha

  14. myke says:

    first laptop bought was acer with 2.0Ghz AMD turion which I purchased in dec 2006

  15. bursky says:

    HP 500 and it’s still alive. :D pero mostly watching movies with it now, di na workhorse.

  16. My first laptop was Alienware Pentium M. I’m still using it until now.

  17. jojo says:

    Mine was toshiba satellite L20, Pentium M with 512MB RAM which i upgraded to 2GB. 15 inches LCD, courtesy of my sister,around April 2005.

  18. I had a Prestigio 109cb. Powered by Via C3 processor with a clock speed of 1.2ghz. It had 256 mb of RAM. Then it was devastated by a storm named FRANK.


  19. bri says:

    my first lapdance was when i was in highschool.. sagot ng barkada ko.. ok naman yung chicks..

    oops, laptop pala..

    asus with turion 64 processor, dedicated vid card, 2 gig ram.. un lang kaya ng budget that time e (around 2008 cguro)

  20. manong says:

    “Just bought a new laptop this week while roaming around VirraMall”

    ang yabang naman… parang bumili lang ng yosi ah! sana ako ganito naman…

    “Just bought a new sportscar this week while roaming around Divisoria…”

    yung tipong di man lang plinano o nag-canvass, wala lang trip-trip lang!

  21. Tey Aragon says:

    A 12-in Apple iBook G4 with a teeny tiny 40GB hard disk. It’s been through hell and back and now I barely use it, but it’s still as awesome as the day I bought it :-)

  22. Cartman says:

    Mine was running on XP already. hehe. Acer Aspire 14″ laptop.

  23. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    never bought one for me yet, but chose a Compaq C793 for my mom (worse mistake of mine). A relative of mine handed me his old laptop which I’m currently using

    Gateway 4012GZ
    Intel Celeron 1.5Ghz
    512mb RAM

    replaced the encrypted HDD(he forgot the password) with an external Seagate 160gb IDE HDD attached via USB-IDE cable powered by a 350watt atx psu. Installed Linux Mint since XP~Windows7 refuse to be installed on removable media.

    As of now using that for torrents, surfing, and watching videos (can watch 480p, 720p videos, anything in excess stutters & fails).

  24. matfrancisco says:

    my first laptop was a compaq armada. it has p3 processor, its os was windows 98 and a 30 gb of HD.
    until now it is still usable. i installed XP Pro on it.

  25. zero_01 says:

    Toshiba Satellite 2.4ghz celeron, 40gb, 512ram, windows xp, 15”

  26. BrianB says:

    How much was the Acer. Mahal ng laptop five years ago. I’m lucky my secondhand dell still works.

  27. carmz says:

    Mine was Asus Eee pc 4g..:)

    I am currently using Compaq Presario CQ40… I wish to own a Mac lappy… :(

  28. JayL says:

    mine was just last last year a NEO notebook, tapos now I mostly used this HP Mini pero desktop PC pa rin ang pinaka important sakin :)

    our first PC was a refurbished Compaq desktop, pentium 3 pa yun. Nung sikat pa yung Friendster nun :P

  29. My first laptop was IBM R-Series 2682 RA5 with Intel Pentium-4, 256MB RAM, 60 GB Hard disk, bluetooth, webcam and card reader.

    This laptop is still with me and is working gr8!

  30. senses says:

    My first laptop? It’s the Lenovo Y410 T550, which I bought two years ago. Unfortunately, this is still the laptop I am using now. I wasn’t able to upgrade yet. But it works perfectly fine. ^_^

  31. Kimwell says:

    Due to financial constraints, I had my first laptop just last year and I am still using (and loving) it. Its a Compaq CQ40 310 AU.

  32. Sharing-moment. What was your very first laptop? http://www.yugatech.com/blog/personal-co

  33. Jam. says:

    Mine was Dell Inspiron 2500. I don’t remember the full specs but it has Pentium III and 256 ram inside :)

  34. manaka_junpei says:

    nakagamit na ako noon nang laptop, sa kapatid ko, yung Toshiba Satellite notebook na Windows ME, Pentium 3 palang at dial-up ang internet connection, pero may built-in Ethernet port na, kaya lang nasira ang TFT LCD dahil sa moisture pero buo pa rin, ngayon sira na talaga, malamang battery overcharge o sira na ang HDD, 2nd pero sa kapatid ko rin, yung Fujitsu na bili sa Saudi kasi mura ang laptop, naka-Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit kaya lang walang AERO dahil sa Video memory nito, 3rd is yung netbook nang sister ko, puwede nang mag-Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit din dahil sa upgraded specs niya, 4th yung netbook nang kapatid ko, kaya lang LINUX at parang walang kwentang gamitin dahil Linux yan, 5th yung sa erpat ko galing U.S., Thanksgiving sale kasi doon, ACER Emachines yan at Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit

  35. fjordz says:

    mine was Compaq Model 2140us running on Windows XP Home edition.. it’s still working until now. It’s more than 7 years now.

  36. vik sapar says:

    a bulky IBM r52. felt like my shoulders will go off anytime when i carry it around.

  37. slighmd says:

    mine was a NEO, last 2006. i can’t remember the model but it had a 15.6″ screen, 2gb ddr2 ram, 1.7ghz intel centrino, 160gb hdd. it burned out (literally) after a year maybe because of toooooo much World of Warcraft, and i had to pay 22k for repairs. sold it after repairs and got a desktop instead

  38. Armel says:

    My very first laptop was the very first batch of macbook on Intel.

  39. zick says:

    Macbook.. with snow leopard pre installed.

  40. My first laptop was a used Apple PowerBook 520. The 500 series, if I’m not mistaken, was the first such laptop that introduced the trackpad.

    A variant — which was introduced in Japan and codenamed the Blackbird — was used in the first Mission: Impossible movie.

  41. My first laptop is the Acer Travelmate 2420 bought by my Dad in the Middle East back in 2006. It was a lifesaver during my college-thesis writing,(mobility in various libraries :D). I am still using it today now that I am in Law school haha :D

  42. lalin says:

    after graduation from college, I thought I don’t like to sit all day on a desktop anymore so I decided to buy the cheapest laptop back in 2003. It’s an ECS laptop with Transmeta Crusoe processor. I don’t know if it still works now, I passed it to my sister when the video card stopped working after plugging in to a projector.

  43. chardsnet says:

    I never had a laptop before. But when I started to work at home, I was able to buy my very first laptop – Lenovo G450 just three months ago.

  44. ogago says:

    sa kin ibm thinkpad nung 2000 ata bigay ng tatay ko nung college ako, 15″ tas win98 os, 800 mhz procie un lang tanda ko. may cd rom na un pero may floppy pa din.

  45. Leo says:

    mine is an Acer Aspire 5536 which i bought in japan, comes with japanese windows vista, but i managed to change it in english

  46. mazinger zeta says:

    Compaq armada 4120T with pentium 120 processor, 64 mb of ram, 12″ lcd.

  47. Web.com.ph says:

    Macintosh Powerbook 270c (circa 1993) complete with the Duo Dock set-up.

  48. daddy joey says:

    any tips for those who want to buy their first laptop? :)

  49. Lawrence says:

    Mine was msi cr400 core 2 duo. Which was really a bang for buck (I got it for almost 25k lng), but guess what wala pang 1 month skin ng white + flicker na lcd.. i’m hearing good comments pnmn with MSI, kaya pinili ko..ewan ko lng kung minalas lng ako ng unit! Anyway it’s already fixed, but the hassle was unforgettable!!

  50. loadex says:

    nalimutan ko exact model.. but it is an Acer laptop.. around 2007 ata.. just when the prices started to drop below 30k.

  51. Eran says:

    mine is acer i think way back 1999, my brother send that laptop to me from his work in US in CISCO company when the CISCO company upgrade the company laptop then my brother gave to me a 3 laptop with the same model of acer. I installed a windows 95.

  52. My first laptop which I bought two years ago is ASUS X80Le.

    I am planning to buy a new one soon…:D

  53. dulfo says:

    I bought my first laptop way back in 2003 and it was a Compaq X1000 series. It is still alive and kickin. Recently bought a new one, MSI U230.

  54. Rhed says:

    Mine was an IBM ThinkPad R52e with 1.6GHz centrino and 256MB RAM and 1024×768 resolution :D I don’t know where it is now.

  55. Zaxx says:

    Jonathan lee

    I was the person whom you paid P2000 to install windows 98 in your laptop..lol

  56. Zaxx says:

    mine was Asahi with remote, i later upgraded it to hitachi = ))

  57. bentong says:

    msi s250 1.3Ghz celeron

  58. limuel; says:

    compaq presario cq60

  59. jojo says:

    Mine is ECS A900 running on Transmeta Crusoe way back in 2002. Binili ko ito sa PC Express. P45k pa ito noon, super mahal. Hindi sya laptop kundi desknote kasi yung battery nya nakahiwalay kaya lagi na lang nakasaksak sa kuryente.

    Then I bought Acer Travelmate 2420 in 2006. It’s still working up to now. I sold it to my friend. I’m using 13″ macbook white 2.26 ghz core2duo.

  60. bongski says:

    a celeron-powered asus laptop colored white way back 2003. Upgraded 2 years ago to a turion powered hp dv6810 with 3 gigs of ram. Now waiting for a new asus g60jx. sweet!

  61. Eason says:

    A rubbish NEO Emprivia NPV2

    Core 2 Duo 1.86Ghz, 1GM memory GMA graphics, 80GB HD

    all for 60k!!!

    So expensive!

  62. vin says:

    My first was a Samsung Sens P29 laptop bought almost 4 years ago sa tipidpc. It’s a 1.5(1.6?)ghz Celeron. Ayun, last year pinasok ng magnanakaw yung apartment ko, tangay yung laptop, nintendo wii, at popcorn hour a100. Funny thing is this (techy) burglar forgot to take the remote controls of both my wii and pch.

    Eniweys after a week I “upgraded” to a 2nd hand MSI core 2 duo laptop. Sana wag na maulit yung last year dahil A110 na yung pch ko and yung pinalit kong wii may katabi nang ps3 tsaka xbox360.

  63. James says:

    mine’s IBM thinkpad with pentium 3 800mhz processor, 512mb RAM, 40GB HDD and 8MB Video Memory. I always love the Thinkpad, so sleek, compact, strong and reliable. I also love the design of the Point Stick, it has much greater control than the touch pad.

  64. ligrev says:

    A NEO laptop. With PDC 2.0ghz, 1gb ram, Intel GMA, 80gb HDD, Memcard reader, 4x DVD writer.

    It’s still alive btw. My Dad’s using it. Lol!

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  65. jaz says:

    a lenovo y410…the only known issue it got is with the optiarc slot drive..now the drive is not working after a year..tsk tsk

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  66. durantula says:

    my 1st laptop is the acer aspire 3600 series of 2006. Now on its 4th year and it is still up and running although medyo nawoworn out na. About time to shift to timeline. hehe.

  67. A Lenovo IBM X21 – A 12 inch unit which I have battered for 6 years. It has a Pentium 3 (700Mhz) processor, a 128Mb RAM which I later upgraded to 384Mb, a 4Mb Dedicated ATI Video Card, 10Gb of hard disk space which I also upgraded later to 40Gb.

    It was actually a gift from the States around the year 2003. Sold it for Php5k last year.

  68. ben says:

    mine was ibm issued by my boss. then i bought ECS laptop. yung walang battery ha!

    i’ve had 5 laptops changes since then.

  69. Shrumster says:

    Toshiba Satellite 2435-S255. Got it second-hand around 2004, been with me ever since. Suffered 2 hard drive failures (one my fault…dropped a book on the drive portion), upgrades and tweaks. It just recently broke down (for good) following the slew of Meralco power outages. Power board finally gave out I guess. Sigh.

  70. alfranz says:

    An Acer 4920 as an auxiliary computer for school. I am used to desktops but I resort to the laptop when my sibling uses up all the desktops. Still using it up to now. Only upgraded its RAM after 1.5 years of use.

  71. manong says:

    MACBOOK AIR… when i was in the states for vacation last year and couldn’t decide w/c affordable gadget to bring home

  72. I’m late to the laptop party, so my first laptop is a Gateway P-6860FX that I got in Las Vegas in 2008. I haven’t replaced it yet, so I guess its my first and current laptop.

  73. RaGe Einzeln says:

    MSI VR320x

  74. IAmAKiamoyLover says:

    HP G42-372TX

  75. A. Hudson says:

    I’m still using my first laptop, an old Compaq from 1995.

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  78. :D says:

    My first Laptop was bought on 2009; an eMachines D725 with Intel Pentium T4300 @ 2.1Ghz, 2Gb RAM, 320Gb HDD and Intel GMA. It still works fine. Now, I’m using Asus K55V with Intel Core i7-3610QM at 2.3Ghz with Turbo Boost up to 3.3Ghz, 8Gb RAM, 750Gb HDD and nVidia GT 610M.

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