HTC One: Sample Photos and Video

HTC Philippines formally launched the HTC One last May 21 at the Hyve in The Fort. The release of the handsets are scheduled for today, May 24, in all HTC Concept Stores in Metro Manila. We managed to borrow a review unit just in time to get some sample photos and videos.

The 4MP ultrapixel camera of the HTC One is probably one of the most controversial technology that HTC introduced in their flagship phone. It potentially has that same game-changing effect as Nokia’s 41MP PureView technology.

So what we did was to take it to the streets and test it. Here are some sample photos we got:

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realme philippines

Here’s a compilation of videos taken using the camera.

Just in case you are wondering how the HTC Sense UI 5.0 behaves, here’s a quick run-through:

The HTC One is now available ins tores today for a suggested retail price of Php32,990 for the 32GB model.

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15 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    Any idea kung maglalabas ng plan smart or globe sa HTC One?

  2. Vatch says:

    Yuga, can you upload some raw (not resized) files?

  3. Suplado says:

    To each his own sabi nga.
    I’d still continue to buy Taiwan products regardless of what happened. I believe this all boils down to our sense of maturity. Parang ganito lang yan. Yung neighbor mo may water refilling station. Dahil nakaaway mo kapatid nya, ayaw mo nang magparefill sa kanya. It doesn’t make sense at all. Ang dating parang damay-damay which should not be the case. All these times, I learned that we should not hate the person but the behavior. Just my two cents. On topic: HTC One is a monster. Might be the Android King for 2013.

  4. Ex-Alodian Knight says:

    I love the HTC, but this is just a gimmick.

    @Butthurt nationalists
    Look, the old man was just fishing. If the fecalbrained coast guard just let him fish for jellyfish and sharks like he’s supposed to, maybe everything would’ve been better than expected.

  5. Boycott Taiwan says:

    To “Bobo Mo”

    On the contrary, I could easily buy this phone if I wanted to. And in fact I like the phone a lot. Pero mas importante yung dangal ng inang bayan natin kesa sa hilig ko sa cellphone. Will my personal boycott of HTC and other Taiwanese brands (Asus, ACER, Dlink) make a difference? Probably not. But if other people with the same sense of national pride join in this boycott, then maybe we can. Prinsipyo yung tawag dun. Lastly, for you to resort to name calling and immediately assume that the reason for my previous post is because I cannot afford this phone indicates that its probably you has a “peanut sized brain” rather than me.

  6. Hayatte says:

    Yup. 4MP Ultrapixels. It lets in more light into the picture dahil mas malaki ang size ng pixels. Better in low light shots. Dahil megapixels arent everything. Mas lalaki lang file size pag malaki MP tsaka mas ok i zoom. Pero pasa sakin na hindi naman inilalagay sa tarp or billboard ang mga pic(mostly for social media and laptop viewing lang), this is perfect.
    Most(if not all) reviews online says that this is the most beautiful phone ever built. It looks and feels premium. Lahat din ng comparison reviews pabor sa HTC One. King of 2013, they say. Next month ko pa to mabibili though. Kelangan magipon.

    • Name: Baptiste Giabiconi says:

      @Hayatte: Pinaparinggan mo ba ang Nokia 808 dahil may 41 Megapixels yon? For your information, even though the 808 has 41 Megapixels, it only takes 8, 5 or 2 MP as default for it to ise its PureView technology which takes better low light photos than this HTC one. Research2 muna.

  7. John Mark Dela Cruz says:

    Is it really just 4MP?

  8. Boycott Taiwan says:

    Yes this may be a great phone with great spec, but it still is a Taiwanese brand. And as long as the Taiwanese discriminate against Filipinos, and look down upon our country, we should boycott their products. Boycott Taiwan!

    • Bobo mo says:

      Di nga. Ano naman kung made in Taiwan ang HTC? Dahilan na agad yun para iboycott sila? Wala ka lang pambili eh. Buti pa palakihin mo nalang ng konti yang peanut-sized na utak mo.

    • Danny says:

      That’s a lame excuse, saka I’m sure the PC / Notebook you are using right now is made by a TAIWANESE motherboard manufacturer so face it, they are here to stay whether you like it or not.

      I don’t want to get into the issue that much but we Philippines also have lacked in the 1st place that’s why we ended up into this situation.

      A loss of life is precious and its standard for it to have an investigation, if someone has to be sanctioned then so be it. We have faced so many democratic issues before not only in taiwan but also HK (Bus Incident), Malaysia, China and so much more. Its just that this time the country affected choose to fight for their lost country man.

    • Boycott Taiwan says:

      To Danny,

      Yup you are probably right. There are Taiwanese components in a lot of the thing we CURRENTLY use. But my personal choice is not to buy NEW Taiwanese made products so as not to send another single peso to their country

      I hope you would reconsider “they are here whether you like it or not” mentality. We all have choice.

      Yes our Coast Guard had a choice of whether or not to shoot the fisherman (investigations will tell whether this was justified or not)

      Yes the Taiwanese had a choice of whether or not to hit our OFWs with bats and insults

      Yes the Taiwanese had a choice of whether or not to take off from their shelves our Philippine made products (dried mangoes, coco water, oishi snack)

      And WE have the choice to boycott their products as well.

      National Pride trumps a fancy new cellphone.

    • Agree w Boycott says:

      Para kay “Bobo mo”, pangalan mo talaga siguro yan. Bagay sayo. Wala kang kwenta. At para k Danny, wag ka na mag inggles.Nakakahiya ka.
      May kamag-anak ako sa Taiwan, minamaltrato sila ng mga Taiwanese. Ano kinalaman nila sa pangyayari?
      Yun pamamaril sa Taiwanese, nangyari sa ibaba ng Batanes. Malinaw na sa teritoryo natin yun. Sasagasaan ang mga kapwa natin Pinoy ng mga Taiwanese kung hindi sila nabaril.
      Sa ngayon binoboycott nila ang kahit na anong may koneksyon sa Pilipinas, tapos tayo welcome pa mga produkto nila?

    • baygon says:

      so killing a person is right? tayo nanga ang may mali tayo pa ang nagmamalaki? kung satin ginawa yun would you still feel the same…? it’s not about pride or patriotism…it’s just doing the right thing plain n simple…aminin na natin na may problem sa kapulisan n coastguard natin…what happen to the hk tourist n now sa fishermen exposes the incompetence of our government…dapat ayusin nila yun asap kundi lahat ng bansa makakaaway natin…

    • aze says:

      i agree, we cant do anything to our current devices with parts coming from Taiwanese companies, but for now i wont buy any Taiwanese product as much as i can. Gusto ko pa naman sana itong htc one pamalit sa luma kong htc phone, if ever gyerahin nila tayo ayoko naman isipin na pera ko pa ang ginamit nila para dun.

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