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Poll: Movers and Shakers of 2009

As we come close to the end of 2009, I look back at the number of technological advances and innovations, more specifically in the Philippines. There are so many of them that I thought we’d do a poll and pick out which one stands out from the rest and made huge impact to a lot of people.

From gadgets to services and a whole slew of geeky stuff, here are my nominees for the movers and shakers of 2009:


  • Touchscreen Phones. Little did we expect touchscreen phones will be accepted this early and this quick. Say goodbye to the stylus and hello to the opposing fingers.
  • Google Android OS. Google’s Android OS for the mobile phone has sparked another round of frenzy that can only be compared to the time when the iPhone was first introduced.
  • WiMax Internet. WiMax opened up the competition and made wireless broadband more accessible especially to consumers in the last mile who don’t have much option.
  • Microsoft Windows 7. One of the biggest newsmakers of the year is Windows 7. It’s my most-awaited product of the year.
  • dSLR Cameras. Canon and Nikon showcasing a number of nice and affordable entry-level SLRs as well as HD-capable ones made the digital SLR camera on the wishlist of almost everyone.
  • Unlimited Mobile 3G. Nomadic internet connectivity is heaven-sent and the introduction of cheap and unlimited mobile 3G completes the picture. We have to thank Globe, Smart and most especially to Sun Cellular for leading the way to cheaper 3G internet.
  • Netbooks. Started out 3 years ago and still making waves ’til today, netbooks have become the standard buy for first-time laptop owners. They come by the dozen too.
  • Blackberry Service. Push messaging is here and it’s available in prepaid and unlimited plans.
  • eBook Readers. The introduction of the Nook and the availability of the Amazon Kindle to the Philippines put eBook readers on the map for 2009.

I wanted to put Twitter and Facebook on the list but I thought they would not have become very popular in the Philippines had we not had some of the items listed above (i.e. cheap 3G, netbooks, smartphones, etc.). Besides, I think they’re just getting critical mass now and should be felt more strongly in 2010.

Go add your vote on the Poll in the sidebar or leave a comment below to justify your pick.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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26 Responses

  1. minor says:

    microsoft windows 7.. I’ve been waiting for this to replace Vista

  2. abs says:

    I go for Microsoft Windows 7! Changed the world of Vista users this year!

  3. sky says:

    i voted for netbooks and touchscreen phones.

    netbooks – the best gift for anyone who’s making their thesis!

    touchscreen phones – they’re quite the hit. thankfully there are cheaper ones from Nokia, Samsung, LG. for the ones with bigger pockets, though, the SE Satio and iPhone are quite popular.

  4. HackrDaD says:

    netbooks for 2009. win7 for 2010.

  5. iamupset says:

    how about nokia’s introduction of it’s new mobile OS, MAEMO, linux based mobile OS?

    or how about integrated mobile messaging, i.e., FRING, etc..

  6. 1.) Unlimited and Affordable 3G Internet because it keeps millions and millions of us Filipinos to go online and given cheaper alternatives to communicate with our loved ones especially overseas and probably Unlimited 3G Internet is the main reason why Philippines is one of the world’s fastest growing countries in terms of internet penetration rate in 2009.

    2.) TOUCH SCREEN PHONES because it revolutionizes the way we use cellphones and it looks like to be the wave of the future.

  7. jay says:

    anyone interested in my win 7 ultimate 64 bit? my boss gave it to me with t-shirt, stickers, id holder and badge. 7k only. contact me at 09159353954

  8. windows 7 and of course globe’s 1 mbps wimax. I am a smartbro subscriber which is capped at a miserable 384 kbps. but after globe wimax was introduced, smart increased their maximum possible speed to also 1 mbps.smart was probably threatened that people would transfer to globe which is also at P999 but with max speeds of 1mbps unlike my smart connection which is P999 with max speed of just 384 kbps. hooray to wimax and the competition among these telcos.

  9. Edgar says:

    dSLR Cameras for those who have graduated from the point-and-shoot thingies.

  10. ryan says:

    I definitely agree with the list esp DSLRs becoming more prevalent. These are just opinions that should’ve been in the list.

    1. Facebook.. This is the year where Friendster became passe, and Multiply is now fast to becoming just an online store.

    2. Casual Gaming. Although Nintendo has been in the forefront of this genre of gaming (with Wii and DS), there has been significant showing of casual gaming in social networking sites, from Poker to Cafe world to Mafia Wars to Planet vs Zombies. Skill oriented casual gaming became prevalent too.

  11. ryan says:

    Hopefully 2010 will bring lots of thin and light note/netbooks :D with hours and hours of usage

  12. cocoie says:

    I’ll go for netbooks that until now i don’t have… hehehe

  13. drealmarlon says:

    i say wow!!!to Unlimited Mobile 3G INTERNET oF SUN BROADBAND.

  14. IMHO, it is netbooks that was the biggest mover for 2009.

  15. jan says:

    hey you guys have u heard the pinoy android? made by torque?

  16. Calvin says:

    netbooks for sure. medyo nasapawan ng Windows 7 but if you look at the whole year, netbooks really became popular and mainstream this year.

  17. laurence says:

    windows 7…..on different netbooks

  18. Onynz says:

    It the unlimited mobile connectivity for me… being a prepaid card user from after the y2k bug… the net is now more available, affordable and portable…

  19. paul says:

    it’s a toss up between netbooks and windows 7… but i’m going for netbooks.

  20. Patrick says:

    I really think Facebook and Twitter should have been on the list too. Those two definitely had a more widespread reach this year than say… the Blackberry and eBook readers.

    Other than that, I can pretty much agree with the rest of the entries. ;)

  21. fjordz says:

    i’m going for unlimited mobile internet connectivity. People nowadays are looking for cheaper and faster connection the cyberworld whenever and wherever they are…

  22. Bryan says:

    TouchScreen Phone— iPhone 3G- one of my best purchases and gadget of 2009. I never regret buying it last January 2009. What could be the next for 2010?

  23. nongsky says:

    I love my iPhone 3Gs…and i am waiting for the availability of the better wireless broadband service – WIMAX!!!

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