Poll: Which HDD brand do you use?

Poll: Which HDD brand do you use?

Had a meeting with a rep of one of the HDD manufacturers a few weeks back and I asked how much the market share of the top brands in the Philippines.

I thought it’s better if I’d ask my readers here. Whether you have a netbook, laptop, desktop PC or an external drive, please chime in and tell us which brand do you use.


So far, I can remember of just 4:

  • Hitachi
  • Toshiba
  • Seagate
  • Western Digital
  • Samsung
  • Others

I’ve also added the poll on the sidebar so you can take your pick or leave a comment below. I personally own a couple of Seagate and Western Digital drives myself.

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50 Responses

  1. froilanG says:

    I owned two seagate 40GB (IDE) and 80GB (SATA) HDD’s and one 320GB samsung (SATA) HDD.

  2. mcast says:

    My laptop came with a Seagate HDD. If ever I earn enough money to upgrade it, I’ll get a WD though. But for now I voted Seagate.

  3. bentong says:

    Toshiba 400 GB for laptop and 1TB imation multimedia drive

  4. deuts says:

    I have a 250GB Fujitsu, and another one 80GB (unbranded) I bought 5 years ago for… nevermind. LOL

  5. jv paz says:

    seagate barracuda 500GB (SATA) and WD my passport 500GB

  6. Mervin says:

    Seagate , but i still uses my Western Digital.

    does SSD (Solid State Drive) more expensive than HDD still today?


  7. Calvin says:

    WD Green Caviar for my NAS. :D

  8. Calvin says:

    abe if you’re going to consider external or portable drives better put iomega and buffalo there. they’re as popular as the others.

  9. Ligrev says:

    Seagate all the way. Hehe.

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  10. matfrancisco says:

    320GB Hitachi on my laptop, 40GB Toshiba on my old external HD, and a 250GB Imation external HD as my back-up drive

  11. matti says:

    Seagate my vote

  12. fr0stbyte says:

    Seagate was good until the 7200.11 gen Barracuda firmware fiasco.. Ever since then I’ve had more and more Seagates fail on me. So Western Digital gets my vote here.

  13. Jon says:

    I had several bad experiences with Seagate drives, but those were old models though. I’d prefer WD drives since they are much cheaper, and I haven’t had a bad experience with them.

    I even accidentally dropped one WD 500GB desktop drive while it was running. I was expecting the worst, but to my surprise, it was still functioning like nothing happened.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’d still probably buy a Seagate storage device, though Western Digital is still on top of my list.

    I’ve had some experience with Toshiba, Samsung, and Hitachi drives, but they were mostly from old / second hand computers. God, they were noisy and ran very hot. I think these drives are not much popular here in the Philippines.

  14. StarMars says:

    I’m not picky on hard drives. Kung ano ung mura, dun ako.

    I just checked my hard drives and they’re Samsung. Hehe.

  15. Fleeb says:

    Seagate 7200.12, planning a RAID-5 NAS soon. :D

  16. OCZ Vertex 60GB SSD. 16K for 60GB. Visit my blog for a head-head boot speed shootout.

  17. cris says:

    Owned a seagate 80gb for 5 years now, still no glitch.
    A seagate 500gb external drive for 3 years, dropped 3 times, still working.
    That’s why last month a seagate 1tb came in na.

  18. jayson says:

    seagate- only because of the warranty.. otherwise i recommend samsung..

  19. LunaTech says:

    i have seagate 320gb freeagent go and 1tb external drive

  20. Michael says:

    samsung for my primary and wd for secondary :-)

  21. CoReDuMp says:

    i used to own a 160 GB seagate barracuda for almost 3 years before and works perfectly fine for 3 years…

    Right now i got a desktop bundled with an 250 GB ExcelStor which is not my choice but so far is doing well. I’m still planning to get a portable seagate drive for backup.

    I’ve heard that Samsung got a high performance hard drives but i will still pick seagate if given a choice…

    It’s just because for years of computing seagate have earned my trust… And i do think many people still consider the “Brand Reputation”… “Brand Reputation” is a gadget review itself! :D

  22. CoReDuMp says:

    i used to own a 160 GB seagate barracuda for almost 3 years before and works perfectly fine for 3 years…

    Right now i got a desktop bundled with an 250 GB ExcelStor which is not my choice but so far is doing well. I’m still planning to get a portable seagate drive for backup.

    I’ve heard that Samsung got a high performance hard drives but i will still pick seagate if given a choice…

    It’s just because for years of computing seagate have earned my trust… And i do think many people still consider the “Brand Reputation” and experience after using the product…

    “Brand Reputation” is the initial gadget review! :D

  23. Herce says:

    I am a Western Digital fan. For my personal use I have 38 WD HDs. Of which includes 3 160GB drives from 1996, up to the new 2TB drives (the model before the ears 4k sector switch). I have 6 WD drives from 1996 which are still working and of that lot only 1 has died (I originally bough 7 that year). Yes that is 6 working 14 year old Western Digital hard drives! That is why I am a WD fan (and I love their raptors).

    My runner up is Samsung. I have 3 spinpoint drives, 1 of which I bought in 2001 and its still going strong. They are nice and quiet.

    Over the years I have bought Maxtor and Seagate. I know hard drive stories are totally anecdotal and all the hardware geeks routinely argue about it, but I am a storage nerd. In my personal use (not business) I run several hardware raid arrays and a 2 rack unit SAN cluster (if 2 racks units can be called a cluster or a SAN).

    The Seagates IMO are the worst. They don’t last more than a 18 months. Heck I have a 500gb seagate that I bought 4 months ago to swap out an ailing 3 year old WD drive. There was no stock of 500GB WD and it was a month for the new shipment to come in. So I bought it against my better opinion. It died last week and now I am fighting with the distributor to RMA it. They suck, BTW, and I may end up having to send it to Singapore and bypass the local crap seagate distributor. In the mean time I have an 8 drive raid 5 array that is running without fault tolerance!

  24. Epstein says:

    WD and seagate. seagate rma is very easy. love it!

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  25. E says:

    seagate… lots of seagate… and 1 WD…

  26. John_P says:

    Here you go Yuga,

    Western Digital has become the largest maker of hard disk drives (HDDs) in the world, based on the company’s own financial report for its third quarter of fiscal 2010, which ended on the 2nd of April. Apparently, WD shipped 800 thousand of hard drives more than Seagate Technologies in the first quarter of calendar 2010.

    In the Q1 2010 Western Digital shipped 51.1 million of hard disk drives, whereas Seagate Technologies supplied 50.3 million of HDDs. Although unconfirmed, but 51.1 million of hard drives per quarter seems to be the all time record in terms of HDD shipments for Western Digital.

    The lead over Seagate is not significant at the moment for Western Digital and it remains to be seen whether Seagate will be able to sustain the leadership position throughout the rest of the year. Nevertheless, the example of competition between Seagate and WD shows rather interesting trends. Seagate attempted to boost its HDD shipments by acquiring Maxtor, a transaction that resulted in gradual decline of hard drive shipments by the new company compared to aggregated shipments of Seagate and Maxtor separately. Meanwhile, Western Digital has consistently improved its own operations and made only strategic acquisitions.

    Western Digital reported revenue of $2.6 billion and net income of $400 million, or $1.71 per share, for its third fiscal quarter ended April 2, 2010. In the year-ago quarter, the company reported revenue of $1.6 billion, hard drive shipments of 31.6 million units, and net income of $50 million, or $0.22 per share.

    The company generated $588 million in cash from operations during the third quarter, ending with total cash and cash equivalents of $2.8 billion.

    “With market demand stronger than anticipated in the March quarter, our large-scale vertical integration, agile business model and product breadth allowed us to respond to this upside opportunity and again grow our share of the overall hard drive market. We believe that 2010 will continue to be a strong year for digital storage,” said John Coyne, president and chief executive officer.


  27. dee says:

    i used to have the maxtor fireball until now as a data backup for some not so worthy stuffs hehe. So where are they now, the used to compete with seagate years ago before WD rushed in. WD makes it best bang for the buck, based on some reviews when it comes to dollar per 100mbs or something like that. Performance wise, i go for seagate. WD is really durable, my friend dropped his when he was copying movies and to my surprised it still worked. WD has never failed me, now i have like 16tb of WD and i hope it would still be alive in a decade hehe

  28. shaq says:

    i got a 1tb mybook essential, 500 gb samsung, 80 and 160gb of Seagate.

    i’d got 3 on your list

  29. Vidar says:

    I have 3 Seagate HDDs at home. 5 year-old 80GB IDE which is still in perfect condition based on Seatools and HDTune, 2 year-old 250GB SATA and almost a month-old 500GB FreeAgent Go. I wanna try Western Digital HDDs as well BUT they can’t be RMA’d locally after shop warranty unlike Seagate.

  30. fr0stbyte says:

    Here’s what I’ve noticed.. Usong-uso ang mag-pa RMA dito sa Pinas. Why is that? My guess is either, mas madalas mag-fail ang Seagate OR mas madami lang talaga gumagamit nang Seagate.. I’ve also observed several trends here.. Peeps here always say they’ve had no bad experiences with Seagate.. THAT are mostly two-three years-old and above. That could mean they were good BACK THEN and not so much right now. Try to read back and see what I mean. End point is..

    I had to buy two 500GB hard disk drives last month but the Western Digitals were nowhere to be found then. I jumped from mall to mall para lang maghanap nang WD. Madalas Seagates ang naka-stock. Investment din naman kasi ang HDDs. You wouldn’t wanna RMA then every six months or so.

  31. Vidar says:

    Madami kasing bumibili ng Seagate kaya madami rin ang nagpapa-RMA. Proportional lang. There’s no doubt that WD HDDs are good as well but of course, there’s no guarantee that it will not fail after a year or two. If it does fail after shop warranty, it may cost as much as the drive itself to get it RMA’d.

  32. vance says:

    I’m sticking with WD for now… Seagate is too sensitive for me. hehe.. every time, i bought new seagate drives, they die just after 2 days..

  33. marbles says:

    seagate drives for my desktop. good thing pwede ipa-rma locally kung magkaproblem.

  34. AdRiaN says:

    i owned 2 seagate for my desktop.. and still working in perfect condition… IDE 160gb for 4years.. and SATA 1tb for 1year.. and a seagate basic 320gb portable drive..

  35. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    Seagate since 1997

    1.2gig Seagate
    20gig Seagate
    80gig Maxtor (hand-me down, tends to overheat very easily)
    40gig Samsung (hand-me down)
    20gig Western Digital (dead)
    160gig Seagate (currently in use)
    80gig Hitachi (included in a laptop but former owner forgot the password T_T )

  36. Chris says:

    80gb samsung – my primary hard drive
    40gb maxtor – scratch disk (sort of “temporary files folder” for my adobe photoshop $ premiere pro projects)
    320gb samsung – for storing files

  37. I have 4 HD with a CDR King enclosure, I kept the old HD when I upgraded from an old IDE Hd.

    80 GB seagate
    40 GB seagate
    20 GB seagate
    20 GB western digital

    1 HD CDR King enclosure. But I gave all those away and now I’m using a 500 GB WDElements/western digital elements, to keep/backup all my personal files (video, mp3 and installers).


  38. Pam says:

    I’m disappointed with how Samsung makes their hard drives. Siguro isolated case pero I had this 80Gb Samsung hdd installed on my old pc. Na-tagtag lang yung table namin, nasira na. May nagasgasan na daw sa loob. Fortunately, nasa warranty pa pero after a month or two, na-uga nanaman yung table, nagasgasan nanaman daw. I didn’t mind returning the hdd again, I just bought a new WD hdd.

    As of now, I have 2 WD hdds, 1 WD external hdd, 1 Seagate hdd and the faulty Samsung hdd.

    Seagate and WD. I choose you!

  39. durantula says:

    I have 2 SEAGATE HDD’s, both 320GB. 1 is for my personal use and the other for our church I.T. team use for backing up files. Not bad for both though. :)

  40. kesterbt says:

    WD =)

  41. kannuchi says:

    Black Seagate Free agent Go! 320GB.

  42. [-erick-] says:

    on my whs
    500gb SG PATA (WHS OS)
    3x2tb WD Green
    6x1tb (2Samsung,2WD,2SG)
    2x500gb (Hitachi, Samsung)

    on my gaming rig
    1x150gb WD Raptor
    1x640gb WD Green

    on my htpc
    1x320gb SG
    Contents are streamed from WHS

  43. Jercouzen says:

    I’ve been using a bunch of old 80GB Seagate 7200 rpm disks for some time now. But I use them in arrays.

    3 in RAID 0 for my system array. 64k strip size, good read/write performance.

    3 in RAID 5 for my gaming array. 64k strip size, good read performance, so-so write performance.

    And on the Sil5723 controller I use a 1TB Western Digital disk for pr0.. erm.. storage.

    This minimizes frame rate drop when I record with Fraps on full res (like only 2-5 fps drop). The PC reads from the RAID-5, dumps raw AVI onto the WD 1TB. All the while the system on an isolated array.

    Though I’m planning on replacing my system array with the new (ubelievably cheap) Intel X-25 V SSDs. Problem is, they’re only sold online, and since they’re godly cheap for SSDs, they’re always out of stock.

    I might be stuck on this setup for a while longer. :3

  44. [-erick-] says:

    wow 1tb wd for pr0.. erm storage ;) mines just over 200gb.

    sir jercouzen can you post benchies on those raid 0, raid 5 babies.

    yeah, i want to use ssd but sad to say they still cost an arm and leg… which i rather buy another 2tb for the whs system.

  45. edgar rayo says:

    wd for external

  46. bigger mac says:

    1 seagate 180GB failed me, one right off the bat after purchasing it within 2 weeks and now my not so often usde but “filled to the brim” WD (350GB) a good 4 yrs old is malfunctioning. you have to tilt it in order for it to run. all external, me think has something to do with thee ext. enclosure electricity supply, then again.. our province has savage electricity supply that often fluctuates.

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