Poll: Which laptop display size do you prefer?

Poll: Which laptop display size do you prefer?

Been talking to several laptop manufacturers and one of the most common discussions we’ve always had is customer preference on laptop display sizes.

I thought why not put this question into a vote and ask all our laptop users here which display size they prefer the most.


Assuming screen resolution is not a significant factor, which display size do you prefer:

  • 10.1 inches
  • 11.6 inches
  • 12.1 inches
  • 13.3 inches
  • 14.4 inches
  • 15.6 inches
  • 17.3 inches

I’m putting my money on the 11.6 inches because it’s a the middle guy between the 10-inch netbook and the 13.3″ laptop. That gives me ample screen real estate without sacrificing much on weight and portability.

I also added a poll on the side bar so you can submit your votes there too.

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56 Responses

  1. aceist says:


    I’m a graphic designer who’s always on the go. I personally prefer a large screen. But not too big. Mahirap mabigat. Hehe.

    But I guess most people use laptops for email/websurfing, word processing, computations. You don’t really need a big screen for that.

    I’m sure I’m outnumbered. Hehe!

  2. Jad says:

    Ooh, I’m with you Sir Abe. May 12.1 ako ngayon, pero naiinggit ako sa pagka-portable ng dell mini 10 ng kapatid ko – pag nakasara. Pero pag ginagamit na, nakakadismaya na yung liit ng 10.1 screen. My friend has a 15″ laptop, parang ang laki naman. Hindi pa ako nakakakita ng 11.6″ in person, pero parang okay yung trade-off ng screen size sa portability.

    In short, go 11.6″. :))

  3. Calvin says:

    i have a 10-incher pero hirap na talagang gamitin. 1024×600 is just too small for my taste. sweet spot for me will probably be 13.3, basta magaan.

  4. salem says:

    12.1 inch msi netbook for me. When will they ever introduce to the country the msi wind u250 with 4 gig ram and win7home premium?

  5. gregong says:

    12.1″ since I’m more into surfing and a bit of games. Plus, it would be not that heavy to carry around compared to a 14″.

  6. slighmd says:

    11.6 inches for portability, usability, portability, :)

  7. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    Between 13 inch up to 17 inch. I don’t mind the weight.

  8. JP says:

    I prefer high resolution panels that have generous real estate, say a 15.6 screen with 1366×768 resolution.

  9. jade bryan says:

    If laptop then 17.3 is the best…

    but I like the VAIO P Series a lot..hope I can own it.

  10. 14.4 or 15.6 is fine. Not too big not too small and they the battery life is fine with these screen sizes.

  11. Jiro Yan says:

    13.3 inches is enough for me.

  12. i’m using Toshiba Portege T110 now and my friend is using Toshiba Portege T135. mine has an 11.6inch screen, while his is a 13incher. mine is a bit small and has no significant difference than my previous 10.2, but my friend’s 13inch lappie is just way too large. so i would say i might prefer the 12.1 variance.

  13. LunaTech says:

    11.6 the best portability and gaming on my Alienware M11x!!! woohooooo!!!

  14. I prefer the 10.1. I’ve had a really heavy Presario before (14″ if I remember correctly) and it was such a burden to carry everywhere! I even developed backpains because of it.

    I now have an Asus netbook and am quite happy with it already. I’m not a heavy gamer, although I am a heavy net user. This thing is just perfect for reports in school and everywhere in between. =)

  15. mel says:

    13.3 perfect for mobile laptop

  16. jd.Obedoza says:

    id go with 15.6 inches and 17.3 inches. im a programmer and id like to see more lines of codes as much as possible. plus, i do some photo editing too so screen size is a big issue for me.

    semi-OT: master yuga, im looking for a laptop with a big screen, i5 processor, and a battery that could last more or less 8hrs. any recommendations? thanks.

  17. Karl Mac says:

    8.9 inch sana. Like the earlier eeepc 900. But with at least a core 2 duo, 4GB RAM and 320GB HD. Ideal for traveling, pagdating sa house just dock it to an external LCD monitor.

  18. Teknisyan says:

    I’d go for the 15.6 inches not to large but not too small either..


  19. sylv3rblade says:

    For my mobile work, 13.3″ is perfect. If I need more screen space, there’s always the option to extend the display to a secondary display.

    PS: voted before posting. I’m quite pleased that the 13.3 is the most popular preference as of my voting time :D

  20. stressdan says:

    12.1 Dell XPS user here. just right for me.

  21. simplynice93 says:

    17.3 inches for me. The bigger the better!

  22. Jon says:

    12.1 is the quite the best for me. Not too big, not too small for doing various stuff like surfing, doing work stuff, playing some games, and watching video. Of course it should be 16:9 aspect ratio.

    I’d love to have a bigger screen, but that would be too bulky and heavy to carry around. I’d have a bigger screen on my desktop instead.

  23. manaka_junpei says:

    kahit anong size basta 16:9 ang aspect ratio at madaling mabuhat

  24. Efren Sy says:

    13 and 15 that is just my opinion

  25. Edgar says:

    Seemed a lot preferred my own choice, and that’s 13.3

  26. dulfo says:

    I have two right now, a 15.4 and a 12.1 incher. Based on this alone, I find the middle of the two as the best option so long as the weight factor is also considered. Meaning, I’ll go for a 13.3 incher but it should be lighweight (less than 2kg).

  27. Joshua says:

    I need something thats just right; as a power user, graphic designer, web developer, gamer and programmer I need a big screen and something that i can carry around in my bag 15.6 FTW

  28. Andre says:

    Screen size is a matter of preference. I think a more important question is what the minimum screen RESOLUTION should be. Years ago most laptops had 1280×800 screens. Today most laptops have 1366×768 screens – in my opinion it’s like a step backward. We should be having 1600×900 screens standard in most mainstream laptops today.

  29. Brent says:

    13.3″ for me. Not too big, not too small. :D

  30. ids says:

    have a 10″ netbook for a year, hirap gamitin in typing and viewing. Upgraded to a 11.6, acer 1810tz, ayos na ayos sa daily computing needs, for mobile and office use. my pa extra pa ang multimedia features nya ;-)

  31. Ethan says:

    Typing this on a 12.1″ Asus netbook. Perfect size for me.

  32. jojob says:

    can you include 8.9″? I prefer this size.

  33. lim says:

    13.3 for me

  34. Para sa akin mas komportable ako sa 15.6 inches

  35. Leo says:

    12.1″ is perfect for me, it’s the screen size i’m currently using.

  36. squishy says:

    I’m a graphic designer, and 13.3″ just works fine for me. The screen real estate is ample enough for multiple windows, and its portability is a big plus, especially for client presentations and mobile work.

  37. paul e. says:

    same here. i prefer using a netbook (Eee PC 900HA) with an 8.9″ screen when outdoors. true mobility/portability. ;-)

    when i’m home, my 15.4″ compaq rules.

  38. idlewild says:

    @squishy, couldn’t agree more. i’m a software dev currently using a 15.4 but would probably go for a 13.3 on my next upgrade. besides, i could readily plug an external lcd monitor if the need arises.

  39. Kinny says:

    17.3 is best for me as I have lousy vision and like watching movies on them.

  40. muzikfreakah says:

    @abeolandres votes for 13″ as well, just right size :)

  41. Spidey says:

    Currently I got 11.6″, but im switching soon to 13.3″

  42. alpsaguado says:

    @abeolandres 13.3 sounds mac to me. ;)

  43. 12.1 for me,
    i don’t really need a big screen for coding after all :D

  44. lappie says:

    I have a 15 inch laptop (too big to carry, too big to put on a table).

    I also have a 10 inch netbook (that is what im using most of the time now, but only good for surfing). But 10 inch laptops are either underpowered netbooks or expensive fancy laptops/gadgets/notebooks etc.

    So the best size for me is a 12 inch serious notebooks or netbooks.

  45. sylv3rblade says:

    yay panalo ang 13.3″!

  46. Angie says:

    12-14 inch lcd display will do. Maakas na kasi sa battery yung 15 inchers eh.

  47. Angie says:

    @Andre di naman kasi bagay sa lahat ng laptop screens ang 1440 or 1600 x 900. Pang widescreen yun eh, not all of us wants a Vaio P screen form factor (well kahit nga yung Vaio P mismo eh 1600×780 lang ang resolution).

  48. kazzaamm says:

    i’m thinking of 15.6″…. currently using a 12.1″ laptop.

  49. Cherry Joy Alvarez says:

    im using a 13.3 mac right now. but given the money and choice to choose…12.1 will be just right for me. portability, enough power, tolerable screen size(not too big nor too small) :)

  50. Justin says:

    i’m using a laptop with a 15.4″ display, but i wouldn’t shy away from a 17″ screen. the bigger the better. i guess it’s because i’m a gamer and i also want to see more data as possible while i kung fu worksheets in excel.

  51. I am using a 13.3 inches Toshiba but I would prefer 14″ Asus later.

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