Poll: Who offers the best postpaid plans?

Poll: Who offers the best postpaid plans?

Been asked about this several times before but could not give a more definitive answer since I have not tried all of the postpaid plans. So I thought why not get everyone’s opinion, especially from those who have been on postpaid for many years.

Our obvious choice is between Sun, Smart and Globe and their respective postpaid plans.


  • Which carrier offers the most value vis-a-vis the monthly service fee. Meaning, if you pay Php500 MSF, are you also getting Php500 of calls, text and mobile internet hours or do you get more?
  • Which carrier offers the most flexible plan so you are able to consume your credits any way you want?
  • Which carrier offers the widest line-up of handsets as freebies? Which one carries the most number of “aspired” handsets? Do they offer more than just cellphones as freebies (like tablets, etc.)?
  • Which one provides satisfactory or better customer service to postpaid subscribers?
  • Which one offers more promos, rewards, and loyalty points to their postpaid subscribers over their prepaid subscribers?
  • From a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, how would you rate your postpaid subscription with your carrier?

I’ve only been a Globe postpaid subscriber because of the iPhone so I can’t really comment about Smart or Sun (although I’ve been contemplating on getting a Smart sub since the only one I have now is the Smart Bro account).

If you’re also a postpaid subscriber, go hit the comments and share your feedback.

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107 Responses

  1. Chad says:

    Globe offers the most flexible plans and excellent selection of mobile devices.

    Smart’s customer care is the best

  2. dano says:

    .mas maganda ang postpaid ng globe compared sa iba kasi ang daming options, napaka-flexible at entertaining mag-postpaid sa globe.

    .pati mga phones dami nila, ung iba exclusive pa like Samsung galaxy s and SGS 2 pati iPhone.

    pero ung sa sun naman napaka-mura. sa smart ang maasahan mo consistent signal.

  3. LG Promo Victim says:

    Hands down winner would be
    Sun cellulars’ Call and Surf 999
    Unlimited calls and text
    Unlimited mobile internet
    Plus Sun has a very fast hsdpa/3.5g connection
    And with the merger with Smart, hopefully the unlimited calls and text will include smart network(smart, red, tnt)

    Thats why Globe is doing its hardest to block that merger

    • LG Promo Victim says:

      and let me add that the call&surf 999
      comes with an android handset, you can be a walking hotspot, or just insert the sim in a usb 3g dongle, in a mifi device or 3g tablet device

  4. JunAlquis says:

    while I’m a loyal Smart postpaid user I really have to say it’s Globe because of the more choices you have not to mention more handsets to choose from and freebies

  5. nexusboy says:

    Sun Cellular Plan 350!
    and Sun Call and Surf 999!

    • povillo says:

      yes, SUN plan350 for me Unli call and text. My whole family have it. I do have a current smart plan500 but seldom use it,just have to wait for the contract period to expire and i will terminate it.

  6. jake says:

    my friends and i are on Sun & Globe.

    i’m on Sun postpaid and i can say it’s my favorite since MOST of my friends are Sun subscribers. i have unlimited calls & texts and it also has consumable credits so i can also text from other networks.

    i also on Globe postpaid (MySuperCircle Plan) and it also has unlimited calls & texts (only to Globe subscribers though) but for me it’s enough since some of my friends are also on Globe.

    Globe offers a LOT of flexible plans so you can choose what suits your needs. most importantly you & your contacts should be on the same network so you can maximize all the unlimited services :)

  7. jhay says:

    I’m just on my 1st week of being on globe supersurf 999 plan. So far, so good.

  8. GlobePostpaidSub says:

    Globe has a really bad postpaid retention program. For example after your 2 year lock-up period, the phones that they will offer you are very limited. If you want the iPhone4, you will have to shell out just as much cash as new subscribers – what kind of incentive is that? The Galaxy SII is not even being offered, even if you are willing to shell out the cash which I was.

  9. Wendell Tan says:

    Globe Gmix Plan 800 with 250 monthly rebate
    Sun broadband wifi 650
    Sun prepaid text unlimited 150

  10. Cliff Rosario says:

    Been with Globe Postpaid since college days…
    I’ve been very fortunate to have Globe people to work with me during those times I had issues with them..

    I almost had a postpaid plan with Smart but their customer service team in SM Megamall wasn’t really that accommodating when I was asking for application requirements so I decided not to deal with them anymore…

    Globe have been pretty consistent in following up with me whenever I had issues and their continuous effort to improve their support via online or phone.

    Sun… their prepaid for me is very confusing.. So I kinda avoided their postpaid.

  11. chinitoguy says:

    I have tried all of Smart, Globe and Sun’s postpaid plans. My answer varies on the different questions. Here are my answers:

    Which carrier offers the most value vis-a-vis the monthly service fee. Meaning, if you pay Php500 MSF, are you also getting Php500 of calls, text and mobile internet hours or do you get more?

    ANSWER: Sun Cellular is the hands down winner. Sun offers the most value-friendly offers. I used to subscribe at Sun’s plan 350 and guess what – I only get Php 350 on my bill! Now I upgraded it to Plan 450 with 20 hours mobile internet plus I added a Suntel wireless landline. All of these add-ons and I pay below Php 900. Sulit talaga!

    Which carrier offers the most flexible plan so you are able to consume your credits any way you want?

    ANSWER: I think Globe. They offer the most flexible plans in which you can change it monthly. For example a subscriber can subscribe to plan 299 with 599 call and text unlimited for this month. next month the subscriber can change it on 999 with unlimited internet. A subscriber can change and even mix their plans monthly. Cool!

    Which carrier offers the widest line-up of handsets as freebies? Which one carries the most number of “aspired” handsets?

    ANSWER: I think its a toss-up between Smart and Globe. Globe exclusively Samsung Galaxy S2 powered by Android OS and Apple iPhone 4 powered by Apple’s iOS. Smart on the other hand exclusively offers HTC Mozart powered by Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7. When it comes to how many handsets it can offer it would be Globe. The problem is AVAILABILITY. Smart has more available handsets than Globe. The problem is handsets offered by Globe and Smart are exclusive to them.

    Which one provides satisfactory or better customer service to postpaid subscribers?

    ANSWER: Hands down winner is GLOBE. Globe doesn’t have satisfactory or better customer service but they are the BEST. Enought said.

    Which one offers more promos, rewards, and loyalty points to their postpaid subscribers over their prepaid subscribers?

    ANSWER: Both Globe and Sun has offers the best promos but I think Globe’s rewards and loyalty program is still the best. My brother is a loyal postpaid subscriber since 2004 and when he tries to put his postpaid line under contract again he got a Blackberry Curve at plan 999. Cool!

    From a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, how would you rate your postpaid subscription with your carrier?

    Score – 10 for Sun. Why? When it comes to postpaid all of us would agree that we are looking for VALUE FOR MONEY above anything else. Sun proved that when they surpassed 1 Million postpaid subscribers this year. How about perks, promos, handset offers, coverage, etc should I consider that too? Yes. But Sun also has good promos, handset offers and even their nationwide coverage is also good. I would rather buy an unlocked iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S2 rather than to tie-up in a contract for 2 years. I would rather prefer a no contract deal because I have the power to discontinue it anytime I want if the service sucks. Right?

    8 for Globe – I’m quite disappointed with Globe’s service lately. I find their new postpaid plans misleading. Imagine a subscriber gets a plan 299. Wow! Sulit! Pero in order to be really sulit the subscriber has to have an add on on call and text unlimited for 599. Wow! That almost 900 already. Compared to Sun, my plan is 450 with 27/7 call and text unlimted to sun and 20 hours mobile internet with free texts to other networks plus a landline that costs around 250. So 450+250 equals 700 only. Saan ka na? Globe or Sun? I have a Globe prepaid though but never again will i subscribe to Globe Postpaid. Globe by the way has the best customer service.

    6 for Smart- Smart has limited postpaid offers. they do have unlimited calls and texts but that’s on top of your plan. I currently subscribed to Smart Gold Lite’s plan 500. Why? Smart still has the best coverage in the coutry. I use my Smart Gold for 3G browsing on my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone. It has the best connection. Smart must improve its postpaid services in order to catch up with Globe and Sun.

  12. nonoy says:

    Sun Cellular Free Phones Plan 350 + sun broadband 799
    costumer service: thumbs down as in bokya!

  13. Angel says:

    My first choice is SUN, pinaka sulit. Compared with my Globe if i use them both calling and texting other networks using the regular plans mas lower ang bill ng Sun.

  14. Jake says:

    SUN – 9 out of 10
    – on-net unlimited calls and text.
    – very affordable plans
    – limited network signal in select provinces

    GLOBE – 8 out 10
    – flexible option postpaid plan
    – wide range of service offers/promos
    – network coverage is somewhat limited

    SMART – 7 out of 10
    – network coverage is superb
    – satisfactory customer service
    – postpaid plans are not flexible nor attractive

  15. Richmond says:

    SUN Cellular PLAN 350 is the best.
    We are still planning to migrate our BROADBAND from GLOB WiMax to SBW My WiFi.

  16. Paulo says:

    Sun isnt good for me, I was going to get a plan for the net but I found out that the speed slowed down. smart is the most deceiving provider. Globe for me is the winner because it is really fast.

    Smart will slow down your speed to 384 kbps even if you subscribed to 2 mbps. they really are deceiving.

  17. jm says:

    for me Globe is the best in postpaid offers. Tama nga sila globe is #1 in postpaid. Sobrang dming choices ng plan, flexible ang mga services, daming line up ng phones. Kaso ang problema over priced sila sa lahat from services to handsets. Imagine 350 call and txt na sa sun samantla sa globe 350 unlitxt lang at almost 700 call and txt. Eto pa mas mahal ang cash out ng globe sa lower plan nila compara sa market or open lined price ng mga phones. Example nalang sony ericsson xperia 27990 cash price sa market pero sa plan 299 ng globe 34k+ ang cash out. Isa BB torch 26000 sa market sa plan 299 ng globe 30k+ lastly SGS2 27800 cash price sa market pero sa plan 299 ng globe 29790 ang cash out. Yan lng problema sa knila pls sir yuga inform globe regarding sa overpricing nila ng handset. Lakas ng loob na ilagay sa ads nila you can the handset at lower plan with *DISCOUNTED PRICE DAW!*.

    • jm says:

      eto ang updated full list ng over priced handsets ng Globe Postpaid

      Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
      Globe Plan 299(Globe Locked) = 34k+
      Market (unlocked) = 26300

      BB Torch
      Globe Plan 299(Globe Locked) = 30194
      Market (unlocked)= 24000

      BB BOLD 9780
      Globe Plan 299(Globe Locked)= 23219
      Market (unlocked)= 20000

      Globe Plan 299(Globe Locked)= 29770
      Market (unlocked)= 27800

      NOKIA C7
      Globe Plan 299(Globe Locked)= 16794
      Market (unlocked)= 14350

      NOKIA N8
      Globe Plan 299(Globe Locked)= 21759
      Market (unlocked)= 18450

      NOKIA E7 + C3-01
      Globe Plan 299(Globe Locked)= 37914
      Market (unlocked)= 30200

      BB 9780 + BB 8520
      Globe Plan 299(Globe Locked)= 35080
      Market (unlocked)= 29950

  18. baste says:

    ang sagot dito ay…. NON OF THE ABOVE!!!!

  19. JKisaragi says:

    I have the SUN Postpaid Plan 350 and I have to admit that my use for it is very limited. Its very purpose is to contact my classmates, a majority of which are on SUN as well. Other than that, wala na. I still have to convince my sister and cousins to get a secondary phone for SUN. LOL.

    Aside from signal strength (and a few unsolicited texts from unknown people offering a lot of stuff I didn’t sign-up for), I have no other issues with SUN. I still can’t believe that years have past and their network signal is still that weak here in Laguna (San Pedro lang ha. That’s just beside Muntinlupa which is part of Metro Manila already).

    I really want to subscribe to Globe’s MySupersurf Plan 999 and get me a Blackberry 9780 to go with it. Hope someone can share their experience with this plan. :)

  20. xx says:

    Sun has the most value for your money and cheapest especially on unlimited offers. They have the cheapest plans and have least requirements for their cheaper offerings. No wonder maraming kumagat sa sun.

    When it comes to promos and flexibility, Globe. Andaming pakulo parati. Like this new promo:
    o ha? outgoing calls to US na lang kulang at para ka na ring may VoIP sa celphone mo.
    They have a wide range of unlimited offers to choose from though they don’t come as cheap as Sun’s offerings. Plus you can change them every month.

    Smart has the least attractive postpaid plans but their coverage is superb.

    Pangit nga lang loyalty rewards parati ng Globe pero expected ko na na di nila ibibigay yung mga handsets nila na madalas nag-a-out of stock.

  21. vin says:

    Globe :)

  22. jose says:

    I use Smart for my primary line. Retention program is good, as well as customer service.

    I also use a Sun Plan 350 for my secondary line because of the cheap rates and unlimited sun to sun calls and texts. customer service is not that good, though.

  23. Jacob Castro says:

    Reliability and signal strength are the most important considerations to me when it comes to mobile phone service, including access to HSDPA for data. For these reasons, my SMART postpaid beats my GLOBE postpaid. I have an iPhone 4 on Globe and a Blackberry on Smart. My iPhone 4 is freaking slowwwwwwwwww on the Globe network, it crawlsssssss most of the time.

  24. Jon says:

    I’ll say Globe. Flexible plans, nice phone offers (didnt get a phonr from them though), and good customer service. Signal reception can be a bit spoty in some areas, but it is tolerable.

    Sun, well, really cheap and interesting offers. Kaso natrauma na ko sa prepaid service. Was using prepaid ng sun before going postpaid with globe. Sun had really poor signal reception at my workplace. I couldt make or receive call and texts reliably. Kelangan pa bumaba ng building.

    Smart? Nah. Too expensive plans. Sucky phones. Confusing pa yung plans. Also, most of my friends and contacts are on Globe or Sun. Why bother. Data plan pa nga lang 1200 ata? While Globe offers it at 999 ata? Tsk.

  25. SashaFierce says:

    Definitely Sun. Big savings!

  26. milanaorly says:

    Sum: Score 10
    unli Call and Surf 999
    unli Call and txt 350
    super mura. im planning to apply nextmonth

    globe? smart? nahh. wag na

  27. Brein says:

    Hey everyone i just want to express my complain here in globe. Kasi nung nag apply ako ng plan 299, yung pasa load at tawag 236 is subtracted from my credit. But now they subtract it “ABOVE MY PLAN” without even notifying me. Globe hari ng postpaid. Hari din nang hidden charges.

    P.S. hindi ako ahente ng smart and sun. I am globe prepaid forever, pero i hate their postpaid now.

    • Steve Jobs says:

      If you are mySuperPlan 299 then all your Share-a-load would be on top of your monthly service fee.

      If you already consume your 299 consumable, then all your call and text will be charged on top of your monthly service fee.

    • sylv3rblade says:

      Any other service you apply for (unlitxt, unlisurf, unlicall, pass-load) that’s not indicated in the terms of your account is always put on top of your bill.

    • Brein says:

      nope its not the case when i applied. They changed it without informing me.

      Even if my credit is not all used up, they will charge the tawag 236 above your plan which sucks. I think they charge most promos to make more money above my plan.

    • Steve Jobs says:

      For regular text and call lang ang 299 consumable. If you register or use any promo deals its on top of your monthly service fee.

      If you want pure consumable na lahat. Lahat ng activity mo ikakaltas talaga then dapat Tipid Plan kinuha mo. Kasi its like prepaid.

  28. heckitech says:

    SUN Cellular Postpaid
    Plan 350:
    Call and Text Unlimited SUN-2-SUN
    plus 250 free text to other networks

  29. csseyah says:

    Mine is SUN Cellular postpaid.. I got the Plan 450 with the IDEOS phone.. It’s nice for me…

  30. jm says:

    for services

    GLOBE = 10
    Sun = 7
    Smart = 5

    for retention

    Smart = 10
    Globe = 6
    Sun = 5

  31. kimkae77 says:

    SUN..lakas ng signal dito sa Bulacan..unli text na ,unli calls pa..

  32. gelogs says:

    Sun Unlimited Mobile Internet, Calls, and Texts
    Php 999/month with free LG Optimus One. Another phone available under this plan is the Samsung Galaxy Ace but with 3.5k cashout.

    I’ve been a Globe subscriber four years ago – didn’t like it – “Hindi sulit.” It is now my 7th or 8th year on Sun. It’s that long so I’m not really sure. :D

  33. MyMaria says:

    I am a postpaid subscriber of the 3 networks.
    I had a globe postpaid line back in 1999 when I went to college in Cebu but eventually lost my phone and disconnected the line.
    Became a Smart subscriber since 2000 simply because it was the only network that had a wireless center in my hometown.. And still am subscribed to my Addict mobile consumable plan (never needing to switch to Smart Gold because Internet would then be charged on top of the bill if I do so instead of being deducted to my plan).
    Got a Globe Fully Loaded plan because of the iphone4 last year but cannot give up my Smart’s line because Globe 3G here sucks big time and I need Smart’s super fast mobile Internet when I’m out and about or when my broadband DSL fails (I use my phone as a modem then)…
    Also got Sun postpaid in 2008 due to peer pressure (JK!) but it really is awesome for an unlimited plan only for 350. I plan to keep it just the same.

  34. adam says:

    I am a subscriber of Sun Cellular.

  35. MyMaria says:

    Wait, I almost forgot to give my ratings…

    Globe – 8/10
    Smart – 9/10
    Sun – 8/10

    Sun is super “sulit” even if you get just their Plan 350. My Smart Addict Plan 800 is also sulit for all my internet needs. Although last month I had to pay 800 for the plan even though I only sent 49 text messages and made one lousy phone call for P6! Guess I forgot I had a Smart line :( And my Globe 1799 plan is overkill really because I never get to consume even just half of it. Damn the iPhone! Tee hee…

    I don’t see any reason to go beyond Plan 350 for Sun and the handsets they give you for free with the plan is good enough for a backup phone anyway. Sun has a number of dead spots in my town, which I find really weird. Maybe its their coverage. On the other hand, Globe has awesome choices of handsets but what’s a [smart]phone really if you can’t use it for internet? (Like I said, Globe 3G here sucks.) Their “customizable” plan offering is a great marketing strategy. Good job there! Smart has only a few choices when it comes to plans and handsets. But for me, their internet service is excellent. So there.

    As for customer service, I give up on Globe because I don’t think they have adept CSRs (on their hotline) and it’s really frustrating having to talk to them… after waiting 30 minutes just to speak to one. They must do something about this. I don’t have much concern with Smart’s services and I hardly ever call their hotline, which is a good thing ‘coz it means I don’t have any problems really with my Smart line. The same goes for Sun Cellular. I don’t have to call their CSRs for any concerns as I don’t have any.

    Smart sends me quite a lot of rewards but honestly couldn’t care less for free siomai from Chowking. ^_^ I haven’t been with Globe for a very long time to experience any loyalty rewards. Same goes for Sun Cellular.

  36. Amao says:

    one contract three phones 999 sun cellular… sulit kasi yung isang phone 10k messages(sun – sun), while the other phone 24 hrs call time(sun -sun), while the last one average…. sulit na para sa akin toh… pero mabilis mawalan ng signal kesa yung sa ibang network…

  37. Bryce says:

    Sun Unlimited Mobile Internet, Calls, and Texts
    Php 999/month. Available phones are LG OPtimus One, X8, Nokia E5, Samsung Galaxy 5. Contract: 24 months

    You can also opt for the ‘line only’ plan which costs 799 — no contract.

    Here’s the result of the mobile speedtest on my HTC Desire S with plan 999:

    Not bad for browsing, downloading apps and mp3s. :)

    I like the sun shops. Friendly sila.

  38. Welsh says:

    Im a globe user for more than 10 yrs. Smart user for less than 2 months

    Performance rating from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest

    > SIGNAL STRENGTH: 10!!! (applicable to MM areas only, provincial areas about 4-5 (Smart leads on provincial areas)
    > PLAN OFFERS: 6-8 (Reasonable and competitive)
    > CUSTOMER SERVICE: 0-1 (Customer Service of Globe is really bad(based on my experience, lots of empty promises and lack of Customer Service experience)
    > RETENTION/LOYALTY REWARDS: 1-3 (offers are not very rewarding at the very least)

    > SIGNAL STRENGTH: 5-6 (applicable to MM areas only, provincial areas 7-8(Smart leads on provincial)
    > PLAN OFFERS: 6
    > CUSTOMER SERVICE: N.A. (No interaction with Smart’s CS)
    > RETENTION/LOYALTY REWARDS: N.A (Did not have the mileage yet, but Smart gave good offers to my cousins with more than 8 years of loyalty)

  39. Arvee says:

    Before, I would say Globe offers the best postpaid service. They have a good line of phones to offer and rates are somewhat above average. But when Globe discontinued their G-Plans and started offering the MySuper Plan, Sun is currently my winner.
    Why? It is because of the lock-in period. For me, it’s fine to stay on one phone for a year. But for two years, parang sa bilis ng evolution ng smartphones ngayon eh lumang-luma na agad ako sa phone ko.
    And because both Globe and Sun have 24 mos. lock-in period, sa rates nalang nagkakatalo (Sun beats Globe here)

    But I have to stick with Globe since majority of my contacts are Globe subscribers.

    Sun 8
    Globe 8
    Smart (I don’t know anyone who has a plan from Smart. Masyado din akong maraming naririnig na horror stories about having a plan from them.)

  40. Steve Jobs says:

    Im a Globe Postpaid Subscriber ever since. And i have 3 accounts.


    1. Best flexible services offering.
    2. Offer most flagship handset.
    3. Call Center Hotline 211 sucks very much. My rating would be 0 out of 10. Its so painful to talk to their call center customer service. Not knowledgable.
    The best customer service they have is at Talk2Globe Facebook Fan Page. I rate it 10 out of 10 since people who answer there are very knowledgeable in just about any concerns.
    4. Loyalty Rewards is bad. They offer more Loyalty points on Prepaid.
    5. My rating with Globe Postpaid Services is 9 out of 10. Never have a problem with my billing.

  41. Jologs says:

    I am a postpaid subscriber of both Smart (since January 2010) and Globe (from 2005 to January 2010, had my line cut in 2010 then reapplied for a new line in January 2011 to get an iPhone 4) and here’s my 2 cents:

    Globe – looks really good on paper. Better plans, better handsets, more flexible… but despite that, I hate Globe with a passion and I can say that the only reason why I’m staying with them is because of the iphone. I hate Globe because of the following reasons:

    – POORER than POOR customer service. Here are some instances that made me VERY IRATE with them:
    —When I got my iPhone, which I ordered online, the SIM was activated after 3 freaking weeks. I was constantly calling the hotline and going to the service center but they couldn’t help me kse yung online transaction daw, third party vendor daw. WTF??? Eh Globe pa rin yun sa mga mata ko e.
    —I paid for my iPhone online through my CC in January and UPTO NOW, the charge for around 10K is still floating on my card. Naka-pending charge sa card ko pero di nila kinukuha… after 6 freaking months!!!! And if that wasn’t bad enough, sinisingil pa nila ako sa bill. Ay wow! And as usual nung tinawag ko sa hotline at dinulog ko sa service center, di daw nila alam kse third party pag online. I reresearch pa nila daw. Hay, nakakapagod ang Globe, nakakatuyo ng dugo!

    –Globe also has a poor retention program. They only want new subscribers and don’t really care about their existing customers. That’s actually the reason why I left them in 2010 kse they couldn’t give me a good offer after I completed 2 contracts with them.

    SMART naman, has good signal, and this carrier has not given me any issue for me to deal with their customer service. Wala kse ako issues sa SMART kaya I’ve never had to call their hotline or go to their service center. At so sobrang panget ng experience ko sa Globe, any carrier looks attractive.

    If I have to choose, SMART na lang. I have learned my lesson na bili na lang ako ng unlocked handset kesa matali ako ng contract with a VERY UNSATISFACTORY carrier like GLOBE.

    (Hehehehe, obvious na obvious ba na ang sama ng loob ko sa globe?)

  42. damn says:

    Globe-ok ung plans pero ung after sales service/ customer service NEEDS A LOT OF IMPROVEMENT.. They say “your way”, yah solve your problem on your own way..
    Sun and smart never tried coz most of my fellaz are globe..
    (mukhang di poll to, mukhang hatred bin hehe)

  43. Jhay says:

    I’d say Globe. They offer the best prices and connectivity for internet subscriptions. Another plus is that most youngsters prefer Globe. One thing I don’t like about Globe is how their after-sales services suck balls.

    My ass is on fire.

  44. Bon says:

    I’d say Globe is the best in service for Metro Manila. But Smart is still the best for provincial areas. My friend has a beach house in Calatagan. Both signals (Globe & Smart) are strong, but Smart internet (GPRS/3G/4G) is super fast, while Globe internet is super slow (I can connect but I cannot download anything). As for Sun? Well, my wife is on Sun. There are numerous times when she cannot call me (Globe) or even our daughter, which is also on Sun. Their network is mostly busy.

  45. jaybonline says:

    Globe since 1999. . . the best

  46. Mike says:

    Globe is #1 in postpaid. Globe got most of high end subscribers (executives, celebrities, politicians) and quality teen users and most of them are loyal to Globe. Smart & Sun cheap ang dating.

  47. Igno Rante says:

    Mobiline Subscriber since birth.

  48. mike says:

    I say the best is still wi-tribe. Good connection. They do not cut my connection even if I am late in paying the bill unlike other telcos. Very quick and easy to call helpdesk and customer service. In just less than a minute you are already connected. Connection is so far sufficient.

    I just hope wi-tribe expands on offering mobile internet.

    Next favorite is Sun. Good low-cost value.

    Globe and Smart are probably the worst. Globe’s mobile internet during daytime is less than 50 kbps. (where’s the HSPA+ that globe is bragging here?). And even if you are in HSPA+ area the speed do not go above 900 kbps.

    I say AVOID those products that spend too much advertising and hyping like GLOBE AND SMART.

  49. Jeyem says:

    Plan 600
    Unli text and call – 350php
    Consumable – 250php
    FREE Text to ALL networks – 350

    Add On:
    20hrs of data per month at 150php for my iPhone4.

    I’m a postpaid subscriber for almost 2 years already and I never had a major problem…SUPER SULIT!

  50. daniel says:

    pagdating talaga sa signal at customer service… smart ang panalo. ni hindi mo nga matawagan ang kanilang CS dahil wala ka naman talagang problema.

    pero ang sun at globe… basag basag ang signal. poor signals. Smart is the best

  51. Kyle says:

    One of the best deals around, unli to all sun cellular users with those great free txts to all network you can’t go wrong with it. Globe got those “CONSUMABLE” credits but I got fooled cause when you share a load then it is charged on top of your plan, Madaming hidden charges. Pag tapos na ang contract ko then I’ll switch or stay in prepaid

  52. cocopako says:

    ive been using smart pospaid for 3 years at masasabi ko 9, smart FTW!

  53. janice says:

    SMART of course!

  54. Ajjie says:

    SMART Gold Lite Plan subscriber here… Dependability + Great value for your money!

  55. rem says:

    kahit alin basta wag lang globe. wala pala silbi credit limit nila. Lumampas ako sa credit limit nila. umabot ng 5k e plan 999 lang ung akin. nung tinanong ko sila kung bakit di naputol nung umabot na ko sa credit limit, sabi nila wala daw silbi credit limit kasi system requirement lang daw yun. Bad trip.

  56. Kiko Manalo says:

    Sun! They have lots of free texts to other network.

    My colleague here always have issues with his Globe line :)

  57. Epstein says:

    Sun – Primary (PostPaid)
    Globe – Secondary (Switched from Pre-paid to Post-Paid).
    Smart – prepaid before, now terminated.

  58. Raymond says:

    Been with Globe and they have been very good to me. There are some acceptable glitches but they are above average in responding to customer response. Been with Globe postpaid since the early 90″s and am good with their service and very happy with their recent postpaid flexible offers.

    I just tried Sun last year using their post paid and am quite happy with them.

    I never used smart’s postpaid because they are not friendly and customer response is very slow. Coverage is good but that is not the only factor. I tried using prepaid and the unli offer is not really unli after all, and the recent glitch over a month ago in their network, ate all my credit loads and never made an attempt on customer recovery despite the fact the problem is on their end.

  59. Raymond says:

    Globe: 8
    Sun : 7
    Smart : N/A

  60. Chino Yray says:

    I’ll be leaving Globe this September once my plan expires. Also, nag retention na ako sa Smart this June.

    It’s all because of one thing: Customer Service.

  61. Andrew says:

    I’ve been with Globe ever since. Because of all their hype about better signal, I did try Smart for a short period but eventually gave it up since there really was’nt much differrence. I dont spend too much time in provinces and whenever I did Globe’s signal was more than sufficient. It all boiled down to most of my contacts already knew my Globe number for years. Also I guess the comment of one reader-voter about subscriber class stratification is true. Sun is just trying very hard to mess-up the market while coming up with unprofitable offers so that confused people can take it up. That’s why they sold-out in the end, and they’ve been trying to sell-out for a couple of years now.

  62. jdGONEMAD says:

    pang metro manila lang ata SUN eh. sa probinsya walang signal.

  63. mavin casimiro says:

    i have been sun post paid subscriber since 2006 and i could say your money is worth it. now my wife and our nanny are also sun subscribers because of its unlimited call and text. we just hope this unli services of sun will stay, kasi pag inalis nila ito i will surely be using globe.

  64. I go for globe, wired or wireless. For me, it is the network that gives and answer my needs.

  65. I go for globe, wired or wireless. For me, it is the network that gives and answer my needs. But being number one depends on who posses the most number of cell sites.

  66. defiant says:

    I’ve been a postpaid subscriber for all three networks at one time or another.

    SUN: easy application! cheap unlimited services(call and text) spotty connection! rating:8/10

    SMART: great coverage! great retention benefits! I first got a Nokia 6680 then after two years, I just retained my contract and they sent me a Nokia 6130C! but limited handset selection. rating: 7/10

    GLOBE: flexible plans! especially their business lineups! Great handset selection!
    rating: 7/10

  67. Joseph says:

    Globe loyalty program sucks because they give better offers for new subs versus existing subs. Now where is their loyalty for their subscribers?

    For Smart and Sun, its really based on the plan that you are getting. Same offers for existing and new subscribers.

  68. Robert says:

    I definitely go for globe. I totally disagree with what kyle said. Hindi hidden charges ang tawag sa charges ng share a load transaction, its not just part of the consumable that’s why it goes on top of the bill. Even postpaid plans with sun and smart ay ganun, on top of the bill and transfer load and subscriptions sa promos. I have 4 lines with globe, its because of 4 reasons also, network reliability, customer service (except hotline, go to their business centers), they’ve got the iPhone franchise and my friends and relatives also uses globe!

  69. Kyle says:

    I’ve been with Smart during the late 90s, tried Globe for 2 years as well, and Sun when it came out. Sun has the most calls/text per 1 Php, but the signal is absolutely horrendous, especially if you’re inside buildings. I’d stick to a Smart or Globe equipped phone if my life depended on it.

    Globe has the most bling with their marketing and face value, but I ran into billing problems with those retards (billing me AGAIN even when I’m enrolled in auto-debit? please!). I left after my two year subscription ended despite receiving letters threatening to take legal action against me, which eventually stopped. Also, at the time Globe had the most EXPENSIVE phones, and it’s possibly true even up to now. Back then almost none of their phones were free and I had to cash out almost 6K Php @ Plan 1500 for a Samsung phone that costed 10K Php at retail.

    I’ve come back to Smart because of their no-frills service. I couldn’t care less if their marketing wasn’t as flashy as Globe’s or if they weren’t as dirt cheap as Sun. I get excellent reception with Smart, and their call/text per 1 Php is excellent. If you actually computed it, I actually computed my Plan 1800’s equivalent call/text to prepaid credits and it’s worth around 2600 Php — and it’s consumable for other services too like the 10 Php/30 min mobile internet. Best part is I get a free phone with it!

    If I hadn’t left Smart to try out the competition, I would’ve been in their loyalty rewards program 2-3 years ago. What a shame.

    P.S. I checked Globe’s handsets recently, they’re pretty competitive now price-wise. A little over two years ago I browsed Globe’s free phones at Plan 1800 and saw the Nokia 6120c which was free at Smart for Plan 800. That simply made me laugh at Globe at the time because that was blatantly overpriced.

  70. wally says:

    malupit sun, 3,000 pesos savings ko monthly, lumalabas kse savings mo sa bill eh.

  71. Dean says:

    I’m on a Globe MySuper Plan right now and don’t have any complaints. Globe’s got an edge over other carriers in terms of handsets simply because they carry the iPhone.

    I was on a Sun Cellular family plan a while back. Crazy cheap, but you get what you pay for: spotty service. I also had an issue with them involving mobile internet I paid for but never used. (Not that that should come as a surprise—these are the same guys that run Cebu Pacific.)

  72. Andrew says:

    Talagang malupit ang SUN…tingnan mo binebenta na…hahaha, would they sell-out if the business was worth it? How would you like it kung competitor nyo sa business ang nang lowball just to kill your business tapos yun pala binibenta nila.

  73. Cortez says:

    Thumbs up with Globe. I really don’t care paying for the premiums since I am getting reliable signal, Continuous service and Constant Clear Communication anytime and anywhere I need it.

    Sun may be the cheapest, but for most of the time calls could not connect.

  74. jolly says:

    ilang years po ba plan 350 ng sun cellular? pkisagot po asap tnx.

  75. zymesh says:

    Globe: nice signal but crappy customer sevice. Never did they call or send a mail to inform you of your rewards. (Used to be a Globe sub during late 90’s) You need to call and nag them for your loyalty reward. 2

    Smart: They call or send a mail about your reward and new phone once your 2 year contract is about to end. 8

    Sun: Meh… what do you expect for a cheap price but usable still. 5

  76. Stark says:

    i have both globe and sun. no plans of getting smart.

  77. Haroh says:

    Globe has the best postpaid offerings.
    The plans are flexible and can be customized to match your needs.

    I’m currently on Plan 1799, I get 1799 fully consumable, 15 hrs of free Mobile internet and a free iPhone 4! san ka pa :)

    • Jacen29 says:

      aww. free ang iphone4 mo sa plan 1799? hmmm how come mine was not totally free… got mine at plan 1799 with 9k+ payment for the iphone…

      Any ways my plan before was fully loaded plan then I changed to the Internet plan they have… 1k for unli-internet and 799 for consumable..

  78. fjordz says:

    I’ve been with Smart Gold for more than 3 years now and I would say they have the best mobile service. Only problem with them is that they don’t have the best marketing strategy to match Globe’s flashy effects. But overall, I’ll rate them 9 out of 10! :)

    • Name: Prince says:

      as far as i know globe is the best postpaid plan ever but yung saakin nasakit ang ulo k kasi pag halmbawa ng bayad ka minsan matagal bago mag reflect now i try smart gold plan 500 consummable

  79. leemar says:

    its always globe, been with globe for more than 10yrs (3 yrs on postpaid now). although i have dispute still i like their service and plan offers.

  80. Rtcendana says:

    Globe is the best. They are also to talk to on disputes.sun stingiest on disputes
    9 to globe

  81. Huwak kayo sa SUN… They don’t know what they are doing…

    Meron ako try na feature nila, yung text-to-email. Ayaw ko na sabi ko sa kanila stop na… several months na still being charged on my bill! Whew!

  82. Allison says:

    My mom is on a Smart postpaid, my dad on Globe and I’m on Sun. :D I think it really depends on your needs.

    My dad makes a lot of calls to different networks and he’s good with his plan. He had his globe line cut before though, because of hidden charges etc.

    Working in a hospital, unlimited texting and calling is important for me so the Sun’s Plan350 is super worth it. I get unlimited texts and calls, 250 pesos consumable. I also used to have the 650 add on which gives you a free sun broadband stick and unlimited internet. For 999 that’s really bang for your (or my) buck. I haven’t had problems with connection for the past 2 years, though reception can be spotty when I go on out of town trips. I’ve been on sun prepaid before (when they launched) and quality was really crappy but they’ve improved a lot. I give it 8/10 ;)

  83. Grace says:

    I only use Smart and Sun. I have postpaid plan for Smart (consumable). I also have a prepaid Sun. The signal of my smart is stable as compared to my sun. That applies when my husband goes out of town and cant contact me on my Sun but was able to on my smart. I rarely use my smart since most of my colleagues are using sun including my family. I always register to the text unlimited for prepaid which is 150/month. It has unlimited text and 4 hours call to sun. I’m just waiting for my smart postpaid to finish the lock in period then I will get a postpaid from sun for 350.
    Sun -9/10
    Smart – 8/10

  84. Xerxes says:

    I’ve been a Sun subscriber since 2005, i have no problem with them specially in claiming loyalty rewards. Unlike with Globe, they value new subscribers and treat their loyal subscribers as if beggars in order to avail the loyalty program.

  85. geo says:

    I’ve been a SUN subscriber since 2004 and as far as i know, i haven’t experience any problem being with them i’m still a PREPAID then and now that i switched to POSTPAID they’re getting even better and i like their transparency when it comes to their billings….it’s ON TIME and REAL TIME CHARGES…. NO HIDDEN CHARGES.

  86. nev says:

    i think we should also post the location we mostly use our broadband internet. i reside in proj 2, qc and my smartbro shareit plan is quite slow. it improves when i bring it to office which is in ortigas. which provider is good at those locations? and which is good to bring on trips? mine doesn’t work in tagaytay and antipolo. if forgot if it works in batangas city.

  87. Lani Garcia says:

    I super loved Globe coz ever since I have been with them for a good 12 years, but the signal started getting poor in 2009. Globe has the best deals when it comes to handsets and plans, but the biggest problem is their signal in my area in Cainta/Pasig. No problems or qualms about the CS though as they are quick to resolve issues and reverse charges.

    But as of to date, Smart hits the sweet spot for me, as the signal is super strong and reliable. I went back to re-open my Smart line and OBV is super nice to accommodate re-connection of an old 14 yo line which was suppose to be for Infinity use, they reverted it back to Smart Gold so I can use it. Saang telco ka makakakita ng super bait na owner, will even email you from his iPad. Mr Vea hats off to you! boss ever ^_^ Sa Globe wala lang, parang bale wala lang yung 12 years na pinagsamahan.

  88. seph says:

    SUN wireless broadband really sucks. I’ve subscribe their postpaid (Plan 799) promo last 2011. The lock-in period that time was only for three months. After 6 months of subscription, I decided to cut it off because the signal becomes weaker and weaker (From WCDMA – EDGE). I’ve inform sun shop, but unfortunately they still keep on sending bills and even legal notice stating that you have to settle the unpaid bills. HELL-OOOOOO!! Pina-cut ko na noon pa, its your crap billing system and monitoring system is to blame add up your grouchy and unprofessional agents.

  89. Nora Daylo says:

    I’ve been using globe for almost 2 years now and so far i am enjoying my postpaid to its limit. Yesterday i got my new samsung device via sunpost paid plan and up to now I’m still having problems connecting to internet. Does anyone of you know how to help me configure my phone? My unit is a Samsung S5360 Galaxy Y. Thanks :)

  90. jeng says:

    iba iba talaga ang comments sa 3 networks no? i’ve been waiting for almost 2 weeks sa postpaid application ko sa Globe. to think na naka group plan ako sa kanila for 2 years. :(

  91. Kiko22 says:

    Been a Sun prepaid subscriber for 8 years. I got my postpaid this year. Contract will expire this December 2013. Seriously, I have not experienced any inconvenience with Sun. Nung pumunta lang kami sa Palawan wala ako signal. But I was informed beforehand so I tapped to Smart’s signal and voila, there goes my signal again. I just love Sun. Mahirap ung pa-iba iba ng network.

  92. vincepags says:

    My brother, my cousin, and I both signed up for GLOBE’s Postpaid and we all went through horrible experience during the first months.

    Globe is inconsistent. My brother was charged 24k after 3 days. If you do the math, even if he called an international number or leave the data on for 72 hours straight, its impossible to get that bill.

    My cousin applied for 1799 unli internet, after 2 days, he received a notification that he exceeded 200 MB out of his plan. When in fact, its supposed to be unlimited.

    Mine has a different story. I actually applied for Plan 499 with 200 MB internet. After a month, I received a bill and to my surprise, my internet allocation was unmoved although I watched youtube and surfed the net.

    The next month, I downloaded 5 movies from torrent to test if Globe would charge me of that. And again, unlimited use of internet but didn’t pay for it. I called Globe to check my account and all they could say is I haven’t used my 200 MB internet…

    This is horrible for me because I think one day, Globe would bill me for this extra internet service that has seemed to stick to my account.

    It must have been a glitch in their system

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