Fight cancer with Black Hat SEO

Fight cancer with Black Hat SEO

This video interview of of Rand Fishkin, CEO os, tells the story of a certain guy called G-Man who’s been contributing to the SEOmoz website.

He shares (starts at 2:05 mins) that this guy got kicked-out from the company that he’s working for after they found out he had cancer. Considering that cancer treatments are very expensive, the company might have wanted to avoid such costly work benefits for this employee.


Out of work, out of luck and stuck at home, G Man went to the dark side and was able to recover from his illness after months of therapy and medication. Rand adds that this guy was earning somewhere in excess of $175,000 a year from his black hat activities.

An inspirational story to some people in the seo industry and a true testament that dark side has it’s benefits. *hehehe*

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