Nexus 7 gets a taste of Open webOS

Back in October we’ve mentioned that HP has made the platform behind their short-lived tablet available for talented and passionate developers. In line with this, they’ve ported the said OS to various products, with the latest being the Google Nexus 7.

The platform is so versatile that developers were able to port it on a phone (Samsung/Google Galaxy Nexus), a 10-inch tablet (ASUS Transformer Prime) and even a touch-enable PC (HP TouchSmart PC). You can view the webOS 1.0 in action in our previous post here .

webOS Nexus 7

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

It seems that these devs are on a roll lately as they just announced that they were able to install the same OS to the most famous 7-inch tablet in the market. They’ve patterned the port from the HP TouchPad’s smaller brother the TouchPad Go. Here’s a short demo of the Nexus 7 running on webOS.

Given that the port is still on its Alpha stage, the experience isn’t exactly top-notch but with proper funding and ample time we’re optimistic that we’ll see a stable port in the near future.


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  1. Avatar for Edwin C Edwin C says:

    Hinde pa pala to final. Sana nag-news ka na lang pag-final na ito. Bitin talaga.

  2. Avatar for wildecox wildecox says:

    Just put Windows 7 in Nexus 7.

  3. Avatar for ocommon ocommon says:

    Maganda yan kapag nagsawa na ang mga tao sa Android at iOS.

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