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Globe continues sale of Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini

A report from Interaksyon that Globe Telecom has pulled out the sale of the Tattoo 4G Tonino Lamborghini stick from the market prompted me to follow up on the story.

So I went to one of the stores of Globe this afternoon to inquire about the Tonino Lamborghini 4G Stick and was assured the product/service is still available for subscription.

I had to double-check that so I visited their website and applied for the Plan 2199 and it was processed. The Plan 2199 and Tonino Lamborghini product page are still up and accepts applications.

Just to triple-check, I asked a friend to inquire from @talk2globe this evening regarding the same and they responded (at 9:18PM):

@talk2globe: Hi! It’s available at the following Globe stores only: SM Megamall SM North SM (cont) http://tl.gd/csia41

The issue started around 2 weeks ago when Tonino Lamborghini sent out a press release denouncing the Tattoo 4G stick that’s being marketed by Globe.

So it looks like business as usual for Globe Telecom and the Tonino Lamborghini 4G stick. I’m not sure though how that story from Interaksyon came about (either the order from above got delayed or the licensing has been finally fixed and settled).

Update 1:
GMANews followed up on my story and confirmed with Globe that the Tattoo Lamborghini stick wasn’t pulled out of the market.

Update 2: Don Ronquillo of Globe Telecom tweeted this today — “To clarify, the very controversial Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini Stick wasn’t pulled out fr the mkt. It’s still available in selected MM stores.

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Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

22 Responses

  1. Avatar for Strix Strix says:

    The Globe Tattoo Lamborghini speed claims are a blatant lie.
    I got my stick in June, before it was out on mass scale,
    it has a poor connect ratio.
    it is exceedingly slow, even in its claimed “areas of fast coverage”
    poor service. had it checked at galleria globe center, and the lady returned it to me after two weeks, saying “oo nga sir, mabagal nga,”
    WHAT the F? how am i supposed to react to that?

  2. Avatar for Jappy Jappy says:

    I used to be a prepaid tattoo broadband user. I experienced a lot of problem with their service so I switch to Smart bro at first but eventually to Sun broadband. I hate the fair use policy of the Globe Tattoo service. It makes their 1 day unlimited internet service (Unlisurf) pretty worthless. When you reach the 800 Mb limit, you will have to wait the next day to avail their services. Being a heavy downloader, I was able to use around 3 to 4 hours of service out of the 24 hours that I paid for.

  3. Avatar for Chai Chen Chai Chen says:

    I have a lot of issues na rin with Globe. My current “1st gen” Tattoo Stick is not reliable. Prepaid kit lang. What more if postpaid. I’m thinking of switching to SmartBro postpaid. The Tonino tattoo is really confusing. Pull out or not? Globe is not honest to their customers, ever since.

  4. Avatar for PJ PJ says:

    they might be selling it even if they announced the pull out just to make some sale out of their stocks.

  5. Avatar for RaGe RaGe says:

    mas OK kung nagiging transparent sila sa consumers…maiintindihan pa nila yun eh
    di naman kelangan lagyan pa ng palamuti ang sinasabi..oo kasama sa marketing nila yun para bumenta pero di ba mas maganda kung maganda ang feedback sa’yo i-rerecommend ka pa sa iba..and it’ll start from there
    kung hindi ukol ang service then wag na ipilit..find someone else…

  6. Avatar for theduke theduke says:

    For your information:

    Globe pulls put Tonino Lamborghini sticks

     GLOBE TELECOM INC. has pulled out from the market its Tonino Lamborghini-branded mobile broadband Internet stick following a lawsuit threat raised by Tonino Lamborghini SRL, an Italian company that manufactures handmade watches.

    Globe spokesman Yolly Crisanto confirmed the pullout. She said Globe temporarily ceased marketing and selling the cellular firm’s Tonino Lamborghini broadband stick which is enabled with High-Speed Packet Access-plus, or HSPA+, mobile technology “until we get the trademark issue sorted out.”

    Click the link for full details: http://www.businessmirror.com.ph/home/companies/16058-globe-pulls-out-tonino-lamborghini-sticks

    • Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

      @theduke – just passed by at Globe Business Center in Greenbelt 4 this afternoon and the Tonino Lamborghini is still available.

    • Avatar for theduke theduke says:

      I see Yuga, I think there’s something wrong with Globe. If they continue to sell the Tonino Lamborghini in the market even if [Globe] tells that it has already pull out the branded Internet stick, they are misleading the public or just to satisfy Tonino Lamborghini S.R.L. informing them that they made an action favoring Tonino (the company) but it is not.

  7. Avatar for jayb jayb says:

    Globe Subrcribers since 1999 kapamilya ko. . happy kami sa halos lahat service nila. . sobrang bilis ng broadband, di congested calls, at ok na ok ang csr nila compara sa 2 networks . . . .

  8. Avatar for Jay Quing Jay Quing says:

    im a former globe user… kahit wimax nila ubod ng bagal… hindi consistent ang 1mbps (ung sinubscribe ko sa kanila last year) nila, malikot ung connection nila. minsan mabilis madalas mabagal… so disappointing. maganda nga marketing strategy nila pero sablay sila sa serbisyo. mas agree pa ako sa smart at pldt. mura na, sulit pa.

  9. Avatar for zero zero says:


    marketing strategy po kasi ang tawag kung bakit inassociate ng globe sa Lamborghini yung globe tatoo nila.. common sense po

    • Avatar for Shakey Shakey says:

      Kung mabilis at stable ang connection nila bebenta yan kahit walang arte yung pangalan nila. Dapat dun sila nag-focus. “Magandang serbisyo” ang the best “marketing”.

  10. Avatar for Shakey Shakey says:

    Ang arte kasi ng Globe. Di na lang ginawang simple yung panggalan. Pwede namang Globe Tattoo 4G na lang eh.

  11. Avatar for neil neil says:


    GLOBE is fond of using MISINFORMATION to sell their products to the UNINFORMED/IGNORANT.

    their cellular phone service sucks, their broadband service is slow, their bills are questionable, and this FIASCO reinforces that the people working for GLOBE don’t use their IQs and INTELLIGENCE too well(in short “STUPID GLOBE”).

    They are willing to capitalize on the CONSUMERS’ MISCONCEPTIONS just to sell their products to that end.

    • Avatar for bryan_mmx bryan_mmx says:

      I’m a globe user, and I love this comment.XD GLOBE SUCKS!

    • Avatar for JackofTrades JackofTrades says:

      Yes, well, you can blame marketing on that one..

    • Avatar for wewe wewe says:

      I AGREE!!!

      Been a globe user before.
      * Thier marketing is great – a bunch of liars!
      * Their broadband is so fast that you’ll fall asleep waiting for a page to load!
      * But they are sure quick for one thing – COLLECTING YOUR BILLS!!!!

    • Avatar for RaGe RaGe says:

      the best thing that will happen to Globe now is fire their entire marketing dept then hire new ones..

  12. Avatar for eason eason says:

    I wonder where interaskyon got that statement on a SUNDAY. Kinda informal of globe doing those statements on a weekend. Then again news has no timeslot.

    Anyways, I find globe’s new newspaper advertisements very FUNNY where they promote 3 broadband sticks in 3,5 and 12 mbps respectively. The reason that they are funny is that….they are shown like a ROCKET blasting to space. Kinda like promoting Smart Bro Rocket :))

  13. Avatar for J.P. Reyes J.P. Reyes says:

    i agree with you brainyoreo, and don’t you think yuga’s being too drawn in the issue and becoming an arm by smart againts globe?

  14. Avatar for jojo jojo says:

    maybe its a self made story by TV5 News5 to scare away clients and stick to their sister company’s smartbro. just my opinion

  15. Avatar for Brainyoreo Brainyoreo says:

    I won’t believe that report mainly because interaksyon.com is run by TV5 and TV5 is owned by Manny V Pangilinan who also owns SMART Communications

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