Globe My Super Plan: The Ultimate Unlimited

Globe My Super Plan: The Ultimate Unlimited

Saw this poster at a Globe Business Center the other day and it says I can pick any unlimited plan (call, text, web) and just mix and match them according to my needs. I’m already on Super Duo so the Globe My SuperPlan seems to be an interesting offer.

My SUper Plan basically allows you to pick any of the unlimited offerings and combine them into your prepaid or postpaid account. That means you can get unlimited SMS, unlimited voice calls, unlimited landline calls and unlimited internet surfing in a bundled package.

So here goes:

Super Txt — Php349/month (All you can text to Globe/TM/Tattoo numbers nationwide.)

Globe Duo — Php450/month (All you can voice calls to all landline numbers, Duo and Super Duo within your area code.)


Super Duo — Php599/month (It’s Globe Duo + unlimited call to any Globe/TM/Tattoo numbers nationwide.)

Super Unli — Php599/month (All you can text and voice calls to any Globe/TM/Tattoo numbers nationwide.)

Super Surf — Php1,200/month (Unlimited internet.)

Blackberry Super Surf — Php1,200 (Unlimited Blackberry Internet Service)

I think the best and most affordable combination would be G-Flex 800 + Super Duo + Super Surf. That allows you to do unlimited landline calls, unlimited calls to Globe network, unlimited internet and you have that Php800 consumable if you want to text or call to other networks.

Expected monthly spend for all these bundled unlimited plan — Php2,599.

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102 Responses

  1. Ardz says:

    This is an entirely new phone plan. So if you’re in G-Flex or G-Plan without a contract, you can switch to this and choose whatever add-on you want with at least one add-on in your plan. Subscribers with contract are out of luck though. I know this because I just called Globe customer service. :(

  2. markmarcelo0210 says:

    I used to be a postpaid subscriber of Globe. I recently switch to prepaid since I tend to overspend. Globe is SUPER too late offering this new MY SUPER PLANS coz I’m prepaid now. Many of my friends and family are now Sun subscribers. Out of my 190 contacts 130 of them are Sun users and mostly postpaid. Although most of them have Globe I don’t think they won’t avail or switch to these new plans. Mas sulit para sa amin ang Sun Cellular… I’m a Sun postpaid subcriber with Sun Double Unlimited and mas sulit talaga. People are looking for services and products na kung saan makakatipid sila. I still recommend SUN CELLULAR than any other network. Globe is excellent as a second line.

  3. yuga says:

    @ardz – forgot to mention you need to be outside of your locked-in plan before getting this.

    @markmarcelo0210 – you got unlimited 3G internet too with Sun?

  4. whaâ„¢ says:

    hmmm… when it will offered to prepaid plans??

  5. Jaypee says:

    I still find those packages expensive

  6. carlo says:

    Jaypee : this is definitely expensive for you if you don’t spend more than 2k a month on your phone bills.

  7. Jaypee says:

    Yeah. Hirap kasi hindi ko mabitawan ang 8yr old prepaid sim ko, so bale i have a prepaid and postpaid globe lines. Bakit kasi hindi pwedeng i-migrate ang prepaid sa postpaid/ postpaid to prepaid .^^

    Ang dami ko pa namang free texts sa prepaid sim ko (10K+ free texts)^^. Oh well hintay na lang ako ng promos which will suit my calling/texting habits better.XD

  8. markmarcelo0210 says:

    @ yuga – Yeah. Sun has 3G and its fast… I use my Nokia 5230 to my Sun postpaid. I can connect and its fast…

  9. markmarcelo0210 says:

    @ yuga – I don’t know… I haven’t tried Sun’s 50 unlimited internet on my sun postpaid. but some said I can load it on postpaid…

  10. when will smart have unlimited internet thingies
    or unlimited blackberry
    i dont want to move to globe, but i like their plans

  11. xpac says:

    @andre marcelo-tanner
    smart already have their unlimited internet since last december at 50php per day or 1200 per month.
    their latest this march is 200php for 5 days or 40pesos per day.
    and this is available for both prepaid and postpaid.
    i use this to download torrents, rapidshare, online games, update consoles etc.

  12. anonymous says:

    Sun Cellular copied Globe Duo, while Globe copied Sun Elite Series through MySuperPlan! hehehe.. im both Globe and Sun postpaid subscriber and i get more savings with Sun Cellular :)

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  13. anonymous says:

    duo used to be 399 and superduo 499, so they did an unjustifiable price hike for these?

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  14. Jon says:

    Ouch. The unlimited data plan is too costly @ 1200 a month.

  15. dan says:

    @yuga i agree with markmarcelo0210 Globe superplan is super late and super costly, Im also a sun postpaid subscriber @ Plan P350 (call+txt unli w/ 250 free txt to other network) unlike Globe’s superunli call+txt plan @ P599 any txt to other network will be charge on top of ur plan. I also recommend sun cellular.

  16. 1200php is not bad for surfing but I will wait for sun cellular to enhance their signals in our city. Globe is really rockin’ and I’m planning to have this 1200 plan + call & txt unli = 1800..not bad na..
    When I’m prepaid I often have this spent, 10pesos sa txt per day(300per month), almost 300 sa call per month and 300 rin sa surf..but this plan will save me..

  17. fr0stbyte says:

    So how’s Sun’s internet speed? I’m curious ’cause I get 1Mbps-1.9Mbps from Smart and if Sun can provide better speeds then..

  18. drealmarlon says:

    for what i been experience in sun postpaid internet is you can connect up to 2 mbps in the first hour of your use then it will down to 250 kbps on the next 3 hours then back again on 2 mbps for an hour and down again into 250 kbps,the only longer time of connecting 2mbps is on 1 am to 6 pm then it down again into 250 kbps.:)

  19. drealmarlon says:

    (1 am to 6 am,i mean)

  20. erap says:

    Sir luga, nahack po un website ni manny villar

  21. Calvin says:

    kala ko ok na. gotta read the fine print hehehe. only within the globe network lang pala ang mga unlimited things.

  22. Charles says:

    this is cool pero mas ok na ako sa prepaid blackberry internet service, pero parang mas nakakatipid pag nakaplan.

  23. DMNL says:

    Can anybody confirm kung may restrictions ang SuperSurf? Sabi kasi is limited lang siya to certain sites i.e. Facebook, Google, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

  24. fr0stbyte says:


    I might get their prepaid kit one of these days.. Kaso I read that they had this “fair use agreement” that would limit downloading on the subscriber’s part. Na-iimpose ba talaga ‘to?


    Probably not. It would be a totally USELESS internet subscription if that were true. I think this is Globe’s counter plan for Smart’s mobile internet plans. Mas flexible nga lang yung sa Smart.

  25. Lexty says:

    Hindi po ata pwede ito sa mga naka prepaid sim. Yung Super Unli for prepaid is only good for 5 days. pa confirm naman po kung applicable sya sa prepaid. I don’t want to change my number. (if meron option to use your prepaid number and upgrade to postpaid gagawin ko yun )

  26. Jejo says:

    I’m thinking of getting the DUO and the TEXT unlimited. I currently have a Smart line (Gold Lite Plan 300) where I call, or am contacted by my parents (who are using Smart). Our landline has this P10 unlimited call to Smart, so at first they didn’t want me to let go of this. I also have a Globe prepaid for texting Globe friends (I text a lot. A LOT), and I guess getting this kind of plan would be more convenient for me, and I think we might be able to save as well.

  27. minipin says:

    Grabe naman! Dapat it should be named as Globe My SuperExpensive Plan!

    compared to SUN Elite Plan P1,500/month
    -Unlimited Calls & Texts
    -Unlimited SunTel Wireless Landline calls
    -Unlimited Mobile Internet
    -250 FREE SMS to other networks
    -60 Minutes FREE IDD to the top 10 Countries

  28. minipin says:

    Globe Duo (450) + Super Unli (599) + Super Surf (1,200) = P2,249

    You can get all these features with Sun Elite Plan for P1,500/month only PLUS 250 Free SMS to other networks and 60 Minutes free IDD. I don’t even think it’s worth the comparison, Globe is just way too expensive. and besides, more companies have signed up with Sun Cellular due to its undeniable cost efficiency both management down to the basic level of employment. Families na rin prefer Sun Cellular kaya nga naka 12 million subscribers na sila today =)

  29. Martin says:

    Globe and Smart’s 1,200/month for unli internet is way too expensive.

    I’m with Sun’s SBW 799 plan. I usually carry two phones, one for my Globe prepaid for calls and texts, and one for SBW for internet. Whenever I’m away from my laptop, I smack in my SBW sim to my second phone (with 3G), and voila! I already have unli internet.

    Cheaper by P400! If it’s not a hassle for you to carry two phones at a time

  30. lilaiiiiii says:

    would you know if a current post-paid plan could be changed to my super plan? I don’t want to change my number.

  31. kinny says:

    Does this mean no more Superduo, Duo, and Superunli for prepaid subscribers like me or just a price increase? These are too expensive for sporadic users like me who averages php600 to 900 on prepaid a month. Sun cellular is a better deal!

  32. Maye says:

    Mas mura pa yan kesa sa billing ko ha. Speaking of Globe billings, can someone explain this to me?

  33. markmarcelo0210 says:

    Basta ako I still prefer SUN CELLULAR postpaid plans. Nothing can beat SUN CELLULAR when it comes to value for money. GLOBE is good as a second line since not all of us are Sun users. I am a current Globe and Sun postpaid subscriber but I am switching to Globe prepaid para makatipid.


  34. Jaypee says:

    Wow, bakit may advance payment sa bill mo? Kasama na kaagad ‘yung supersurf for the month of April O_o. Postpaid tapos ang singilan prepaid style hehe. Nakakasakit sila ng ulo XD Kaya pala lumaki bill mo.

  35. yuga says:

    @martin & minipin — the only problem with Sun 3G is that there’s no 3G coverage when you’re outside Metro Manila. That’s why the unlimited 3G is cheaper.

  36. Sabana says:

    Sun’s plans might be cheaper but they would only benefit you while you’re in the city. Anyway, at least the unlimited texting is back, and not much of a difference from the last time it was offered late 90s. PHP333 ata sya IIRC. Anyway, I’m definitely interested.

  37. Sunofa says:

    i still think na dapat hindi nila tinanggal yung mobile surfing add on plans nila… sulit yung mga plans na yun and hindi naman lahat ng tao kailangan unlimited…

  38. Maye says:

    @Jaypee: What to do with my billing prob? Should I report this to the DTI?

  39. Rose says:

    Superduo + Supertxt + Gtext 500 (to call and text other networks.

    599 + 349 + 500 = 1,448 ++ that is easily 1,600 a month with surcharges minimum. Will wait for a better Globe promo before I go back to postpaid.

    Right now a have a prepaid: Globe w/ superduo- Php800/ mo. Sun TU150 Php150 and Smart 100/mo.= Php1,050 I’m sticking with this!

    @yuga would you know if they will discontinue Superduo for prepaid?

  40. Jaypee says:

    Hmmm kung sa akin nangyari ‘yan, aside from calling sa CS hotline nila at hindi pa rin naayos, pupunta ako sa business center ng globe (hopefully may spare time ka to do this). Siguro pwede ka rin mag e-mail sa NTC One Stop Public Assistance Center: [email protected] . Dyan kasi ako nagrerepost ng mga text scammers at mabilis naman action nila. It wouldn’t hurt kung mag send ka ng inquiry sa kanila through that medium. ^^ Sana makatulong.

  41. eric says:

    Currently using Globe unlimited call and text plan from my company, as a result hindi ko na masyado nagagamit plan ko sa sun. Now I am thinking of droping my sun line.

  42. Lexty says:

    @SUN lovers.
    I am also a SUN postpaid subscriber. mas mura nga plans nila. PERO you get crappy service. (e.g. Network failure, drop calls, choppy line, delayed text) remember yung advertisement ng RED mobile? hehehe lahat patama sa SUN. so Im considering dropping my SUN line in exchange of globe.Ü

  43. bryan says:

    may unli text at call poh vah ngaun sa globe per month?

  44. bryan says:

    may superunli pa poh vah ngaun sa globe for one mon.?

  45. dongv says:

    meron ba free handset if subscribe a new line for my super plan on blackberry with 24 months lock up?

  46. kinny says:

    @bryan Superunli that’s good for one month at Php599 is for Super Plans only. For prepaid 150/5days pa rin or 900 for 30 days.

  47. ronron says:

    I texted MYSUPERPLAN to 8888 and got a text message which said at the last part, “Promo til 6/30/10.”

    So if I applied for a new My SuperTXT Plan 349 for example, what will happen to my plan after the promo has ended?

  48. totz says:

    sun offers 1500 pesos
    unli call, txt and surf

  49. reeves says:

    Di naman kailangang i-compare ang Sun sa Globe eh. USELESS ang Sun unli call/txt sa yo kung majority ng contacts mo ay Globe (like me). Besides, it’s only sensible na cheaper ang rates ng Sun. They are the most INFERIOR of the 3 networks after all. Smart’s rates are even MORE expensive and I don’t see any Smart subscriber complaining. So please STOP complaining that Globe’s rates are pricier than Sun’s. Gusto nyo pala mas mura ang Globe or pantay sa Sun, that will NEVER happen. Mura na nga yang SuperUNLI 599 compared sa rate on prepaid. Although I agree that SuperSURF 1,200 is a little too much. 999 pwede na sa kin.

    I have a Sun postpaid line by the way. Nagagamit ko lang before to call my ex-girlfriend. It has practically no use for me now. Kung pwede nga sana lahat ng tao mag-Sun kaso hindi eh, 95% of my contacts loyal sa Globe. That’s why I am planning to get this My SuperUNLI 599 plan and ditch my Sun line after the contract has expired. Kaso lang, for life na ba to o promo lang talaga? Those Globe sales representatives in SM Southmall couldn’t even give me a clear answer.

  50. christian says:

    not hurt feelings but i prefer SUN CELLULAR because it fits for a family budget with a 3units of phone and unlimited text and call to a sun to sun connection and a free 700 text to all networks for as low as 999 or 1k monthly. that’s unbelievable right?. I’m still using globe then i like their promos , but filipinos used to be practical when it comes to budget so i hope that globe would advertise some plans that will attract other users to try it. thats all.

  51. Miguel says:

    Same question to Globe:

    Is this a time-limited promo?

  52. Rose says:

    Yan ang nakakatakot! Globe might be doing this to entice people to switch to postpaid then when a lot have moved and are locked in contract they will cancel My Super Plans so mapipilitan ka ngayon kumuha ng mataas na plan.

    For now, will not let go of my prepaid account as I wait for Globe to come up with an even better deal.

  53. azizfost says:

    Globe Duo — Php450/month (All you can voice calls to all landline numbers, Duo and Super Duo within your area code.)

    alam ko hndi all landline e, alam ko globe landline numbers lng…..pag PLDT di ata pede…..

    e karamihan PLDT…soooooo wala kwenta yang plan na yan

  54. elmediel says:

    merong inoofer sun

    SBW Call and Surf Unlimited … P999
    ndi cia kasama sa mga nasa advertisement

    unlimited txt and call sa sun, tas unli surf din
    in one sim…

  55. Bokoi says:

    ala kwenta sun. mura nga pero pangit naman network. unlimited call nga pero di naman magkaintindihan… will ditch my sun line after contract ends…
    but still i’m thankful to sun, kasi kng ala sun, sure ako ala pang unlimited si smart at globe…

  56. kinny says:

    Called Gloce CSR and i was told you don’t need to add this on to a GFlex or Gplan. So If you want Superduo 599 + Supertxt 349= You only pay 948 a month. Calls to other networks will be charged prepaid rates of Php7.50/min or if you do not subscribe to Superunli or Superduo you pay 6.50/min for Globe/TM calls.

    This is perfect for you if: 1. If you travel a lot and require unlimited roaming 2. You will subscribe to Superunli only.

    If not just stick to prepaid with scratch cards so you can get free texts to other networks.

  57. ronron says:

    Still, the same question remains: is this a permanent service or just a time-limited promo? Reading the Terms & Conditions it looks like Globe reserves the right to change the price of these unlimited plans ANYTIME. They could actually double or even triple the prices and you can’t do anything since you will be locked up to these plans for 2 years (if you availed of a free unit). The sales agent I talked to said they have not yet received any advisory as to what your plan will become after the promo period. She said your unlimited plan “might” be converted to Gplan, but she’s not even sure.

  58. Andrew says:

    How about Smart? Do they have a similar plan like Globe’s?

  59. JC says:

    I have just subscribed to this like 6 hours ago. It was a breeze. But then problems arose, My SuperSurf for Blackberry had not been activated after an hour of confirmation (4 hours now and counting) and my SuperTXT has been disabled. I am unable to send nor receive ANY text messages, have not been able to check email or use my BB services. I have initially thought this might have been the effect of me downgrading my original plan (maybe they’re configuring stuff? I thought) but I immediately dismissed the thought because I was able to call. In short, I had been rid of my text privileges and had not been given any SuperSurf service. I am still waiting for 24 hours before I file my complaint, but I don’t know if I can last that long. THANK YOU GLOBE! YOU ARE SUPERB. WTF.

  60. Derek says:

    is it true that you have to put a 238 prefix before the globe mobile number your calling? i was gonna downgrade to super UNLI but this got me thinking twice. Anyone got an idea if this is indeed the case? or maybe just a misinformed personnel (really hoping that there would be no prefix)

  61. Chantal says:

    yep the 238 prefix still applies. It’s such a good deal though at 599 for 30 days compared to 150/5 days for Gplans and prepaid.

    Good news: Just found out Supertxt, like Duo and Superduo, is available for prepaid subs at also Php349/ 30 days! SO we can customize our plans every month as well without sticking to a contract.Not sure about Supersurf though.

    Apparently, they do not advertise to prepaid to encourage more people to go for post paid.

  62. Chantal says:

    For supertxt prepaid text: SUPERTXT 349 to 8888. You will then be subscribed for thirty days. ENJOY!!!

  63. chris panis says:

    nice try! but SUPER late! i got my gflex 800 already! anyway i am a loyalist of globe telecom because sun 3g never shines in my province and it only shines in manila area i think. sa Globe abot ko ang mundo LOL and besides i have only 5 sun contacts i wish globe would add some perks apart from the bonuses they are now offering

  64. yuuzai says:

    i just applied the 599 superunli this lunch.

    @derek: i clarified it with them if you still need to dial 238 before the 10 digit number. they said, it used to be required but most subscribers complained about that requirement. therefore, they removed that and you can now dial to make the unlimited call using the normal mobile number (+63/0).

    @kinny: as far as i know (i think i read it in globe’s super plan faq page), the superunli 599 doesn’t work with roaming. it will be deactivated temporarily until you return to the philippines. therefore, while in roaming, normal prepaid romaing rates apply (e.g. P1/sms). the only advantage, you don’t have to worry about reloading. you only have to manage up to your account limit.

  65. kinny says:

    Wow, thanks Yuuzai. You’ve been a great help. Loving the Superunli 599 no more prefix thing. Might just go back postpaid now.

  66. peach says:

    hi! just want to ask if there’s a free handset unit for superunli 599 plan?

  67. Eli says:

    @peach meron free handset Nokia 1680, but will be tied to a contract of 2 years. This phone costs around 2k so for me it’s not worth it.

  68. kai says:

    hi there :D just wanna know does the supertxt 349 works in a roaming sim card? coz i got a globe roaming sim and 1 day i received a globe advisory about the supertxt349 but when i try to register, it doesn’t seem to work.. and now i can’t even check my balance.. i would appreciate your answers thank you and Godbless

  69. jean says:

    waah.. no response.. i want to register to SUPERTXT 349 but no response how can i solve it..

  70. I just cut my G-Flex 800 line and applied for this one (I had the option to actually switch it, but I decided to get one so it would be named after me..)

    Speedy process. I only got the line, without the phone, so there’s no lock-up period – and they didn’t even ask for my proof of income. I just paid one month advance (599 for MySuperUnli)

    Just a valid ID with my address, 599 pesos, and they’ll give you the SIM. In less than 24 hours, it’s activated. They’ll ask pala for your preferred last 4 digits :))

  71. Francis says:

    Ako, sa isang mahirap na katulad ko, anong plan ang nararapat ha???

    Kainip. Binabawi na ng may-ari ang hiniram kong cp! So kelangan ko ng bagong cellphone.

    Pero di ko kaya bumili on a cash basis. Installment lang talaga. Pano na toh???

  72. jonette says:

    tanong lang. totoo ba pag wala proof of income pwede deposit na lang ng 1000?
    nakita ko lang sa globe website. may naka try naba?

    My Super Plan – PhP 349.00/Month
    No handset, Just the plan with add-on services
    Requirements to apply:
    Valid ID
    Proof of billing address if ID presented does not contain preferred billing address and is not yet expired
    Proof of Financial Capacity or option to pay P1000 deposit
    I choose to pay P1,000 deposit in lieu of the proof of financial capacity requirement. I understand that one-time deposit of P1,000 is refundable upon termination assuming there are no unsettled payments, charges, etc. Otherwise, the deposit will be applied to such. Paying the deposit will make the credit limit for the MY SUPER PLAN availed to be P1000 per month. Should I wish to get a higher credit limit, I would have to submit my proof of financial capacity.

    You will receive a call from our Sales team for instructions on how you could submit the above requirements.

    ayan po nakita ko.

  73. Yup. My line-only SuperPlan only has a credit of 1000; i didn’t need to show them any proof of income :)

  74. jonette says:

    @kristine salamat po =)

  75. w says:

    I’ve been banned from availing their promos. we have disallowed you from availing our Voice Unli promos due to Fair Use policy. NTC rules that promos are subjected to Globe’s Fair Use Policy. Globe Telecom reserves the right to terminate/suspend promo subscription/s that violates this policy. This policy prevents network abuse, allows us to fully optimize network capacity and maintain quality of its services for subscribers.

    The fair use policy states that call and text offers are applicable for person to person transactions only. They are not intended and should not be used for commercial purposes. Call and text offers must not be abused by the subscribers (i.e. subscribers must not make an unreasonable number of calls or make unreasonably prolonged calls)
    Globe reserves the right to suspend promo subscription/s of accounts suspected to be engaged in such activities to prevent network abuse and to fully optimize network capacity and maintain quality of its services.

    — (recently, wala na nga ako tinatawagan masyado eh.. but for the past few months meron naman..(NIGHT CALLS) so sana sinama nila yung rule na yun sa mga advertisements nila and wag nilang sabihin na unlimited call and text if they don’t know what it means)–

    i just wanna ask if i switch kaya sa plan, magiging ganito rin sila kahigpit?

  76. karen says:

    i have a post paid on sun350 and globe super duo..medyo mahina nga signal ng sun kasi as i compare..hirap kumontak sa sun at minsan d kkami mgkaintindihan ng kausap ko.mlamang pag mahina ang signal ng isa sa amin..ung globe wala k nmn masabi sa signal nila..kea lng mahal tlga kung 599 lalo na kung working ka at d mo nmn mdalas mgamit…depende tlga sa taong gagamit kung alin ang ppiliin mo at sa location n rin..but iam planning to switch back on prepaid sa globe kasi kelangan i cut ko n rin ung expenses ko having two postpaid..and one more thing..mewon hidden charge ung globe and that is ung maintainance ng tex n nklagay sa bill..i dont know why globe have that hidden charges..kea gusto ko n rin alisin ang globe postpaid ko..better have prepaid ng globe and post paid ng sun..since they are claiming na number 1 sila sa post paid..

  77. ettenoj says:

    gusto ko sana yung super unli+ supersurf pero they wont allow naman more than 1000 bill if wala kang proof of income. sayang lang

  78. Downgrade says:

    I downgraded from G-Flex 800 to My SuperUnli 599.

    BIG MISTAKE! I ended up PAYING MORE. than G-Flex 800.

    And to think that I have used my phone lesser than when I was in G-Flex 800.

    What a Scam.

  79. Downgrade says:

    And now they tell me I cannot revert back to GFlex when it says in their Super Plan FAQ that “MY SUPER PLAN subscribers can also change their plan back to a GPlan or GFlex plan.”

    SUPER PLAN has no lock in period as also mentioned in their SUPER PLAN FAQ page.

  80. tep says:

    the difference between Globe and Sun?


    enough said..

  81. Kchan says:

    Mas mura nga Sun, fail naman for two important reasons.

    1. Mas malawak ang signal ng Globe kaysa Sun. Kasama na dun ang mas malakas. Mas malinaw ang calls lalo na pag 3G to 3G network ang gamit.

    2. Internet speeds. Many of our upper batchmen ngayon sa school nagrereklamo sa Sun kasi hirap kumuha ng signal for internet sa labas ng school (We have signal boosters provided by sun sa school building, so ok lang dun). Saka mas mabagal ang Sun even with the signal boosters. The Sun broadband stick caps at 1mbps, where you can expect mean speads of maybe 512kbps. Yung SuperStick ng Globe, you can expect max of 3mbps, and since mean speeds are usually half, you can get means of 1.5mbps. Use an Iphone, top of line BB or Nokia phones, you can use these phones as modem to get maxes of up to 6mbps (yun ang alam kong max ng Globe as a network) dahil ang caprates ng hardware ng phones na yun ay 10mbps. Yung 5800 ko, I make it a wifi hotspot and I download torrents on it up to 200kpbs, with the internet being shared between 5 people who I dont know what they use it for.

    All that said, Globe>Sun in all ways important. Although I do have to admit, that Globe has been seen as an elitist brand for some people. Expensive ang ibang services nila compared to other brands, although basing on experience, they havent failed me yet. Its just “paying for quality”.

  82. Rchard says:

    i wanted to get a globe plan 299. . right now i know that every month for 2 years i get 299 load. . but can i use the 299 load and use unli20,alltxt20 etc?. . because if you could only txt 299 time per month hence plan 299. . then it would be totally useless for a college student like me. . (yes i have a job)

  83. chiz says:

    Rchard: Hindi po load yung 299 sa plan. Credit po yun. Load is different from credit. You can use the 299 credit for calls and text, but for promos such as unlitxt which are considered value-added services, they will be billed on top of your plan. If you would be using unlimited services for the most time, better get the all-unli plan rather than the 299 plan.

    tep, here in my area mas malakas pa signal ng sun kesa globe.

  84. Walter says:

    Alam niyo guys, may mga flaws ang Globe. Di nila ine-explain lahat ng mga terms and conditions bago ka mag-avail tapos bigla ka nilang gugulantangin sa napakalaking bill. So you better read threads like this on the internet and think about it.

    Tapos isa pa yang Globe vs. Sun, alam naman nating lahat na madaming promos ang Sun pero IT’S NOT WORTH IT. Pero pag Globe, though madaming disadvantages, at least napapakinabangan yung mga services nila.

    I’m just 14, haha. Sorry sa pangingialam pero I think we need to open our eyes. Nabre-brainwash tayo ng mga Telecommunication Companies, even Smart.

  85. tyn says:

    yung my super unli 599 kailangan pa bang iregister yun?

  86. tyn says:

    yung my super unli plan (postpaid) 599 kailangan pa bang iregister yun or hindi na

  87. tyntyn says:

    do i have to register my super unli plan (postpaid)?

  88. boggart says:

    hindi unfair ang globe or kahit na sinong service provider. they only adhere to what the ntc mandates and that is the fair use policy. this policy was put in place in order to prevent abuse by certain individuals and to allow others to have equal access and use of the available facilities.

  89. eira says:

    is there an initial payment if you avail globe plan?how much?pls. reply…

  90. magkano pag my unit says:

    magkano yon my unit na nokia c3 na text all u can plan.

  91. MST says:

    Meron bang free blackberry ang 599 unli surf? reply asap :)

  92. jea says:

    pano po kumuha ng bb super surf 599?

  93. jea says:

    pano po kumuha ng bb super surf 599? ano reaquirements?

  94. aiko says:

    di ba i can request to globe to lower down my credit limit, kasi kukuha sana ako ng super surf plan 599 nila

  95. aiko says:

    pano kung yung bb supersurf 599 ang kailangan ko and i’m still a student kailangan ko pa ba ng proof of income?

  96. rona says:

    ano ba ni na reqz para maka avail ng plan…need ba talaga ang credit card???pano qung wala??

  97. cristina buenabajo says:

    how can i check my statement of account


  98. pamela says:

    how can i apply a globe postpaid plan? thank you/!

  99. toni says:

    Im using the all unli 599 as of today, and im having trouble with their unbilled charges scheme,
    i noticed that i can still get charges even if all text and call i made were all globe numbers.. and they will add it to the one time monthly payment which is 599 and would make my bill super high.. na nakakagulat pa nga ng umaabot ng 1800 ang bill ko.

  100. Jenifer says:

    gust0 k0 mag-appLy, per0 waLa ak0ng credit card pan0 ba yun?

  101. divine says:

    pano b mag apply?

  102. Yen says:

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