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Globe now accepts iPhone 4S Reservations

This one is official — Globe is now accepting pre-orders registration of interest for the iPhone 4S starting tonight. The microsite is now up and running, according to a source from Globe (updated: Globe also announced the iPhone 4S will be released on December 16).

While the Globe homepage shows a banner that the iPhone 4S is “coming soon”, the microsite shown below is up and running.

Aside from the option for a black or white model and a 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacity, no other information was provided by Globe.

You can submit your application here: http://iphone4s.globe.com.ph/iphone4sApplication

Update: I am told that this is a “reservation of interest” phase and not the pre-order phase. The pre-order will follow once all those who applied have been pre-approved.

Updated: Official launch date of the iPhone 4S with Globe is on December 16, 2011.

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21 Responses

  1. Rhynax says:

    What’s the difference between pre-order and order of interest? What happened to Smart’s move to bring in also the 4s?

  2. jared says:

    I have already registered my interest. Globe emailed me and told me that this is just the first stage of the reservation process. They also gave me a transaction ID which will be needed in the coming weeks of reservation.. I’m really excited about Iphone 4s!

  3. marc says:

    can i renew my 1 yr old contract with this? i’m planning to sell my iphone 4 then extend my subscription for this.

  4. Rabelais T. Nzola says:

    Pressiso dos dados conpleto

  5. eric says:

    Got a tip Smart is launching the iPhone 4s in a big way really soon (next week?). I prefer Smart because of their wider network coverage. Really excited to finally upgrade my 1st gen iPhone!

  6. aychua11 says:

    unfortunately, the iphone appeal is not geared towards the mass market. Smart is geared towards the mass market no matter what counterbalances they try like “smart gold”.

  7. Vonne says:

    another gadget added to my Christmas wishlist!lol

    Iphone Jailbreak, Android Rooting, Symbian CFW

  8. Greg S says:

    As per this site, international launch of iPhone 4s is Dec 16. So possible na globe will release it din ng Dec 16.


  9. Neil says:

    The December 16 launch date is set by Apple. Same goes for other countries. :)

  10. Philip Pines says:

    It’s better now that these two giant telcos are providing this Smartphone. I also prefer Smart for their wider coverage. :D

  11. arnold says:

    Does anyone remember the dark ages when PLDT had a monopoly on telecoms? I heard they only signed in a few landline customers from the 1960’s up to the time telecoms was deregulated in the 1990’s. During their monopoly, people waited as long as 5 years to have a telephone. Having a monopoly is also the reason why they have the infrastructure for a wider coverage but do we want the same thing to happen again?

  12. arnold says:

    oh yah before I forget… during their monopoly, PLDT also treated their customers like “MAJOR MAJOR GARBAGE”. I think thats where they picked-up the trashy custoimer service from. It continues until today!

  13. Peebee says:

    Globe called me today offering the iphone 4s and telling me i am qualified (does this mean approved) for the retention program and that i can get the iphone 4s The 16gb white model. Its at 25100 cash out plus p999/mo unlimited surfing. They invited me to the launch on dec16 i can get it na daw that day. Sabi nya lang i need to pay my unpaid dues before the 16th eh may pending rebate pa ako na nasa 3k from them. He will call me again tomorrow to confirm kasi hindi ko sya sinagot kung iaavail ko yung retention.

    Then today a few hours after, smart called me inviting me to the iphone 4s launch party on dec 15. Yes its thursday the party is at dec 15 10pm-4am. The rep has no idea on pricing but said if i prefer to pay in credit card i can get the unit on the event itself. If cash then i can get it in any smart wireless center but date is unknown.

    Question is, which one should i get?

    • arnold says:

      For me both Globe and Smart almost has the same services unless you often go to far flung places like the provinces or mountainous areas. I guess you’ve got to let both companies know, then you might want to get the services of the company that gives you the better and most convenient deal. I’m just really skeptical about Smart since they took advantage of me just like they might have taken advantage of your parents when PLDT confidently had the upper hand, that’s why I dont support them. I see Globe as a white knight for the telecoms industry.

  14. rdg says:

    Guys, how long would it take for a Globe postpaid plan (plan 2499) application with free iphone 4s? The Globe representative i applied for said it’ll be 3-5 working days then I will receive a confirmation text or call that my application was approved or not. But it has been 5 days since i applied and no text or call for me yet. I gave them all the requirements. and I believe my papers will prove that i am capable of paying the plan i applied for. Thank you in advance for your replies!

  15. athena says:

    sobrang tagal ng approver stage ng globe.. may nadedecline pa ba sa approver stage?

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