Globe offers bigger inclusions for its GoSURF50

Globe offers bigger inclusions for its GoSURF50

Prepaid subscribers of Globe Telecom could now begin to enjoy bigger inclusions for the company’s GoSURF50 service.


Starting immediately, you can opt to register to GoSURF50 and enjoy one of the two options: get a 700MB worth of data for 3 days or go for 350MB that will last you 7 days. Having unlimited calls and texts to Globe/TM for 24 hours is also possible by adding Php10 on your GoSURF50 on top of free Facebook and Viber.



Below are terms and conditions for Globe’s promo:

  • Open to Globe Prepaid subscribers only
  • Only available via SMS
  • Free period begins the same date as the subscriber’s registration to GoSURF
  • Opting out of GoSURF will opt out subscriber from free apps Spotify, Hooq, YouTube, Games as well
  • Upon consuming the free MB for Hooq/Spotify, GoSURF MB will be used up.
  • Upon GoSURF exhaustion, data will be charged P5/15min for Prepaid.
  • For local use only

For more details, head over to their page.


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9 Responses

  1. deuts says:

    What do Globe and Smart think of us consumers? Sending and receiving Morse codes every day? What with just 350MB for 7 days? Eh sa system internet access pa lang mabilis na maubos yan?!

    • Anon says:

      You are paying 50 pesos man. Pay 1500 a month and enjoy unlimited LTE. Puro reklamo.

    • c says:

      #WALANGUNLIMITEDLTE huwag kayong maniwala kay globe. I got a 5mbps plan that is capped at 512kbps practically all day (except 2am siguro until 5am).

      pldt / smart is far from better. I had a smart (which is actually pldt) wimax that was 1mbps before that was useless. I want to have it cut off pero may 24 months lock in. Imagine paying all 2 years without any decent service? tangina naman!

    • Izrael says:

      wag ka masyado mag jorpetz, tol. maawa ka sa junior mo.

    • Zeta says:

      @Anon, @Izrael

      Ang mga kagaya niyo kaya nawala ang unlimited internet eh! Sa tingin niyo kasya na ang 50MB (350MB / 7 days) kada araw, malingat ka lang sa Facebook ubos na yun eh! At hindi yun porno o anuman, SIMPLENG FACEBOOK LANG UBOS NA YUN!!!

  2. F.U. globe, dati nung nakaprepaid pa ako yung supersurf unlimited service, tapos naging 1gb cap per day tapos naging 800mb now this gosurf is so damn lame, ngayon kahit nakapostpaid ka pa, kahit platinum plan, kahit yung pinakamahal na platinum plan may cap na, WTF globe, huwag niyo kaming daanin sa freebies ayusin niyo yung pu*&@!^# !nang service niyo

  3. CherryPrepaidFL2user says:

    Meanwhile at Cherry Prepaid….

    1 pesos/1mb…..
    50 pesos ”promo” for 120mb….
    ”Mura” daw, sabi ng brochure….
    Oo, Mamumura mo nga talaga.
    mas ok na to kaysa 120mb for P50.

  4. dssat gcst says:

    before everyone hails globe for this increase right now their dsl plans have this dashboard issue where at 80% your limit you are already restricted. as in blocked access even though you are on the old data plans as opposed to their new shit plans. havent seen this reported anywhere else atm.

    • mark says:

      ganyan din angyayari sa line ko ngaun. .. hindi cap yung line ko pero lately napansin ko na nag cacapped na siya and mas worst scenario is walang access sa other website pag nag cap na. bwesit

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