Globe PowerSurf: Php99 for 50MB, Php499 for 1GB

Globe PowerSurf: Php99 for 50MB, Php499 for 1GB

Globe Telecom is now offering volume-based mobile internet surfing plans with their Globe PowerSurf promo — starting with 50MB for Php99, valid for 30 days.

Here’s the full pricing plan:


Subscribers with Globe Postpaid Plan, My Super Plan, My Fully Loaded Plan, or My Super Circle Plan can avail of this offer except when you are on Load Tipid Plans, Load Allowance Plans, Globe Broadband Tattoo Plans or My SuperSurf Plans.

The service auto-renews after the expiration date so you need to text PowerSurf Off to 8888 if you want to un-subscribe. If you consume your volume allocation before the expiry period, you will be charged the regular Php5/15 minutes rate. SMS notifications are sent out at 50% and 100% usage.

Promo is valid until November 15, 2011.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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42 Responses

  1. Karlo says:

    Sulit kaya eto guys, kapag facebook (lite use), gps at foursquare lang ginagawa mo?

  2. John Carl says:

    Told ya. Pantapat sa Smart.

  3. Erin says:

    99 for 50MB valid for 30 days? I think it doesnt compare to Smart’s Php30/50MB/1d given that most of today’s content can easily get you past the 20-30MB limit per day. The Php20/25MB/1d still works for me though on work days.


    • yuga says:

      @erin – actually, I thought it was a clever positioning. Imagine, if you’re only using Twitter on your smartphone and a light user, you can technically just spend Php99 a month.

    • Operation Super says:

      I agree with Sir Abe, it is very clever and with the SMS notification, it is a great deal.

      And tweeting using the official app eats less bandwidth also.

    • Erin says:

      @yuga: might be but i think that is a very niche market. usually the “twitter only” folks also also visit linked sites and view/upload pictures of those whom they follow.

      I try to limit browsing while I am mobile but between those and the email I get (gmail and MS exchange, first 10kb only) I hit 15-18MB easily on a 24-hour period. Globe seems to market on the up and coming young crowd who has increasing appetite for mobile data. :)


    • sonofa says:

      I think its for us who are almost always connected thru wifi… as in pang YM lang siya pag wala kang wifi connection (sa road) para ka na din naka Blackberry…

      Ang add on nga ng Blackberry around 10mb lang… kung di lang lumabas ang unlimited, sobrang mahal siya…

  4. Neil says:

    Not on prepaid? Please keep us posted about that Abe. Thanks.

  5. cris says:

    pude po ba sa globe tattoo broadband yan???senxa nagugulihan ako?

  6. pavements says:

    Would this be on top of msf, or can we ‘consume’ the ‘consumable’ in the plan for this?

  7. deuts says:

    I told you so, Smart’s Always On was the first step. And Globe’s timing is perfect as my Always On 1 month subscription with Smart is about to expire.

  8. randomThoughts says:

    great move by globe.. this will definitely get everybody on the mobile surfing bandwagon..

    now only if they could improve the availability of their H and H+ service..

    hopefully a step towards the right direction..

  9. robert says:

    been waiting for this! php99/50mb/30days is perfect for my twitter needs; smarts 299 per month is to much.
    My girlfriend (she’s in australia) and I use twitter as means of “texting” each other, way cheaper than traditional international sms.

  10. Christian says:

    Sayang! Sana may roon din silang promo na ganyan for prepaid.

  11. efar says:

    Mahal pa rin ang promo nila.tsk.. Must ok parin ang montly.

  12. efar says:

    Mahal pa rin ang promo nila.tsk.. Must ok parin ang monthly.

  13. chinitoguy says:

    I would still prefer SMART over GLOBE. Globe sucks nowadays. I am only keeping my Globe number because most of my friends are Globe subscribers. When it comes to internet SMART na ako. Good thing some of my friends are switching to Sun and Smart which I use more.

  14. Tin A Pie says:

    globe net sucks big time. the customer service isn’t even capable.

    • Mike says:

      R u Smart/PLDT employee? Kaya pala cheap dating mo. Globe is for the Elite and High End Subscribers.

    • jmr says:

      I disagree with the statement that Smart/PLDT is cheap.

      Smart has different brands precisely because they target different markets. SMART Infinity is for the High End Market / Elite Market. SMART Gold is for the Upper Middle Class. SMART Buddy Prepaid, I guess is for the Upper Middle / Middle Class who choose to go for prepaid lines. Talk ‘N Text targets those who want to save more on mobile usage, while red mobile is for those who spend a lot of time calling and texting.

      Disclaimer: This is just an observation and may not be the actual marketing strategy of SMART.

  15. Jhay says:

    This is just a promo that will end on November 15? Why can’t Globe just make it a permanent offer?

  16. deuts says:

    I’ll still be waiting for the power-counter-offer from Sun, though. Hope it’ll come soon!

  17. anon says:

    Sayang at postpaid lang ang makakapag-avail nitong promo na ito. Ito na siguro ang pinaka smart (sorry for the pun) na promo. Sulit na ang 50MB for 30 days for just 99PHP. OK ito para sa mga tweeter or email users. Kung manonood ka ng streaming media, napaka OBVIOUS na hindi para sa iyo ang package na 50MB. Aside from that, natalo rin nya ang Wi-Tribe. One of the economical way to have internet with you phone is carry a portable hotspot ni Wi-Tribe, syempre dapat ang phone mo ay may wi-fi capability. Their 1GB costs 598PHP. Ito 499PHP lang, may 1GB ka na! Super sulit! Ang presyo sa Smart ay 750PHP para sa 1GB, halatang they are ripping you off.

  18. blackraven says:

    kahit meron GPRS capability pwd ba maka internet? sa globe ?

  19. supertoblerone says:

    Pano ba count nito sa iphone? sa Sent ba or Received? or both?

  20. joker0153 says:

    This is great for the up and coming iMessage on iOS 5. You can message between iOS users without sms fee.

    I hope globe offers it to prepaid subscribers, even for 150 a month, I’d still snatch up the plan.

    to be fair with smart, the charging with globe is ON TOP of your MSF while smart’s service is contract-free.

  21. Stark says:

    same question. is this on top of you msf? sana kasali sa consumable

  22. itsmeagain says:

    Don’t trust reliability of globe broadband at all. Dumped their pocket wifi garbage after two days (with a refund!!). Unlocked the pocket wifi I bought from overseas, threw in a prepaid smart bro broadband card, and heaven! Just read globe’s facebook site, nothing but trouble that whole service.

  23. itsmeagain says:

    Furthermore the rates are a rip off. You are far better going unlimited plans. 300mb will easily go after a week with a few hours of web browsing each day. I;ve tried these silly GB plans before and how they consume so much GB so quickly is beyond me.

  24. supertoblerone says:

    not good service…di sya sulit ang bagal bagal. dito pa ako nyan sa ortigas ha at mandaluyong.

  25. itsmeagain says:

    im a dumb*ss. sorry for the ignorant post. im just a troll trying to sound smart and reliable

  26. rhk111 says:

    When I was in Bangkok recently (June-July 2011), i-kool 3G was offering free 1GB for only THB 200 (P280), so mas mura pa rin sa kanila by almost kalahati.

    It was great, around 90% availability, got to use my P1000 Galaxy Tab like never before. Even got to watch an Azkal game using internet streaming. I hope someday soon we can get as cheap 3G mobile internet like they do.

    • DeviatBoi says:

      thanks for the “detailed” information back home sa Sydney almost every network even pre pay phones it comes with the mobile data and we are not talking about “dial up” speed.

      ako i was shock recently i was in hiroshima and use my brother in law’s mobile ( soft bank ) nationwide even broadband nasa 42mbps.

      but for 11 USD ( 499 php ) not bad its just the speed is awful.

  27. ilovejamyl says:

    Hi! sorry I’m not used to regitering and all with promos of Globe.. but this one’s nice, especially for iPhone users and nagtitipid.. hehe! dapat ba naka ON yung “cellular data”( kasi tumaas bill ko nung naka ON lang siya that’s why i put any letters in the end para di siya naka “ON”.


  28. adoubled says:

    wala ba sa prepaid to?

  29. clarissa says:

    Good deal considering I only use around 1GB a month when I was on Supersurf plan.

    But the bad thing about this is I NEVER got a notification SMS when I reached 50% and when the service was going to end.

    What’s worse, my subscription auto-renewed last Oct 5 then it suddenly expired on Oct 20 with no warning whatsoever. I only noticed since I got a notification that my unbilled charges already reached 3k+! (that’s just 1 day without any promo at .15/kb)

  30. Even my old mobile CP n7610 symbian OS ! still do a lot , , , thank for globe – PSURFMB99

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